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May 09, 2017

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

May 9, 2017

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Bronco-Libre: Prophétes: Split EP
02 Gewaltbereit: Automat: Split EP
03 S-21: Joke's on You: Demo
04 The Spoils: Pigs Suck: To The Victor...
05 Iron Reagan: Eat Shit and Live: Iron Reagan Demo 2012
06 Cülo: It's My Life Sentence: My Life Sucks and I Could Care Less
07 Wolf Whistle: White Sheep: The Present Disturbance
08 Disparo!: Job Insecurity: Disparo!
09 Endless Demise: Damage Is Done: Podrido / Endless Demise
10 Grotto: Boiled Head: Manic Evil
11 Gloom: Future Never Show: 撲殺精神破綻者
12 Paranoid: 暗闇: Punkdemonium Hell
13 Hässig: Homosapiens: Adie Merci
14 Wolfbrigade: Under the Bell: Run With The Hunted
15 Bring the Drones: Deathwish: Ignorance Paradise
16 Triac: Sinner Meat: Triac / Sick/Tired
17 Full of Hell: The Cosmic Vein: Trumpeting Ecstasy
18 Meth Drinker: Beyond the Grate: Meth Drinker / Open Tomb
19 Fistula: Too Many Devils and Drugs: Longing For Infection
20 Krzta: Zew: Krzta
21 Wound: Carrion: Engrained
22 Sunlight's Bane: No Taste More Bitter: The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried
23 Decrepid: Kill or be Killed: Devoted to Death
24 Cryptic Void: Rebirth: Into the Desert Temple
25 Tersanjung 13: Suffering For Nothing: Gila Babi Tersplit
26 Cloud Rat: Clench: Cloud Rat / Moloch
27 Henry Fonda: 21 Instagramm: Front Antinational
28 Half Gorilla: A Finger To Point: Half Gorilla / Kursk
29 Unyielding Love: Ardent Shroud: The Sweat of Augury
30 Sylvester Staline: You Smell Like Teen Spirit: Sylvester Staline / Fuck The Facts

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