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July 10, 2018

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

July 10, 2018

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Devil Master: The Devil Master (Devil Is Your Master): Devil Master
02 Exodus: Strike of the Beast: Bonded by Blood
03 Allergy: Become the Pig: Smog
04 Muro: No Mas: Ataque Hardcore Punk
05 Loia: Brucia: Nodo alla Gola
06 Skeleton: Torture: Skeleton Flexi
07 Horrid: Horrid: Black Metal Crasher Crusties
08 Bone Awl: The Lowest Road: The Lowest Road
09 Noll IQ: Vanligt Jävla Folk: Power Mangel Not Violence
10 Physique: Leader: I Hate It !!!!!
11 Bombardement: Nuclear Sentence: Demo
12 Desteufels: Alles zu Asche: Alles zu Asche
13 Motron: Vita: Eternal Headache
14 Katastrof: Förvridna Grin: Katastrof
15 Hexx: Repeat: Hexx
16 Humus: Produzione Oppressione: Eterna Condanna
17 Mauser: Void: Isolation
18 Implore: Anthropocentric Selfishness: Depopulation
19 Closet Witch: Wind Whispers: Closet Witch
20 Shitgrinder: Infinite Darkness: Eternal Death
21 Gowl: The Great Equalizer: On Our Feet Or On Our Knees
22 Minenfeld: Assault: Kriegszittern // Minenfeld
23 Shakma: Ruthless Defiler: House of Possession
24 Nominon: Cemetery of Life: Diabolical Bloodshed
25 Triage: Dystopic Scene: Power Beat
26 Minch: Nothing In Particular: Seven Minch
27 Meth Drinker: Incurable Illness: Meth Drinker

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