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November 12, 2019

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

November 12, 2019
9-10pm UTC+1
Replay November 13 at noon

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Chronic Sick: Dress Code: Cutest Band In Hardcore
02 Wasted Talent: Junta Man: Master Tape Vol. 2
03 Jerry's Kids: New World: Is This My World?
04 The Krixhjälters: Magic Mushrooms: Really Fast Vol. II
05 The Comes: 人間狩り: No Side
06 Asocial: Rustning Ä Mord: Really Fast Vol. II
07 Stikky: On Top O' Da World: Cuddle
08 Hellnation: Kiss Of Death: Fucked Up Mess
09 Skjit-Lars: Arne Treholt: The Absolutely Last Shit
10 Nausea: Godless: Extinction
11 Sauna: Outrage: Ei Leiki
12 TST: Vräs punx: V/A Schweden Punk Vol. 1
13 Locust: Red: Cry Now, Cry Later Volume 4
14 Kontrovers: Nazi Insanity: Skendemokrati
15 Effigy: Cruel Mind: Evil Fragments
16 Lie: Cops: Legalize It
17 Fortitude: S.N.E.E.R.: Grind Osaka Compilation - For Somebody Who Has Own Attitude
18 Veins: The Thrill of Utter Defeat: Veins
19 Kriegshög: Human: Kriegshög
20 Endless Demise: Imitations: No Concept Of Time
21 Slaktrens: Girigheten Styr: Ur Balans
22 S.H.I.T.: Eraser: 2012 Demo Cassette
23 To The Point: Around The Corner: Action For Animals: The Comp EP
24 D.F.C.: A Sete Palmos Do Chão: Sequência Animalesca De Bicudas E Giratórias
25 MooM: The Spell: I + II
26 Bonehunter: Burning Skulls: Evil Triumphs Again
27 Lemonade: Forced Sterilization: Demo
28 Throat Slitter: Tossing And Turning: Nanodestroyer
29 Moxie: Belonging: A.W.A.C.
30 AxeRash: Implode: Head Vs Wall
31 Invertebrate: Shaved Apes: Mellow Harsher / Invertebrate
32 Blood Pressure: Futility: Surrounded
33 Closet Witch: Brother: Closet Witch
34 Fracture: Reza: Demo
35 Atom Atom: Kleingeist: Sicker
36 Persecution Mania: The Void: Demo 2019
37 Larma: Konkurrens Är Livet: Larma
38 Deformation Quadric: A.B.E Weapon: Anger At The Social System
39 Booji Boys: Moto-Hard: Tube Reducer

Frankfurt, Germany, since 1996
Every Tuesday, 9 pm, 91.8 Mhz
Mr. Ebu (1st) * Golfregion (2nd) * Ganzkunscht (3rd) * Klartraum (4th) * Escobine (5th)

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