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March 14, 2017

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

March 14, 2017

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 充電装置: Nuclear Arms: Deadline
02 Totalitär: Det Är Samma Förtryck: Multinationella Mördare
03 Olho Seco: Olho de Gato: Os Primeiros Dias
04 Last Gasp: LOM: Drunkeness and Desperation
05 Youth Korps: Disappear: '82
06 Assrash: Pity (For the Innocents): Save for Your Doomed Future
07 Atomkinder: Tragedy: Atomkinder
08 Yoope Tower: Drunken Master: New Dimension Stereo Sound
09 Asinine Solution: Indecision: My Dad's a Goat!
10 Lack Of Interest: No Solution: Trapped Inside
11 あぶらだこ: 米ニスト : Early Discography
12 Jellyroll Rockheads: High Pressure: Losing Your Way 3
13 Meataxe: Join The Trend: Straightedge Thrash Violence
14 Absolute Bastards: Sverige Sweden Helvete: Twelve Morons And A Liar
15 Youth Enrage: Ideal: Heyoca
16 All In Deep Shit: One Mans Poison: All in Deep Shit
17 Lords of Light: Ost: Lords of Light LP
18 Mind of Asian: 紅い華: 紅い華
19 Yhdyskuntajäte: Mummot Kiilaa: Sori Mun Asenne!
20 Akkolyte: Inquiring Mind: Akkolyte/Magrudergrind
21 Hewhocorrupts: Same Shit Different Toilet: FKS And Hewhocorrupts
22 Morte Asceta: Rodapé Da Baboseira: Morte Asceta/D.E.R.
23 Avo: Shitlisted: Domestic Violence Kept the Neighbourhood Quiet
24 ハイテクノロジー・スーサイド: Kkkkk / 黄色い体と血液の神様革命団: 右脳でブチ殺せ!
25 Low Threat Profile: Nobody Fears You: Low Threat Profile
26 Aerosols: You're Wrong: Aerosols
27 Apathetic Ronald McDonald: Cowboy Suicide: Apathetic Ronald McDonald
28 Male Nurses: Pathetic & Useless: Male Nurses
29 Men's Interest: V: More War
30 No Statik: Surrogate: We All Die in the End
31 Altered Boys: Drug War: Altered Boys Demo
32 Assholeparade: As Nails Rust: Assholeparade / Slight Slappers
33 MFP: Half Pas Death: MFP Demo
34 Slight Slappers: The World Make Me Sick: Assholeparade / Slight Slappers
35 ネメシス: Fight In The World: 慟哭
36 Maldita Minoria: Não, Eu Não Quero Tocar Em Seu Festival Fodão Nem Fazer Parte De Sua Elite Idiota: E Quem Disse Que Eu Morri???
37 Manic: Number: Manic
38 Massgrav: Är Det Slut Snart?: Still the Kings
39 Mere Phantoms: Mere Phantoms: Mere Phantoms
40 Moral Panic: Stacy Pinball/Ofgbmcewamiac: Worldwide Powerviolence
41 Your Enemy: Swallow The Pill: Human Waste/Your Enemy
42 Alea Iacta Est: Tabula Rasa: Controlled Existence/Alea Iacta Est
43 Alehammer: ABU 666: Barmageddon
44 Low Charge: Shut In: Low Charge
45 Magnum Force: Out Of Time: ACxDC/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoner
46 Manipulation: Acid Burn: Manipulation
47 Meth Mouth: Vicarious Struggle: Bleach Bath
48 xKatexMoshx: Mind The Ants: xKatexMoshx/FxAxSxTx
49 Manbeast: Hate: Sore
50 DRUX: Fool: Demo 2015
51 Endless Swarm: Body Count: Gets Worse/Endless Swarm
52 Erfurt70: Rutsche: Demo
53 Gets Worse: Bottom Feeder: Gets Worse/Endless Swarm
54 Lumpy & The Dumpers: Nix Nix Nix Nix: Huff My Sack
55 Henry Fonda: Henkel kaput: Front Antinational
56 Friendship: €ompton: I&II

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