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December 11, 2018

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

Dec 11, 2018

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Krzta: Roztrzask: Krzta
02 Subterror: Iconoclasta: Antropomortum
03 Motron: Weekly Routine: Eternal Headache
04 Moro Moro Land: Rotten Hearts: Through
05 Anti Ritual: No Second Earth: Anti Ritual
06 Mysterious Skin: Small Talk: Demo '14
07 Pregnancy Scares: Reptile Race: Demo 2011
08 High: Tina's Venom: Dismalfucker / High
09 Zeke: Rip & Destroy: Dirty Sanchez
10 Thrashgrinder: N.O.I.S.E.: Seeds Of Revolution
11 Attitude Adjustment: No Explanations: True To The Trade E.P.
12 Terminal Youth: Takeover: Line of Defense
13 The Mistake: Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On: Carry The Casket / The Mistake
14 Negative Standards: XXII: Fetters
15 Deathrite: Bloodlust: Nightmares Reign
16 Hellshock: Born Out Of Darkness: They Wait For You Still
17 Propagator: Poser Killer: Propagator
18 Sunlight's Bane: The Weight of Hope: Antiquated Chapters
19 Keep On Living: Ashes: Flood
20 Cancelled Earth: Revenge: Cancelled Earth
21 Languish: The Blinding Light of Purgatory: Unworthy
22 Sick/Tired: Treasured Memories: Manufractured
23 Triac: Grab Everything That Kills: 3 Way Split
24 Convulsions: Bonito Y Barato: Convulsions / No God Rhetoric
25 Funeral Chic: Hard Wind: Hatred Swarm
26 Death Toll 80k: Civilian Targets: Harsh Realities
27 Mellow Harsher: Dusted: Mellow Harsher / Internal Rot
28 Six Brew Bantha: Complicity: Blight

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