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January 08, 2019

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

January 8, 2019
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00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Detroit: Break A Neck: Detroit
02 Hummingbird of Death: Extraordinary Rendition: Goatmeal
03 The Gentle Art of Chokin': Knöpf den Kragen auf: The Gentle Art of Chokin' / Resurrectionists
04 Sorry Excuse: MWP: Listen With Prejudice
05 Parlamentarisk Sodomi: Ode Til Siv Jensen: Parlamentarisk Sodomi / Blodsprut
06 Fear of God: Rubbish Planet: Fear of God
07 Sick/Tired: Savage Man / Savage Beast: Dissolution
08 Quill: Suck My Suck: Quill / Warsore
09 Agents of Abhorrence: Toshio: Covert Lobotomy
10 C.I.A.: Who Cares?: God, Guts, Guns
11 X-Torsion: X-Torsion: Odio Eterno
12 Anal Trump: You Gotta Treat Em Like Shit: That Makes Me Smart!
13 殲敵: ¿Justicia?: 天堂無炸彈
14 Hummingbird of Death: Big Time: Goatmeal
15 Piazza Dropout: Dr. Death: Teenage Angst / Piazza Dropout
16 Chaosfront: Dresden 97: Anti Copper Hardcore / Ât Helvete E Tiden
17 Iron Butter: Drink Mine Dot Org: Iron Butter / Anal Massaker
18 Lack of Interest: Frustration: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
19 W.B.I.: Grobe Leberwurst: Stichpimpulibockforzelorum
20 Past Tense: Grown Assman: Demonstration
21 Six Brew Bantha: Know Peace: Six Brew Bantha / Agitate
22 Violent Headache: La Voragine del Poder: The Singles Collection
23 Minch: Miniture Bitch: Seven Minch
24 Fiend: Mota-Breath: Fiend / Suffering Mind
25 SMG: Nuclear Worship: SMG / Sloth
26 Let It Die: Pity For The Guilty Is Treason To The Innocent: Let It Die Demo 2011
27 Anal Trump: PTSD Is Gay: That Makes Me Smart!
28 Blarghstrad: Right In The Blockhole: Blarghstrad
29 KSM40: Short Attention Span Punk: The Taste of Rust
30 The Ergs!: Sneak Attack: Thrash Compactor
31 Melt-Banana: So Unfilial Rule: Hedgehog
32 Satanic Malfunctions: Those Damn Beasties: Satanic Malfunctions / SM-70
33 Mulct: Worst Enemy: Turniq
34 You Suck: You'll Never Be Welcome: Thrash to the Puss
35 S.O.D.: Aargh!: Crab Society North
36 Widespread Bloodshed: Aint No Way: Fastcore
37 Iron Butter: Asshair: Iron Butter / Anal Massaker
38 Napalm Death: Dead Pt.1: The Peel Sessions
39 Extortion: Extortion: Extortion Demo
40 Fuck On The Beach: FOB: Thrash Ahoy!!! :)
41 Violent Headache: Homeless: The Noisecore Days
42 D.S.-13: Mandatory Protest Song: Aborted Teen Generation
43 Life of Refusal: Michael Douglas: Life of Refusal
44 Minch: Minch: Seven Minch
45 Over the Top: Mittwochs ist Schnitzeltag: Fleischplatte
46 324: Modify: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
47 Hated Principles: My Wallet: A Noise War Split EP
48 Teratism in the Formalintank: Penis Hitler: Split Tape 1995
49 Vulgar Pigeons: Quiet: Genetic Predisposition
50 Man Is The Bastard: Slave To The Bean: Abundance Of Guns
51 Capitalist Casualties: Soiled: Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
52 Anal Trump: Some Mexicans Aren't Rapists: That Makes Me Smart!
53 W.B.I.: Squeal: Stichpimpulibockforzelorum
54 Alfons Bauer: Tag 3: hlglglk!: Sieben Tage Regenwetter
55 Hummingbird of Death: Tanning Salon: Goatmeal
56 Painkiller: Trailmarker: Buried Secrets
57 Cloud Rat: Trial By Water: Blind River
58 Dropdead: A Final Question: Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh
59 Charlie Don't Surf: Advantages of Modern Technology (Part 2): Dripcore
60 Avulsion: Bootleg Holywater: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
61 JFA: Count: Blatant Localism
62 Nineironspitfire: Dead (Remastered): All About Friends Volume 4
63 Violent Headache: Dead Cops Again: The Noisecore Days
64 Disfleisch: Dis-Dur: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing New
65 Water Torture: ESA-N-DEM: Water Torture / Thedowngoing
66 Dismachine: Eu-Politik: Dismachine / Cumbrage
67 Hated Principles: Face Target: A Noise War Split EP
68 Insect Warfare: False Grind Alienation: Insect Warfare / Carcass Grinder
69 Ruido: Fight: Speed Freaks 4
70 Hypoptalasias: Frog Eyes: Denak / Hypoptalasias
71 Crucial Unit: Fuck Electrons: Everything Went Strunk
72 Hummingbird of Death: Green: Goatmeal
73 Pizza Hi-Five: Grindcore Gratitude: Powercup / Pizza Hi-Five
