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August 14, 2018

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

Aug 14, 2018

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Huvudtvätt: Helt Ren: Värt Fria Land
02 Damage: Beauty Lies: Live Off the Board
03 Totalitär: Multinationella Mördare: Multinationella Mördare
04 Wehrmacht: Barrage Of Skankers: Shark Attack
05 Sic: Because I Hate You: Go Ahead Make My Day - Smashing Odds Ness 2
06 Complete: 童夢: Go Ahead Make My Day - Smashing Odds Ness 2
07 Terrible Virtue: Social Failure: I Only Laugh When It Hurts
08 Banjax: Rhythmic Movement: Dedicated to Cowards
09 Skitkids: Vidrigt Käk Utan Kök: Exhale/Skitkids
10 Uncle Charles: Rebuilding My Life: Uncle Charles vs Human Waste
11 Vivere Merda: Blog Punx: Vivere Merda Demo
12 Apathetic Ronald McDonald: Omar Where's My Weed: AxRxMx/Final Draft
13 Våld: No Future / Nothing: Boycott Your Life
14 Argue Damnation: アイヌ・モシリ: Direct Action Now
15 Unarm: 絶望: Killer Blow
16 Over the Top: Scheiss mit Reis: Fleischplatte
17 Last Words: Dark Idea: Last Words
18 Disparo!: Party, Party, Party!: Beers, Broads & Power Chords
19 Armless Children: Refugee at Early Age: 6 Track Split EP
20 Noisem: Rotten Remains: Agony Defined
21 Cobra Death: Doomsday Device: Cobra Death
22 Hiroshima Vacation: Nice Try: Greber / Hiroshima Vacation
23 Altered Boys: Choosing Sides: Left Behind/Choosing Sides
24 Weekend Nachos: Fake Political Song: Apology
25 Bad Noids: Twelve Years Old: It's A Doggie Bag World
26 Green Beret: Propagandist: Standing At The Mouth Of Hell
27 Ódio Social: Celulas Em Decomposição: Suas Torres Douradas Entrarão Em Colapso
28 Massgrav: Låt Drömmarna Dö: Stockholm Rockers
29 Gowl: The Great Equalizer: On Our Feet Or On Our Knees
30 Contaminated: Co-Opted Into Worthless Sludge: Final Man
31 Sights of War: Hounds of War: Hard Charger // Sights of War
32 Hard Charger: Dead End Road: Hard Charger // Sights of War

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