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April 11, 2017

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

April 11, 2017

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Chaos Destroy: Complete Chaos: Downtown Noise Punker
02 Alive: True, Lie: Mie City Hardcore 2 - Hollowing Noise Crusties From Gates Of Hell
03 Crocodile Skink: Wargame: Tokyo Crusties Conp E.P.
04 Dead Noise: Depress: Downtown Noise Punker
05 Bad Trip: 矛盾: Hakodate City Hard Core
06 The Wankys: Killing Me: Downtown Noise Punker
07 Contrast Attitude: All Sea All Sky And All War: Mie City Hardcore 2 - Hollowing Noise Crusties From Gates Of Hell
08 Etæ: 絶望の時: Hakodate City Hard Core
09 Abraham Cross: Same As War: Tokyo Crusties Conp E.P.
10 Geranium: Love Me Tender: Downtown Noise Punker
11 D-Clone: We Make Next Generation: Nagoya City Hard Core
12 Evening Glow: In A Moment: Kyoto City Hardcore
13 Collapse Society: Practice?: Tokyo Crusties Conp E.P.
14 Disclose: Fight Back: Kochi-City Hardcore
15 D.O.N.D.O.N.: Always Hate: 病原体 - Virus Compilation Jap
16 Merciless Game: Fuck Off: Downtown Noise Punker
17 Frequent: Stick To It: Niigata City Hardcore!
18 Lip Cream: Yellow Beauty: 病原体 - Virus Compilation Jap
19 Battle of Disarm: Murderer Is Hero: Tokyo Crusties Conp E.P.
20 Unusual: Change the Past, Hanged Into the Scene: Started in Damnation - Toyama City Hardcore
21 Slang: 仁義: Sapporo City Hardcore
22 Deceiving Society: Because Freedom: Mie City Hardcore 2 - Hollowing Noise Crusties From Gates Of Hell
23 Sic: Ugly Today: 病原体 - Virus Compilation Jap
24 Rukkus: All Better Now: Downtown Noise Punker
25 Subnormal Fear: Vulgar Disturber: Kyoto City Hardcore
26 F.V.K.: A Summer Vacation: 病原体 - Virus Compilation Jap
27 F.U.P.: Power Control: Sapporo City Hardcore
28 Slaver: Collector: Best Run Fast Volume. 1
29 Argue Damnation: Not A Unitary State: Kobe City Hard Core
30 F.T.D.: Clamp Down: Started in Damnation - Toyama City Hardcore
31 Sicilian Blood: 至れり尽くせり: Best Run Fast Vol.2
32 Satanic Hellslaughter: Mental Decay: Sapporo City Hardcore
33 Gaizi: Burning Spirits: Tottori City Hard Core
34 G.J.P.B.: Guaranteed Society: Tokyo Santama City Hard Core!
35 Cassandra: Over Come The Deadwall: Utsunomiya City Hard Core
36 Systematic Death: Jap Gate: 病原体 - Virus Compilation Jap
37 Big One Gum: Face Out: Kobe City Hard Core
38 Earth Quake: Sacrifice: Utsunomiya City Hard Core
39 Kamikaze Noise: The Sound of Stepping on Wet Grass: Downtown Noise Punker

Frankfurt, Germany, since 1996
Every Tuesday, 9 pm, 91.8 Mhz
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