74 Grunt: Grunt II: Grunt
75 Fuck On The Beach: Happy: Thrash Ahoy!!! :)
76 George Harrison: Hardcore! Pizza! Comic Books!: We Are The Youth - 2nd Demo (Comp tracks)
77 The Gentle Art of Chokin': Hey Leute aka Proberaumgeflüster: The Gentle Art of Chokin' / Resurrectionists
78 Anal Trump: I Like The Soldiers Who DON'T Get Captured: That Makes Me Smart!
79 Cellgraft: Intestinal Collapse: Revenge
80 Mellow Harsher: Lifepain: Mellow Harsher
81 Iron Butter: My Oreos: Iron Butter / Anal Massaker
82 Archagathus: Ratatosk 2: Archagathus / Death Tool 80k
83 Avo: S.H.C.: Solutions
84 Past Tense: Seriously Dudes: Demonstration
85 W.B.I.: Squawk: Stichpimpulibockforzelorum
86 Mellow Harsher: Ufopain: Mellow Harsher Demo Tape
87 Derbe Lebowski: Why: Remove Your Mask
88 Pizda Materna: Življenje: Pizda Materna
89 Vaccine: Always Alone: Dead Inside
90 Godstomper: Backstabbin Shiteater: Godstomper / No Comply
91 Extortion: Bound and Gagged: Control
92 Birdflesh: Breakfast Time: Nekroacropolis
93 Stack: Bury The Myth: Mondonervaktion
94 SMG: Confession of a Mad Man Part 1: Grindcore Fucks - Negative Mental Attitude
95 Napalm Death: Dead: Live EP
96 Shitgrinder: Disassociated: Shitgrinder / Coffin Birth
97 Hummingbird of Death: Dying Others Deaths: Goatmeal
98 Doctor and the Crippens: Epic: Raphanadosis
99 Godstomper: Extinction: Scarred for Life
100 Pagan Faith: Fuck, Shit, I Hate Reagan: Pagan Faith
101 Hanging Rotten: Glass Eye: Hanging Rotten
102 Completed Exposition: He Can Live Only in Osaka: Stand Alone Completed Exposition
103 S.O.D.: House Of My Head: Crab Society North
104 Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair: Living With Mum: Knockoff Nigel
105 Water Torture: Medicate: Shellfire!
106 Loaded For Bear: My Carnal Desire Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal: Loaded For Bear / Bizarre X
107 Anal Trump: My Daughter Is A Piece Of Ass: That Makes Me Smart!
108 Ogre: Ogre: Fuck It All
109 Fuck On The Beach: Oh!My Chocolate: Thrash Ahoy!!! :)
110 Hated Principles: Old Man Boss: A Noise War Split EP
111 Charles Bronson: Political Prisoners: Speed Freaks
112 Crom: Stygian: Hot Sumerian Nights
113 Christer Pettersson: Throw Up The W: Controlled by Hatred
114 Napalm Death: Understanding?!?!: S.O.B / Napalm Death
115 Sore Throat: Vac Head: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
116 Discordance Axis: Walls: Ulterior
117 Catafalque Riderz: Стремление к роскоши: Catafalque Riderz / Nuclear Woman
118 Pizda Materna: ...: Pizda Materna
119 Doctor and the Crippens: A Controlled Experiment: Fired From the Circus
120 Godstomper: Aaron Goes to the Zoo: Heavy Metal Vomit Party
121 Violent Headache: Abortion: The Noisecore Days
122 Iron Butter: Airbag Lady: Archagathus / Iron Butter
123 Violent Headache: Checkmate: Carcass Grinder / Violent Headache
124 Beartrap: Cross Me (Project X): Covers Vol. 3
125 Corrosivos: Demencia Terminal: El Alcohol Es Una Solucion Temporal (Solo Si Dejas De Tomar)
126 Burt: Die Kunst aus zwei gegebenen Sekunden fünf verlorene zu machen: Burt / Captain Caveman
127 Enewetak: Dirt On Lip: Guns. Elvis loved them.
128 Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair: Drowned In Jism: Knockoff Nigel
129 Wehrmacht: EVERB: Biërmächt
130 Water Torture: Exposure: Water Torture / Thedowngoing
131 Assück: Feasts Of War: Anticapital / Suffering Quota / Blindspot / State To State
132 Supression: Feed on Their Vomit: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
133 Cryptic Void: Ganzfeld: Psychomanteum
134 Hypoptalasias: Golden Boy: Denak / Hypoptalasias
135 Archagathus: Harm: Archagathus / Sengaya
136 Dunce: Hummingbird of Death: Dunce
137 Napalm Death: In Extremis: The Peel Sessions
138 Hated Principles: Lord Capitalist: A Noise War Split EP
139 Moncho Cabrera: Me: Moncho Cabrera Demo
140 Satanic Malfunctions: Might Is Right: Satanic Malfunctions / SM-70
141 Crom: Mystics And Heretics: Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Crom
142 Nog Watt: Neighborhood Watch: Fear
143 Überkrøppling: Nein: Født Fucked
144 Lawnmower Deth: Nothingness: Mower Liberation Front
145 Hummingbird of Death: Red: Goatmeal
146 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Requiem for a Waschbär: Animals of the Music Business
