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July 12, 2017

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

July 11, 2017

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Se Sichelzecken: Ich mach alles kaputt: Romeo Agents / Affenmann
02 Community: Dead Hand: Community
03 Irritate: Weak Shit: Homo Homini Lupus
04 M.V.D.: To Set A Fire: "Stagnation" Of Thinking
05 Captain Caveman: Alternative Gegen Deutschland: Failed Species
06 Naileater: Bone Saw: Chains
07 Wode: Chaosspell: Servants of the Countercosmos
08 Impetuous Ritual: Synchronous Convergence: Blight Upon Martyred Sentience
09 Contaminated: Their Future: Final Man
10 Lebenden Toten: Static: Static!
11 Cloud Rat: Holding The Picture: Cloud Rat / Disrotted

2nd hour (replay from January)
12 Ruttish Rats: Isolation ist Folter: Shut The Fuck Up
13 Lumpy & The Dumpers: Too Much Slime: Collection
14 CS-137: Ardiendo Pulmones: CS-137
15 S.H.I.T.: Fuck All : Generation Shit
16 Ajax: Nothing: s/t
17 Violent Arrest: Oppenheimer: Minute Manifestos
18 Maldita Minoria: Burro Pior: E Quem Disse Que Eu Morri???
19 Koenigstein Youth: Parasites: Strong As Ten/Koënigstein Youth
20 Boston Strangler: Broken Spirit: Fire
21 Nightstick Justice: Desensetised: Nightstick Justice
22 Cut the Shit: Losing Battle: Marked for Life
23 Vogue: Voze: Pompshit
24 Kids: Johnny Red Rides Forever: Henley
25 Punch: Promises Kept: They Don't Have To Believe
26 I'm Diet!: Frolic In A Puddle Of Cheese: Untitled/This Shit Destroys Greed
27 RÄD: Lögnerna: RÄD
28 Mental Distress: Dumbass Proudstance: Demo 2014
29 Jed Whitey: Punched In The Neck: Extortion/Jed Whitey
30 Skitkids: Du Kan Bli Jord: Välkomna Till Paradiset...
31 Zeke: Jack Torrance: Death Alley
32 Disfear: Min Elegi: A Brutal Sight of War
33 Totalitär: På Väg Mot Mål : Sin egen motståndare
34 Kusipää: Vittu Mitä Paskaa: Vittuun Koko Maailma
35 Psychic Limb: 30: Jamaica
36 Last Words: Wounds: Tied
37 Lastsentence: Lost Order: Demo
38 Lebenden Toten: No Majority: 8 Tracks Demo!
39 Atrocious Madness: Burn In Hell: Mass Separation/Atrocious Madness
40 Hoglust: Cold Piss: Support Hate
41 Insurgents: Euthanized: Fad Cash
42 Holocausto Pomada: Me Gusta La Mierda!: Brain Cell Genocide
43 Hard Charger: Recharger: Hard Charger / SOTOS Split
44 Low Threat Profile: Off the Grid: To Live a Lie Volume II
45 Pathetic Human: Satans Clinic: Pathetic Human/Suffer
46 Graben: Grau: Graben
47 Korades: Chaos Wins: Acoustic Warfare
48 Ramming Speed: Lazer Assault: Brainwreck
49 Iron Reagan: Running Out of Time: Iron Reagan Demo 2012
50 Eiltank: Inferno: Asiflash/Eiltank
51 Heartless: Cede: Hell Is Other People
52 Holy: In The Dirt: Seclusion MMXIV
53 Past Tense: Grown Assman: Demonstration
54 Dead Language: Ignorance: Dead Language
55 Over The Top: Ihr regt mich auf!: Trash'n'Go
56 False Light: Devoid Inside: Forced by Flame
57 Iron Lung: Strap: Savagery
58 Discomfort: Gutted: Discomfort / False Light
59 Obnoxious Youth: The Coffin: The Eternal Void

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Every Tuesday, 9 pm, 91.8 Mhz
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