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December 10, 2019

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

December 10, 2019
9-10pm UTC+1
Replay December 11 at noon

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Eastwood: Intjehirnjeschiss: Eastwood and Lovgun
02 Facade Burned Black: Midas Touch: Ashen Remains Of Midwestern Flames
03 Augen: Angstmann: Winter
04 Cloud Rat: Eraser: Cloud Rat / Drugs of Faith
05 Candy: Super-Stare: Super-Stare
06 Captain Caveman: Berto Is Chef: Captain Caveman / Trigger
07 Trigger: Much Questions, More Answers: Captain Caveman / Trigger
08 Paranoid Freak Out: Punching Grandma: Paranoid Freak Out
09 Exhumed: Re-Entry and Destruction: Exhumed / Gatecreeper
10 Alcoholocaust: Bulldozer Infernal: Necro Apocalipse Bestial
11 Birdflesh: House Guest: Extreme Graveyard Tornado
12 Wolfbrigade: Wells of Despair: The Enemy: Reality
13 Saccage: Chaosphère: Khaos Mortem
14 Lichmagick: Ritual of Becoming: Lichmagick
15 Gatecreeper: Anxiety: Exhumed / Gatecreeper
16 LVTHN: The Spirit of the Flesh in the Flesh of the Spirit: The Spirit of the Flesh in the Flesh of the Spirit
17 Dark Sorcerer: Fire Scales: Pure Act of Sorcery
18 Verwüstung: Dissolution: Gospel Ov Fury
19 Sedimentum: Décimation Lente: Demo
20 Rorcal: A Sea Of False Smiles Hiding Murder Jealousy And Revenge: Muladona
21 Evisarize: Rise en Sabbuh Nuh: Evisarize

Frankfurt, Germany, since 1996
Every Tuesday, 9 pm, 91.8 Mhz
Mr. Ebu (1st) * Golfregion (2nd) * Ganzkunscht (3rd) * Klartraum (4th) * Escobine (5th)

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