147 Stack: Resolute: Mondonervaktion
148 Man Is The Bastard: Secret Surgery: D.I.Y.C.D.
149 Wormrot: So Fierce For Fuck!?: Abuse
150 Hope: Taigi: Cunt'n Bananaaz / Hope
151 Godhole: The Ape: Anthrophobia
152 Godstomper: Ultimate Revenge: Godstomper / No Comply
153 Teratism in the Formalintank: Untitled: Split Tape 1995
154 Spazz: Violated: Dwarf Jester Rising
155 Vaulting: We Cover: Epilog
156 X-Torsion: X-Torsion III: Do It Your Hell
157 Sordid Clot: Де Ни Н: МякишЪ / The Crumb
158 Violent Headache: Abortion: The Noisecore Days
159 SMG: All Your Friends Are Maggots: Grindcore Fucks - Negative Mental Attitude
160 Hummingbird of Death: Battlet-Ode: Goatmeal
161 Capitalist Casualties: Blind Faith: Disassembly Line
162 The Abused: Blow Your Brains Out: Loud And Clear
163 Lafftrak: Bobel: Echsenparty
164 殲敵: Cabrónan El Bárbaro: Los Sesiones Piel
165 Moncho Cabrera: Cago: Moncho Cabrera Demo
166 Extortion: Code: Extortion / Cold World
167 Godstomper: Coffin Cake: Scarred for Life
168 Wilbur Cobb: Decayin' Refuge : He Won't Stay Dead!! - The Night of Wilbur Cobb
169 Slaughter of the Innocents: Destination: Overkill: The Awakening
170 Resurrectionists: Dioptrien: Merkit / Resurrectionists
171 Das Krill: Does the Bottle in My Hand Have Anything to Do with Your Beauty?: Revolution Through Education
172 Discordance Axis: Dystopia Part II: Ulterior
173 Lafftrak: Flaschendrehen: sweet home lemuria
174 Cellgraft: Gestalt Paroxysm: Deception Schematic
175 Don't No: Habit Force: The Real World
176 Godstomper: Hoarder: Saturday Morning Powerviolence
177 Apathetic Ronald McDonald: I Feel Sick: Apathetic Ronald McDonald
178 Water Torture: In Response To:: Water Torture / Thedowngoing
179 Dismachine: Just One Second: Dismachine / Cumbrage
180 xBrainiax: Kiss The Whip: Lightspeed Demo
181 Over the Top: Mantaplatte: Fleischplatte
182 Iron Butter: Mrs Roper's Mumu: Archagathus / Iron Butter
183 Fear of God: My Hands Deep In Your Guts: Fear of God
184 Hated Principles: Positive Motivator: A Noise War Split EP
185 S.O.B: S.O.B.: Don't Be Swindle
186 Godstomper: Straight Edgers Have No Friends Just Big Xs: Godstomper / No Comply
187 Septic Surge: SXMXHXD: Extortion / Septic Surge
188 Body Hammer: The Principles and Practices of Nihilism: Jigoku
189 Punch: They Don't Have To Believe...: They Don't Have To Believe
190 Barriga de Verme: VII: Barriga de Verme
191 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Why Suffer (Heidi Pt. I): Systematic Death Slaughter
192 Gorgonized Dorks: You Beat a Dead Horse: Gorgonized Dorks / Godstomper
193 Extreme Noise Terror: You Really Make Me Sick: Activity: Earslaughter
194 Iron Reagan: Your Kids an Asshole: Spoiled Identity
195 Melt-Banana: 7.2 Seconds Flipping: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
196 D.S.-13: All Things Considered We're Basically Fukked: No One Will Thank You When You Are Dead
197 Dismachine: And Two More: Dismachine / Cumbrage
198 Anal Trump: Blood Coming Out Of Her Wherever: That Makes Me Smart!
199 殲敵: Defector: 天堂無炸彈
200 Alfons Bauer: Der Copal: Panzerdivision Alfons Bauer
201 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Eichhörnchen Wasserski: Scumdogs of the Forest
202 Moncho Cabrera: En Dios: Moncho Cabrera Demo
203 50/50: Flat Spots: Endless Demise / 50/50
204 Crucial Unit: Give the World a Hug: Everything Went Strunk
205 Hated Principles: H.D.Q & D: A Noise War Split EP
206 Mellow Harsher: Heroin Arm: Mellow Harsher / Internal Rot
207 Snitch: Horrendous Experiment: Godstomper / Snitch
208 Patatas Fritas por el Culo: Hueles Peor Que Mi Nabo: Sabe a Güeno
209 Godstomper: I Hate Short Songs: Godstomper / No Comply
210 Seventh Victim: I'm a Big Chicken: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
211 Loaded For Bear: Immanuel Kant's Greatest Lie: Loaded For Bear / Bizarre X
212 Iron Butter: Me And You And A Dog Named You: Archagathus / Iron Butter
213 Wehrmacht: MICRO-E!: Biērmächt
214 Bear Trap: No Home for the Restless: Nailed Shut
215 I'm Diet!: No, All (Descendents): This Hammer Destroys Ignorance
216 Sore Throat: S.S.A. Pt. II: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
217 W.B.I.: Squeak: Stichpimpulibockforzelorum
218 Agents of Abhorrence: Taste For Life: Agents of Abhorrence Demo
219 Magrudergrind: The Fast One: Religious Baffle
220 xBrainiax: Trekkie Killer: Disgrace to the Corpse of Eric Wood
221 Barriga de Verme: VIII: Barriga de Verme
222 Minch: We Gotta Go!: Seven Minch
223 Saponification: When the Bloody Chunks Become Rotten: Regeneration of the Pussing Gore
224 The Poopy Butts: Will Kills: 10,000 Wipes
225 Hummingbird of Death: Your Crew Is Stupid: Goatmeal
226 Social Deformity: 69: Cunt n'Bananaaz / Social Deformity / Needful Things
227 S.O.D.: Anti-Procrastination-Song: Speak English Or Die
228 Hip Cops: Apology Not Accepted: Archagathus / Hip Cops / Violent Gorge / Pancreatectomie
229 The Italian Stallion: Bud Fuck: Back to Thrashland
230 Eastwood: Chainsaw to the Dick: Eastwood / Entendeu?
231 Ruido: Chinga Tu Madre: Vete A La Chingada
232 Downtrodden: D.M.B.: Pretty Little Flower / Downtrodden
233 Attack of the Mad Axeman: FOAD EBK: Fuck Porngrind Sympathy
234 Gang Green: Fuck in A: Another Wasted Night
235 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Fuck Your Soccer Jesus: Altered States of America
