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October 09, 2016

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

October 11, 2016

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Phosphor: Haferflocken: Phosphor
02 Terveet Kädet: Joutukaa Sielut: Rock Laahautsa Vastaan
03 Rudimentary Peni: Tower of Strength: Rudimentary Peni
04 Modern Warfare: Suburban Death Row: # 2
05 Anti Cimex: Drömmusik: Anarchist Attack
06 SS Decontrol: Screw: The Kids Will Have Their Say
07 Dead Kennedys: Kepone Factory: A Skateboard Party - Live in Germany 9.13.1982
08 Toxoplasma: Arschlecker: Underground Hits 1
09 Faith: In Control: The Faith / Void
10 RF7: 666 Head: Fall In
11 Gasmask: 殺: Gasmask
12 Riistetyt: Sä Maksat: Laki Ja Järjestys
13 Bastards: Turvallista Huomista: Maailma Palaa Ja Kuolee
14 Koro: Government: Koro
15 Olho Seco: Nada: Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes
16 Vorkriegsjugend: 0815: Heute Spass, Morgen Tod
17 Ratos de Porão: Poluição Atômica: Sub LP '83
18 Cause for Alarm: True Colors: Cause for Alarm
19 No Cut: 華: Tragic A Present
20 Jerry's Kidz: Vietnam Syndrome: Live on WERS fm, NY 01.05.83
21 Inferno: KKK: Tod und Wahnsinn
22 Moderat Likvidation: Tio Timmar: Moderat Likvidation
23 Final Count: Silence: Final Count Flexi
24 Outo: Junk: Half Wit Life
25 Huvudtvätt: Borsten: Värt Fria Land
26 Confuse: No Victor: Nuclear Addicts
27 White Pigs: FukFukFuk: White Pigs
28 Negative FX: Hazardous Waste: Negative FX
29 Ultra Kort: Wipe the Fascist From the Street: Victims of the State
30 Kumikristus: Sua Vihataan: Kumikristus
31 Disgust: No More Authority: The Last Blast
32 Attitude Adjustment: Electric Shock: Dead Serious Demo
33 We The Living: Bingo: Carnival Of Vice
34 Sons of Ishmael: Todays Victim: Tomorrows Aggressor: Hayseed Hardcore
35 HHH: Vota: Intelectual Punks
36 Dissension: Fate: Why Work For Death?
37 S.O.B: Trap: Osaka Mon Amour
38 The Mob: Dr. Butcher: We Come To Crush
39 Raped Teenagers: Tomma Ord: Egg-Mangel
40 S.N.O.T.: No Justice: Slaughterhouse
41 Inzest: Endless Money War: Another Religion, Another Violence
42 Heresy: Release: Concrete Sox/Heresy
43 Asbestos: Born to Kill: War Crisis
44 Heresy: Cornered Rat: Face Up To It!
45 Stretchheads: Spleng: Five Fingers, Four Thingers, a Thumb, a Facelift & a New Identity
46 A.M.Q.A.: Fever: Mutant Cats From Hell
47 Fear of God: Which Way?: Fear of God
48 Ripcord: Collision Of Vision: Harvest Hardcore
49 Lip Cream: 賢者は語らず: : Close To The Edge
50 Malignus Youth: Powertrip: Malignus Youth
51 D.O.N.D.O.N.: Crime of Sentence: Scraps/D.O.N.D.O.N.
52 Mess: Musaboritsukitai: Kiss My Ass - Compilation Tape

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