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June 12, 2018

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

June 12, 2018

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Hellshock: Bloodsuckers: USA Meets Japan
02 Zeke: Automatic: Live And Uncensored
03 Iron Lung: Sick Child: Iron Lung / Lords of Light
04 Last Words: Trash And Dirt: Last Words
05 Direct Control: No Change: Farewell
06 Systematik: World Of Misery: Demo
07 Nomad: 遺命: 自殺
08 Pillsbury Hardcore: Wanna Check Out My Record Collection?: PHC Discography 85-86
09 Nuclear Death Terror: Devolve to Submission: Total Annihilation
10 Fucking Invincible: The Both of Us are Dying: Downtown Is Dead
11 Idol Punch: Destroy Brake: Violence Pop
12 X-Torsion: Sofistas: Odio Eterno
13 Kung Fu Rick: On My Way To Seize The Day: Motivation To Abuse
14 God's America: Antiquated Nursery Rhymes: God's America / Sete Star Sept
15 Insect Warfare: Street Sweeper: Evolved into Obliteration Demo
16 Aureole of Ash: No Pets No Masters: Morbid Reality
17 Chorea: Don Quichote: Split Single
18 Rhino Charge: Molten Monument of Man: One-Sided 7"
19 Unyielding Love: Ardent Shroud: The Sweat of Augury
20 Blood Freak: Splatter of the Highest Order: Live Fast, Die Young...
21 Perth Express: Richtungsfolge Folgerichtig: Perth Express 10"
22 Juntess: In a Dream He Told Me: Under the Red Moon
23 Leidkultur: Schwarz/Weiß: Leidkultur
24 Cobra Death: Ratten: Sick
25 Haapoja: Kerosiini: Haapoja
26 Link: Carved In Stone: Geraniüm / Link
27 Shitshifter: Light The Pyre: Pyre
28 Morbus Chron: The Hallucinating Dead: Creepy Creeping Creeps

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