236 Phobia: Grind: Cruel
237 Birdflesh: I Don't Wanna Live, I Don't Wanna Die: The Farmers' Wrath
238 Napalm Death: Inextremis: Live EP
239 Crippled Fox: Ivan Mentality: More Fun, More Thrash
240 Barriga de Verme: IX: Barriga de Verme
241 Godstomper: Last Request Sellout: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
242 Hummingbird of Death: Life of Man: Goatmeal
243 Violent Headache: Live Means Death: Carcass Grinder / Violent Headache
244 Anal Trump: Mexican Judges Don't Count: That Makes Me Smart!
245 Battletruk: Nose Bleed: Acid Death
246 Negative FX: Punch in the Face: Negative FX
247 Hewhocorrupts: Q: Can I Sample This? A: No: Wilbur Cobb / Hewhocorrupts
248 S.O.B: Sacrifice of Devour Bones: Osaka Mon Amour
249 Christer Pettersson: School: Christer Pettersson
250 Vulgar Pigeons: Silence: Genetic Predisposition
251 Phobia: Soon: Unrelenting
252 W.B.I.: Squall: Stichpimpulibockforzelorum
253 Hated Principles: Taste Sugar: A Noise War Split EP
254 Godstomper: The Meaning Of Life: Godstomper / No Comply
255 Hewhocorrupts: This Is 6 Cymbal Hits: Godstomper / Hewhocorrupts
256 Sore Throat: Trenchfoot: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
257 Violent Headache: Welcome to the Real Fear: The Noisecore Days
258 Robocop: You Suffer: Robocop II
259 Eastwood: Zunge weg ich furze: Fast//Loud
260 Fuck Right Off: Anti Leng Tool: Fuck Right Off
261 Final Exit: Blue Stardust (Live): Spreading The (S​)​Hits
262 Hummingbird of Death: Blue: Goatmeal
263 50/50: Blunts and Blasts: Endless Demise / 50/50
264 For the Worse: Burbs Part: Blood, Guts, Going Nuts
265 Third Degree: Crusade: Hewhocorrupts / Third Degree
266 Charles Bronson: Drunk Punks Is Hippies: Complete Discocrappy
267 Parlamentarisk Sodomi: En Biografi Om Jens Stoltenberg: Parlamentarisk Sodomi / Blodsprut
268 Wormrot: Fucking Fierce so What: Dirge
269 Magrudergrind: Hitler Only Had One Testicle Part 2: Don't Support Humanitary Aid Led by the Church
270 BBQ Chickens: I: Good Bye to Your Punk Rock
271 Iron Butter: In The Ass Of The Beholder: Archagathus / Iron Butter
272 Anal Trump: Journalism Is Gay: That Makes Me Smart!
273 Daybreak: Let Sleeping Bodies Rest: Frozen Wintered Realms Of My Moonlit Record Collection
274 Cellgraft: Ley Line: Cellgraft
275 Gerbophilia: Mort Au Vache: Neoplasmatikpedogoria
276 SMG: Ode to Extreme Martin Part 1: Matka Teresa / SMG
277 Alarmstufe Gerd: Omma und Oppa waren gestern separat im Puff und haben sich nicht gesehen: Alarmstufe Gerd
278 Nuclear Assault: PSA: Survive
279 Discordance Axis: So Unfilial Rule (Melt-Banana): Melt-Banana / Discordance Axis
280 Victims Family: Stupid: Things I Hate To Admit
281 Gerbophilia: The Return of the Balais of Chiotte (Speed): Vomicide Volontaire
282 Hated Principles: Turner: A Noise War Split EP
283 Hip Cops: Unending Onslaught: Archagathus / Hip Cops / Violent Gorge / Pancreatectomie
284 Water Torture: Untitled: Water Torture / Thedowngoing
285 Barriga de Verme: X: Barriga de Verme
286 S.O.D.: You Bastard: Crab Society North
287 Fear of God: 7 Up: Fear of God
288 Magrudergrind: 211: Akkolyte / Magrudergrind
289 Atoxxxico: Atoxxxico for MOD: Punks De Mierda
290 Avo: Bevvy: Solutions
291 Violent Headache: Bluecascks for Peace: Therapy of Noise
292 Bruce Banner: Bop: I Love Fucked Up Noise!
293 Ruido: Chinga Tu Papi: Vete A La Chingada
294 Insect Warfare: Coded Steel: Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Insect Warfare
295 Sore Throat: Fungacidal Tendencies: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
296 Hated Principles: Good: A Noise War Split EP
297 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Honkey Dong: Altered States of America
