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September 13, 2016

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

September 13, 2016

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Archagathus: Sick Life: Archagathus/Hallucinosis
02 Embalming Theatre: Mucous Secretion (Pungent Stench): Archagathus/Embalming Theatre
03 Archagathus: An Abstract (Agathocles): Archagathus/Hallucinosis
04 Hallucinosis: Ulvatomy Uricoplasty: Archagathus/Hallucinosis
05 Archagathus: The Night Wolf: Canandian Horse
06 Morbidity: Puppets: Archagathus/Camphora Monobromata/Rotocles/Morbidity
07 Archagathus: Hairdresser: Archagathagorgagarchy
08 Rotocles: TV: Archagathus/Camphora Monobromata/Rotocles/Morbidity
09 Archagathus: Human Vioelnce: Mince to Death
10 Dead Issue: Introduction To Terror: Archagathus/Dead Issue
11 Archagathus: Fuckin' Ebola & Goddamn Cholera!: Archagathus/Bestial Vomit
12 Bangsat: Kingdom of Hypocrisy: Archagathus/Bangsat
13 Archagathus: Agonizer: Archagathus/Rotocles
14 Mesrine: Practise What You Preach: Archagathus/Mesrine
15 Archagathus: Vomiting Idiocy: Archagathus/Bangsat
16 Onanizer: Leading Nowhere: Archagathus/Onanizer
17 Compost: Pulverized Necrobrains (Xysma): Archagathus/Compost
18 Jeffrey Dahmer: International Suicide Epidemic: Archagathus/Jeffrey Dahmer
19 Archagathus: Dance Hall Derelict: Archagathus/Death Tool 80k
20 G.O.D.: Involuntary Experimentation: Archagathus/G.O.D.
21 Pizza Hi-Five: Niteskool Kicked Dan Rychman Out Of Archagathus: Archagathus/Pizza Hi-Five
22 Archagathus: Functional Society System: Coffee Grinder
23 Camphora Monobromata: Standards of Happiness: Archagathus/Camphora Monobromata/Rotocles/Morbidity
24 Death Tool 80k: Confession (Unholy Grave): Archagathus/Death Tool 80k
25 Bestial Vomit: Paleokostas: Archagathus/Bestial Vomit
26 Archagathus: Unreliable Terrorist: Archagathus/Vex
27 Putrescence: Ukulele Players Drugged Out Machete Attack At The Flea Market: Archagathus/Putrescence
28 Archagathus: Mincecore Fabio: Canandian Horse
29 Axed Up Conformist: Get Crackin': Archagathus/Axed Up Conformist
30 Archagathus: Herniated Wisdom: Coffee Grinder
31 Violent Gorge: Ensconced In Grind: Archagathagorgagarchy
32 Archagathus: Hellish Fury Unleashed: Archagathus/Hallucinosis
33 Maximum Thrash: Fuck Your Scene: Archagathus/Maximum Thrash
34 Iron Butter: Barbed Wire Floss: Archagathus/Iron Butter
35 Archagathus: Hatred of God: Mince to Death

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