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November 13, 2018

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

Nov 13, 2018

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Officer Friendly: Get Up: Beats To Make Our Bassist Barf
02 Absentee: MONJU Warning: No Hesitation To Resist
03 R.I.P.: Policía No!: No Te Muevas!
04 Total Verlust: D.S.A.: Total Verlust
05 Agent Attitude: Exclude Me: Deranged Realities
06 S.H.I.T.: Fuck All : Generation Shit
07 Strong As Ten: Pure Delusion (Crossed Out): Fifteen Strong Covers
08 Freaks: Brave It Out: Damn Thrash Ideology
09 Rüz: Think: Rüz
10 Warthog: Brainwasher: Warthog
11 RÄD: Vässa Dina Bila: RÄD
12 Obnoxious Youth: Cut Your Throat: Suck On The Cross
13 Disrupt: Domestic Prison: Unrest
14 偏執症者: Day Of Reckoning (Pentagram): Cover Of The Month
15 Brody's Militia: Cities On Flame With Napalm: Funeral Arrangements E.P.
16 Spazz: Shrimp On The Barbie: Bible Studies / Spazz
17 Self Deconstruction: Relationshit: Self Deconstruction / Speed!! Noise!! Hell!!
18 Cloud Rat: Rosemary: Silk Panic
19 Oxidant: Joey: To Live A Lie Volume III
20 Punch: Denial: They Don't Have To Believe
21 Veuve S.S.: Cheap: Trâitre À Tout
22 Chiens: After War Suicide: 3 Way Split
23 Shitgrinder: Human Shit Grinder: Shitgrinder / Coffin Birth
24 Dead Instrument: Necessary Toll: 3 Way Split
25 The Borkenlayne: Doppelganger Showdown: Pain Is The Fearminder
26 Whoresnation: De Gourmet A Gourmand: 3 Way Split
27 Ebanath: Shizogenez: For Those Who Still Believe... In Nothing
28 Disparo!: Settle Down: Disparo! / Grudge!
29 Quattro Stagioni: Hoffi Plus 3: Quattro Stagioni
30 Subversion: Corporation: Bible Studies / Spazz
31 Massgrav: Arbetsförmedlingen - Skitförmedlingen (Krigshot): Kill Your Darlings
32 Natïonstate: 想遺 ... 象徴の神: Demo 2005
33 兀突骨: 悪×即×斬: 魍魎
34 Pripjat: The Seed: Chain Reaction
35 Test: Aos Algozes: Chepang / Test

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