298 Lawnmower Deth: I Dont Want Your Problems: Mower Liberation Front
299 Anal Trump: I'd Date My Daughter: That Makes Me Smart!
300 Loaded For Bear: Locke Down: Loaded For Bear / Bizarre X
301 Patareni: Ne Gnoji: Never Healed
302 NYC Mayhem: Not: We Stand
303 SMG: Ode to Extreme Martin Part 2: Matka Teresa / SMG
304 Population Reduction: Pocket Change Buckshot: Each Birth a New Disaster
305 Widespread Bloodshed: Rabid Dogs: Pick Your Queen
306 W.B.I.: Senseless Attack: Stichpimpulibockforzelorum
307 No Comply: Song #32: Godstomper / No Comply
308 Agents of Abhorrence: The Audacity of You: Earth.Water.Sun
309 Barriga de Verme: XI: Barriga de Verme
310 Hummingbird of Death: Yellow: Goatmeal
311 Sordid Clot: Anti A: Клубень
312 Hummingbird of Death: Carpet Diem: Goatmeal
313 The Dread: Cock-N-Balls: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
314 Charles Bronson: Cous Cous On the Loose Loose: Complete Discocrappy
315 Indigesti: Detesta: Wretched / Indigesti
316 S.O.D.: Dog on the Tracks: Bigger Than the Devil
317 Claudio: Elege of Joy (Dada!): Dada
318 Cellgraft: Erosion: Demo Cassette
319 Hated Principles: Further Joy: A Noise War Split EP
320 Anal Trump: Grab Em By The Pussy: That Makes Me Smart!
321 Bud Spencer: Green Pis: To Live A Lie - Volume I
322 Raised By Owls: Harry Potter And The Curse Of The Student Loan: The Great British Grind Off
323 Electro Hippies: Mega-Armageddon Death (Part 3): Play Fast or Die
324 Widespread Bloodshed: More Punk Than You: Pick Your Queen
325 Nak'ay: No News: Grind The Bastards / Distort Grind Noise
326 SMG: Ode to Extreme Martin Part 3: Matka Teresa / SMG
327 Iron Reagan: Parents of Tomorrow: Crossover Ministry
328 Jante Alu: Phare: Polish Partout Pastis Nulle Part
329 Sore Throat: R.O.T.: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
330 Noisear / Superbad / Sean: Refuse To Thrive: Grindcore Marauders
331 D.S.-13: The Ballad Of Bob Flanagan: Aborted Teen Generation
332 Corrosivos: Todo Mal (Parte II): El Alcohol Es Una Solucion Temporal (Solo Si Dejas De Tomar)
333 Man Is The Bastard: Ward Of Knives: Our Earth's Blood Pt 2 / Locust
334 Barriga de Verme: XII: Barriga de Verme
335 New York Against The Belzebu: You Smile: Stunt
336 Archagathus: You Suffer (Napalm Death): Archagathus / Sengaya
337 Napalm Death: You Suffer: Scum
338 Social Deformity: About The System: Cunt n'Bananaaz / Social Deformity / Needful Things
339 X-Torsion: Centro Comercial: Odio Eterno
340 Archagathus: For Musical Destruction (Rot): Archagathus / Sengaya
341 BBQ Chickens: Love, Love, Love: Mosh Circle, Jerk Punks!!
342 Captain Caveman: Nothing Worth Believing: Burt / Captain Caveman
343 SMG: Ode to Extreme Martin Part 4: Matka Teresa / SMG
344 Hummingbird of Death: Pointless: Goatmeal
345 Purulence: Premature Butchery: Going The Putrid Reality
346 Flux Capacitor: Religion Is Laughter Spelled Backwards: Action For Animals: The Comp EP
347 Shitgrinder: Shit Assault: Life Is Corrupted Demo
348 Bear Trap: Shit End of the Stick: Nailed Shut
349 Anal Trump: Take His Coat: That Makes Me Smart!
350 Hated Principles: Ultra Pyromania: A Noise War Split EP
351 Suffer: Untitled: Lone
352 Nihil Baxter: Weg mit der Gesamtscheiße: Demotape 2008
353 Barriga de Verme: XIII: Barriga de Verme
354 Weekend Nachos: 4 Years: Torture
355 Fat Flag: Bandagenshop: Endlich Frosch
356 Anal Trump: Breast Feeding Is Gay: That Makes Me Smart!
357 Violent Headache: CD to Hell: The Noisecore Days
358 Ümlaut: Coünterattack (D.R.I.): Total Disfückingcography
359 Blarghstrad: Down: Blarghstrad
360 Lawnmower Deth: Fuck Off: Mower Liberation Front
361 Corrosivos: Gordas Rapidas: El Alcohol Es Una Solucion Temporal (Solo Si Dejas De Tomar)
362 D9: H.S.K.H.H.L.M.A.B.: D9
363 Hated Principles: Happy Knife: A Noise War Split EP
364 Worlds: Hecatomb: To Live A Lie - Volume I
365 Iron Butter: Iron Butter Remix Two: Iron Butter / Anal Massaker
366 Birdflesh: Ken Is Dead: Alive Autopsy
367 Hummingbird of Death: Monarchy Is the Shit: Goatmeal
368 Lycanthrophy: My Questions: Lycanthrophy / Není Úniku
369 Violent Headache: No Se Wien Es Mas Feo: Bombs of Crust / False Terminal
370 SMG: Ode to Extreme Martin Part 5: Matka Teresa / SMG
371 Iron Butter: Okra And Prunes: Archagathus / Iron Butter
372 Sector 4: Plaid Spaceship: We Can't Help It If We're From Florida
373 Fear of God: Raise The Siege: Fear of God
374 Municipal Waste: Scantron Slamathon (Detention Mosh Session Part 2): Crucial Unit / Municipal Waste
375 Man Is The Bastard: She Boar: Mancruel
376 Godstomper: The End: Godstomper / Terlarang
377 The Endless Blockade: The Endless Blockade: Turn Illness Into a Weapon
378 Fuck on the Beach: Womens Choice: Thrash Ahoy!
379 Barriga de Verme: XIV: Barriga de Verme
380 Ripcord: You Don't Care: Defiance of Power
381 Violent Headache: Drowned In Refuse: Carcass Grinder / Violent Headache
382 BBQ Chickens: Evil Dick: Fine Songs, Playing Sucks
383 Gigantic Brain: Exo-Brain: The Invasion Discography
384 Hummingbird of Death: Food Packet Air Drop: Goatmeal
385 Fuck On The Beach: Happy: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
386 Iron Butter: K.Y. Cow House: Archagathus / Iron Butter
387 Dismachine: Opinions: Totalitär / Dismachine
388 Lycanthrophy: Russian Roulette (Rot): Lycanthrophy / Není Úniku
389 Hated Principles: Scar: A Noise War Split EP
390 Anal Trump: Ted Nugent Is Cool: That Makes Me Smart!
391 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Ten Pounds of Remains: Altered States of America
392 Double Me: Thanks to My Boss for My Fucking Complexes: Destroyed in a Second
393 Blarghstrad: Up: Blarghstrad
394 Violent Headache: Walls Fallen: The Noisecore Days
395 Barriga de Verme: XV: Barriga de Verme
396 Apartment 213: You Better Run: Cleveland Power Violence
397 殲敵: Asexual Predator: Los Sesiones Piel
398 Violent Headache: Construyendo Lo Destruido: Bombs of Crust / False Terminal
399 Hated Principles: Crushed Skull: A Noise War Split EP
400 Anal Trump: Dave Mustaine Is Cool: That Makes Me Smart!
401 Raised By Owls: David Cameron's Favourite Band Is Pig Destroyer: The Great British Grind Off
402 Hummingbird of Death: Do I Know You: Goatmeal
403 Jesus Chrust: Eat and Drink with the Drunken: Blasphemy
404 Gigantic Brain: Exo-Destroyer: The Invasion Discography
405 Doctor and the Crippens: Experiment Update: Fired From the Circus
406 S.O.D.: Fugu: Bigger Than the Devil
407 Fuck On The Beach: Grudge: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
408 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Heidi Pt. II: Systematic Death Slaughter
409 Iron Butter: Jenny Craig: Archagathus / Iron Butter
410 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Knut: Scumdogs of the Forest
