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August 08, 2017

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

August 8, 2017

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 ABC Diabolo: Superlative People: ABC Diabolo
02 Righteous Pigs: Misconduct: Live And Learn
03 Vaaska: Descontrol: Futuro Primitivo
04 Impalers: Technology: Cellar Dweller
05 The Spoils: Work Yourself To Death: To The Victor...
06 Psychic Limb: 21: Jamaica
07 Mouth: Lizard Man: Closure/Mouth/Torn Apart/Bonestorm
08 Despise You: Bunk Existence (Arbor Village Plan): Cry Now, Cry Later Volume 2
09 ill!: Schlangenbisse: Wenn alles endlich wertlos ist
10 Sex Prisoner: Church Key: Tannhäuser Gate
11 Massgrav: Tryck I Dig: Hatfylld Och Nerpissad
12 Men's Interest: II: More War
13 Lords of Light: Super Brutalizer: Lords of Light
14 Eddie Brock: Medium Punch: Eddie Brock
15 Q: Cqp: Recqrd
16 Pathetic Human: Rajbinder: Public Disgrace
17 Completed Exposition: No Conversation: Structure Space Mankind
18 Bonestorm: Remember How Bad This Was: Closure/Mouth/Torn Apart/Bonestorm
19 Captain Caveman: Borefare: Failed Species
20 Exit Unit: Population Zone: Exit Unit
21 Vile Gash: Leech: Vile Gash
22 偏執症者: 虐殺願望 (Gyakusatsu Gambou): Praise No Deity
23 Assholeparade: 700 Years: Student Ghetto Violence
24 Bring The Drones: Slaughter in the City: Ignorance Paradise
25 Wolfbrigade: No Reward: Run With The Hunted
26 Wolfbeast Destroyer: Destroy, Survive, Rebuild: Far From Grace
27 Teething: You and Your Fucking Car: We Will Regret This Someday
28 In Disgust: Mask of Reason: In Disgust/Pretty Little Flower
29 Rort: Purgatory: Warpath
30 Agents of Abhorrence: It Doesn't Exist: Relief
31 False Light: Hang: Discomfort / False Light
32 Manhunt: Fear of Death: Manhunt
33 Archagathus: Fucked Society: Cold Universe
34 Utopium: Sever the Root: Conceptive Prescience
35 Six Brew Bantha: Trampled To Death: Intravenously Commodified
36 Nihilist: Radiation Sickness: Carnal Leftovers
37 Humans The Size Of Microphones: Limitless Stupidity: Human Crop Circles
38 Senseless Apocalypse: Resident Infinity: Unpolluted
39 Test: Cabeça Vazia: G.I. Joke / Test Split
40 Fuck The Facts: La Culture Du Faux (live): Live In Whitby

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Every Tuesday, 9 pm, 91.8 Mhz
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