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October 08, 2019

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

October 8, 2019
9-10pm UTC+2
Replay October 9 at noon

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Urinals: U: The Happy Squid Sampler
02 Noxious: Sunday Fools: Utreg-Punx
03 Star Club: Ha: Ha 7" Flexi-disc (The Star Club Box 1977-1984)
04 Anna Falkss: Centro Sociale Occupato: Schiavi Nella Citta Piu Libera Del Mondo
05 Maho Neitsyt: Ne Ei Nyyneet Mulle Viinaa: Pultti EP
06 Chaos-Z: Zukunft: Underground Hits 1
07 DNA: Döda Hjärnor: Really Fast Vol. 1
08 Wasted Talent: Off to War: Master Tape Vol. 2
09 Akutt Innleggelse: Hagen Jugend: Nå Eller Aldri
10 Adrenalin O.D.: Infiltrate the State: New Jerseys' Got It?
11 Distrust: Minoritet Förtryck: Really Fast Vol. II
12 So Much Hate: Double Standards: Apathy... Never!
13 Outo: Free Man: Pusmort Sampler
14 Crück: Stay (死): Smashing Odds Ness!!
15 Less Haze: Infliction Of Pain: Attack Is The Best Defense
16 Mino-5: Endless Night Mare: Enjoy Your Youth By This Hardcore Sampler
17 Oil Shock: No Color: Enjoy Your Youth By This Hardcore Sampler
18 Boskops: Videot: Hardcore Vol. 1
19 Death Side: Mass Media's Pets: Eye of the Thrash Guerrilla
20 Yellow Label: Break Tedium: The Bottom Rise Up the Top
21 Subnormal Fear: Vulgar Disturber: Kyoto City Hardcore
22 Sicilian Blood: Protest: Kiss My Ass - Compilation Tape
23 Mink Oil: No More Sunshine: Kiss My Ass - Compilation Tape
24 Sic: We're Back: Kiss My Ass - Compilation Tape
25 L.C. Pirates: Eagy Target: Best Run Fast Volume. 1
26 Jesters of Chaos: Nuclear Delicacies: Earth Rapers & Hell Raisers
27 Total Egon: Alkoholjakten: Really Fast, Vol. 5
28 Gabish: Nyoro Nyoro: Sword of Death to Thrash
29 Martial Mosh: White Past: Really Fast, Vol. 5
30 F.U.P.: Power Control: Sapporo City Hardcore
31 Rinjyu-Zange: Time Without Night: Tokyo Santama City Hard Core!
32 Mental: Your Life Is...: Shizuoka City Hard Core
33 Gang Thrust: Progress: Give Us the Time to Play!
34 Mess: Missing My Axis: Best Run Fast Vol.2

Frankfurt, Germany, since 1996
Every Tuesday, 9 pm, 91.8 Mhz
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