411 The Poopy Butts: L.P. Butts: 10,000 Wipes
412 Scapegoat: Master: Brutal Supremacy
413 Lärm: Only Reality: Extreme Noise
414 Verge on Reason: Paragraph I - Kurze Songs sind unantastbar: A Fucking Tribute To Slap A Ham
415 Jenny Piccolo: Severe Battery: Discography
416 Violent Headache: Speak English or Die: : The Singles Collection
417 S.O.B: Speak Mouth Fuck You: Don't Be Swindle
418 Violent Headache: War Between Us: The Noisecore Days
419 Ebanath: Where My Socks, Pigs: For Those Who Still Believe... In Nothing
420 Lycanthrophy: Worthless: Lycanthrophy / Není Úniku
421 Lawnmower Deth: Be Scene, Not Heard: Return of the Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns
422 W.B.I.: Consumption: Stichpimpulibockforzelorum
423 New York Against The Belzebu: Dear Fucking Sorry (Rot): Going The Putrid Reality
424 Hated Principles: Joy of Retribution: A Noise War Split EP
425 Fuck On The Beach: Never Trust Tammy: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
426 Lycanthrophy: Political Pigs: Lycanthrophy / Není Úniku
427 殲敵: Rectal Surgeon Ironically Named Joy: Los Sesiones Piel
428 Melt-Banana: Screw, Loose: MxBx 1998-13000 Miles at Light Velocity
429 Hummingbird of Death: Staredown: Goatmeal
430 Wound: Thanx: Speed Freaks
431 Anal Trump: Trump Tower Has The Best Taco Bowls: That Makes Me Smart!
432 Doctor and the Crippens: 8 Years in Office: Raphanadosis
433 Iron Lung: All Hope Lost: Cold Storage II
434 Bolt Stein: Bomb: Rebirth Of Humanity
435 Violent Headache: Disputa: The Noisecore Days
436 Attack of the Mad Axeman: For Whom The Cowbell Tolls 2: Kings Of Animalgrind
437 Sore Throat: Go Home: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
438 New York Against The Belzebu: Identidade, Foto!!!: Going The Putrid Reality
439 Lycanthrophy: Industrial Suicide (Warsore): Lycanthrophy / Není Úniku
440 Voorhees: John Moody Part 2: Spilling Blood Without Reason
441 Fuck On The Beach: Killed By Fast: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
442 Hummingbird of Death: No Child Left Alive: Goatmeal
443 Violent Headache: Only in It for the Mode: The Noisecore Days
444 W.B.I.: Perpetual Provocation: Stichpimpulibockforzelorum
445 Iron Butter: Twinkboner: Archagathus / Iron Butter
446 Barriga de Verme: XVIII: Barriga de Verme
447 Wormrot: You Suffer but Why Is It My Problem: Dirge
448 Sore Throat: Attack of the English Gumby Punks: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
449 Satanic Malfunctions: Beanfeast Death: Disgrace To Humanity
450 Hated Principles: Boss: A Noise War Split EP
451 Get Rad: Cru Jones: Say Fuck No to Rules, Man
452 Violent Headache: Dreck: Psychoneurosis / Violent Headache
453 Charles Bronson: Go to School: Complete Discocrappy
454 S.O.D.: Hey Gordy: Speak English Or Die
455 BBQ Chickens: Hungry: Indie Rock Strikes Back
456 Lycanthrophy: Kill This Corrupted Society: Lycanthrophy / Není Úniku
457 Discordance Axis: One Last Final Dystopia (Live In Tokyo): Pikadourei
458 Melt-Banana: So Unfilial Rule: MxBx 1998-13000 Miles at Light Velocity
459 Wound: Thanx To...: Speed Freaks
460 Drudge: The Organiser: Agathocles / Drudge
461 Hushdam: Third Armannod: Thrash Ahoy!
462 Hummingbird of Death: Utterly Predictable: Goatmeal
463 The Poopy Butts: Wrong House: Songs to Clog Your Toilet To
464 Bolt Stein: ...For Battery: : : Rebirth Of Humanity
465 Hushdam: Anmagerko: Thrash Ahoy!
466 S.O.D.: Ballad of Jimi Hendrix: Speak English Or Die
467 Anal Trump: Changing Diapers Is Gay: That Makes Me Smart!
468 Sore Throat: D.F.W.H.: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
469 Gorgonized Dorks: Deceit: Gorgonized Dorks / Godstomper
470 Ümlaut: Finale #3: Another Demand: Total Disfückingcography
471 Godstomper: Hellogoodbye: Heavy Metal Vomit Party
472 Little Princess: Mystery: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
473 Captain Caveman: Powerviolence genug: Failed Species
474 Blarghstrad: Smash Hits #3: Blarghstrad
475 Yacøpsæ: Sucht bleibt Zucht: Fuck Punk Rock.... This Is Turbo Speed Violence
476 Hated Principles: What Comes First: A Noise War Split EP
477 殲敵: 廢物: Los Sesiones Piel
478 Charles Bronson: 412 Wolfpack: Complete Discocrappy
479 ManLiftingBanner: B.Y.B.O.: The Revolution Continues
480 Anal Trump: Build That Wall: That Makes Me Smart!
481 New York Against The Belzebu: Dead (Napalm Death): Going The Putrid Reality
482 S.O.D.: Diamonds and Rust: Speak English Or Die
483 Los Sfinters: Enchufe: Sabe a Güeno
484 Gorgonized Dorks: Ha Ha: Gorgonized Dorks / Godstomper
485 Ruido: Habre: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
486 Hated Principles: Happiness Is Killing Time: A Noise War Split EP
487 Hellnation: Hellnation: Control
488 Violent Headache: LD50: Psychoneurosis / Violent Headache
489 Bolt Stein: Liar: : : Rebirth Of Humanity
490 Melt-Banana: No Way to Hear: Cactuses Come In Flocks
491 Godstomper: Shitlist: Heavy Metal Vomit Party
492 Yhdyskuntajäte: SLS: Oulussa Ei Naureta
493 Get Rad: Stay Rad: Say Fuck No to Rules, Man
494 Barriga de Verme: XXI: Barriga de Verme
495 Anal Trump: Alex Jones Is Smart: That Makes Me Smart!
496 I'm Diet!: All (Descendents): This Hammer Destroys Ignorance
497 Capitalist Casualties: Dead Weight: Disassembly Line
498 Ümlaut: Finale #4: Leper Messiah: Total Disfückingcography
499 Sore Throat: Intestinal Skipping Rope: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
500 Satanic Malfunctions: My Mate John Peel: Disgrace To Humanity
501 Lawnmower Deth: Punk As Fuck: Ooh Crikey It's...
502 Man Is The Bastard: Robotic Anenomi: Our Earth's Blood Pt 2 / Locust
503 New York Against The Belzebu: The Abrahan: Going The Putrid Reality
504 Godstomper: Therapy?: Heavy Metal Vomit Party
505 Hated Principles: What to Do with Druggie: A Noise War Split EP
506 Barriga de Verme: XXII: Barriga de Verme
507 Gorgonized Dorks: Yeah: Gorgonized Dorks / Godstomper
508 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Esquillo stupido: Systematic Death Slaughter
509 Anal Trump: I'm In Astonishingly Excellent Health: That Makes Me Smart!
510 Hated Principles: In the Real World: A Noise War Split EP
511 Dropdead: Life In Chains: Dropdead
512 Violent Headache: Live Means Death: The Singles Collection
513 Capitalist Casualties: Moron: Capitalist Casualties
514 Blarghstrad: Ooga: Blarghstrad
515 Capitalist Casualties: Soiled: Disassembly Line
516 Violent Headache: Together: The Noisecore Days
517 New York Against The Belzebu: V.T.C.S.G.F.D.P.: Going The Putrid Reality
518 Mexican Power Authority: Victorian Punque: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
519 S.O.D.: Ballad of Phil H.: Bigger Than the Devil
520 Bolt Stein: Comparsion: Grind Bastards: Compilation for the Grind Freaks Vol. 1
521 Gorgonized Dorks: Die, Part 2 / Die, Part 3: Gorgonized Dorks / Godstomper
522 DxIxE: Hashdumake: Thrash Ahoy!!
523 Hated Principles: John F. Corpse: A Noise War Split EP
524 Violent Headache: National Kidnap: The Noisecore Days
525 Snake Head Fish: Song of Much Bongos: Grind Yer Head In - A Compilation of Really Fucking Fast Music
526 Anal Trump: Stay In Your Pens: That Makes Me Smart!
527 Birdflesh: Victims of the Cat: Mongo Musicale
528 Sore Throat: Virus: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
529 Barriga de Verme: XXIV: Barriga de Verme
530 Anal Trump: 911 Was Inconvenient For Me, Personally: That Makes Me Smart!
531 Sore Throat: Dissapearing Mark: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
532 Excruciating Terror: Down But Not Out: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
533 Asspatula: I Eat My Own Shit: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
534 DxIxE: Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Make: Thrash Ahoy!!
535 New York Against The Belzebu: Mega Armadeddon Death (Electro Hippies): Going The Putrid Reality
536 Violent Headache: Quien Es El Animal: Bombs of Crust / False Terminal
537 Ümlaut: What The Fück!?: Total Disfückingcography
538 Barriga de Verme: XXV: Barriga de Verme
539 Asspatula: Beatdown: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
540 Bolt Stein: CO2: Grind Bastards: Compilation for the Grind Freaks Vol. 1
541 xBrainiax: Kiss The Whip: Disgrace to the Corpse of Eric Wood
542 Anal Trump: Make America Great Again: That Makes Me Smart!
543 DxIxE: Make!!: Thrash Ahoy!!
544 Assholeparade: Mopheadboy: Student Ghetto Violence
545 Napalm Death: S.O.B.: The Peel Sessions
546 Ulcer: Subterfugr: Discography CD
547 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Two Shits To The Moon: Honky Reduction
548 Barriga de Verme: XXVI: Barriga de Verme
549 xBrainiax: B-Beat: Disgrace to the Corpse of Eric Wood
550 Melt-Banana: Fmfyyd: Cactuses Come In Flocks
551 W.B.I.: Mähämä!: Stichpimpulibockforzelorum
552 Anal Trump: Nobody Respects Women More Than Me: That Makes Me Smart!
553 New York Against The Belzebu: O Tempo Passa...: Going The Putrid Reality
554 Violent Headache: Cosmetics of Death (Remix): Police Brutality
555 Gorgonized Dorks: Got to Go: A Noise War Split EP
556 Anal Trump: Harriet Tubman Is, Like, A 3: That Makes Me Smart!
557 W.B.I.: Mäschmähämä!: Stichpimpulibockforzelorum
558 S.O.D.: MCD Hang Out At Gay Bars: Crab Society North
559 Senseless Apocalypse: Pretense Pt 2: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
560 Dropdead: Fucking Assholes Part Two: Dropdead
561 Violent Headache: Peste Politica: Bombs of Crust / False Terminal
562 Discordance Axis: So Unfilial Rule: Jouhou
563 Barriga de Verme: XXIX: Barriga de Verme
564 New York Against The Belzebu: 7 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Covers: Going The Putrid Reality
565 Nice View: Take Off Your Diaper: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
566 Anal Trump: That Makes Me Smart!: That Makes Me Smart!
567 Gorgonized Dorks: Go Die: A Noise War Split EP
568 New York Against The Belzebu: In Excess: Stunt
569 Shaolin Finger Jabb: Roundhouse Kick To The Face Of The Uncircumsized 2-Stepper: Santa Maria Powerviolence
570 Code 13: The Die Is Cast: Complete Discography 1994-2000
571 Crossed Out: Homegrown: Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
572 xBrainiax: Mos Eisley II: Hail Fastcore
573 Violent Headache: No Olimpigs: The Noisecore Days
574 Sore Throat: Social Genocide: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
575 New York Against The Belzebu: Amanha: Going The Putrid Reality
576 Sore Throat: D.R.I. E.M.I.: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
577 Palatka: Let's Toss This Fucking Shit To The Fire!: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
578 Archagathus: Regurgitated Mutilator: Cold Universe
579 Patatas Fritas por el Culo: Superavit: Sabe a Güeno
580 Violent Headache: Vitaminas De Plastico: Bombs of Crust / False Terminal
581 Gorgonized Dorks: You Die Now: A Noise War Split EP
582 Violent Headache: Don Estupido: The Singles Collection
583 Japanese Torture Comedy Hour: I Ran Over Your Dog While It Was Taking a Shit: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
584 Violent Headache: La Rosas: Bombs of Crust / False Terminal
585 Patatas Fritas por el Culo: Patron: Sabe a Güeno
586 TT-Task: Rambo: Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
587 Patareni: Acinagal: Never Healed
588 The Italian Stallion: Bud Fuck: Death Before Discography
589 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Distortion in Eden: Altered States of America
590 The Judas Iscariot: Immobile Geniuses: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
591 TT-Task: Obmar: Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
592 Patareni: Ijong En: Never Healed
593 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Serpent of the Gay Pride Rainbow: Altered States of America
594 Burt: So nicht Sie!: Fast//Loud
595 Violent Headache: Copyright Fuck Off: The Noisecore Days
596 Sore Throat: Scream Bloody Trout: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
597 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Snaking Adam's Black Apple: Altered States of America
598 Patatas Fritas por el Culo: Te Mato: Sabe a Güeno
599 Charles Bronson: 412 Wolfpack: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
600 Violent Headache: Chandal Ensangrentado: Bombs of Crust / False Terminal
601 Patatas Fritas por el Culo: El Que Lo Lea: Sabe a Güeno
602 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Like a Cretin on Christmas Eve: Altered States of America
603 Jigsore Puzzle: Moin wird mit Oi geschrieben: ¡Fast! / Hotel Fire
604 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Boston Hardcore Caligula: Altered States of America
605 Sore Throat: Join the Army: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
606 Violent Headache: Attitude: The Singles Collection
607 Egotismo: Fuck You Very Much: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
608 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Lamb of the Rotisserie God: Altered States of America
609 Spazz: Mega-Armageddon Death (Part 4): Sweatin' 3: Skatin' Satan & Katon
610 Blam!: Ass, Grass, or Cash No One Grinds for Free: Grind Yer Head In - A Compilation of Really Fucking Fast Music
611 Violent Headache: Resurrection: The Noisecore Days
612 Man Is The Bastard: Rocket Brain Failure: Our Earth's Blood Pt 2 / Locust
613 Violent Headache: Funeral: The Noisecore Days
614 Tomsk 7: South of Heaven: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
615 I.A.H.: Fear Of Work: Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
616 Spazz: You Suffer: Sweatin' 3: Skatin' Satan & Katon
617 Cryptic Void: Possession: Psychomanteum
618 Violent Headache: Bluecasks for Peace Pt. II: The Noisecore Days
619 Filthy Charity: Cops: Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
620 Spazz: Billy Milano's Head: Sweatin' 3: Skatin' Satan & Katon
621 Filthy Charity: Death To IMF: Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
622 Violent Headache: Fun and Fame: The Noisecore Days
623 Black Army Jacket: Pugilistic Attitude: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
624 xBrainiax: Trekkie Killer: Hail Fastcore
625 Violent Headache: Bluecascks for Peace: The Noisecore Days
626 Bad Acid Trip: Ego: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
627 Threatener: Radio Promo Two: The Hammering, The Fastening, And The Bending Of Throats
628 Spazz: Untitled: Sweatin' 3: Skatin' Satan & Katon
629 Bad Acid Trip: Spaz Attack: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
630 S.O.D.: BOLN: Crab Society North
631 Violent Headache: Escuadrones De La Muerte: Bombs of Crust / False Terminal
632 Devoid Of Faith: Hollowed Out: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
633 Violent Headache: Kill Your Idols: The Noisecore Days
634 Harsh: Chloric A: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
635 Violent Headache: Verdicto: Castracion: Bombs of Crust / False Terminal
636 S.O.D.: Cowfucking Renee: Crab Society North
637 Violent Headache: Kids For Cash (BGK): Bombs of Crust / False Terminal
638 Dismal Marsh Gas: Little Prince REAL: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
639 In Humanity: Lady Died: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
640 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Transparent Enclosure: Altered States of America
641 Los Crudos: Me Lo Paso El Culo: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
642 Violent Headache: War: The Singles Collection
643 S.O.D.: Food Dog Golf!!!: Crab Society North
644 Society of Friends: 12 Steps: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
645 Violent Headache: Fuck you: The Singles Collection
646 Negative Approach: Pressure: Negative Approach
647 Patareni: Stinking It Over: Never Healed
648 Violent Headache: Censorship: The Noisecore Days
649 xBrainiax: Kiss the Whip: Hail Fastcore
650 Jeffrey Dahmer: The End of Mainstream Era / And Always Say No to It!!: Fast//Loud
651 Violent Headache: The Necessary One: The Singles Collection
652 Nak'ay: Feasts of War (Assück): Grind The Bastards / Distort Grind Noise
653 Iron Reagan: I'm Regret: Spoiled Identity
654 Iron Butter: Irritated: Iron Butter / Anal Massaker
655 Violent Headache: No Rules: The Singles Collection
656 Little Princess: This is Napalm: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
657 Violent Headache: Existence: The Singles Collection
658 Action Jackson: Bam Pt. 1: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
659 Violent Headache: Dead Cops: The Singles Collection
660 Action Jackson: Bam Pt. 2: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
661 Daybreak: Nothing Ruins The Mood Like A Chainsaw: Frozen Wintered Realms Of My Moonlit Record Collection
662 Violent Headache: Psychological Torment: The Singles Collection
663 Dahmer: William George Donin: Three Way Split Tape '96
664 xBrainiax: B-Beat: Hail Fastcore
665 Patareni: No Text: Never Healed
666 Violent Headache: Lies: The Noisecore Days
667 Seventh Victim: Daughter: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
668 Violent Headache: Death Metal: The Noisecore Days
669 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Unbound by Civilized Properties: Altered States of America
670 No Think: Arm Animals: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
671 Violent Headache: Carn D'olla (And Maggots): The Noisecore Days
672 Gyga: The Guns Get Trained: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
673 xBrainiax: You Suffer: Hail Fastcore
674 Man Is The Bastard: Cave Water Rings: Our Earth's Blood Pt 2 / Locust
675 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Releasing a Dove From a Ghetto Rooftop: Altered States of America
676 Fizzy Bangers: Short Attention Span: Short Music for Short People
677 BBQ Chickens: More Beer: Good Bye to Your Punk Rock

Frankfurt, Germany, since 1996
Every Tuesday, 9 pm, 91.8 Mhz
Mr. Ebu (1st) * Golfregion (2nd) * Ganzkunscht (3rd) * Klartraum (4th) * Escobine (5th)

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