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November 08, 2016

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

November 8, 2016

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Lugubrious Children: Short Lived: Endless Swarm / Lugubrious Children
02 Pink Flamingos: No Names: Split E.P.
03 Gewaltbereit: Maschine: Ein Leben lang verreckt
04 Haymaker: Expect The Worst: Taxed...Tracked...Inoculated...Enslaved
05 The Italian Stallion: Bernd's Wood Anthem: Death Before Discography
06 Battra//: High Kickz Statt D-Land: Battra// / Trigger
07 Systematic Death: Feel: The Moon Watches
08 Aargh Fuck Kill: Beton: Modern Warfare
09 Vile Intent: Demon-Haunted World: Machine Into Flesh
10 M.V.D.: Tabasco for Free: Split E.P.
11 Fissure: C.C. Beat: Fissure / SHACKLΣS
12 Sick/Tired: Throwing Trash: King of Dirt
13 Raised By Owls: An American Werewolf In Bognor Regis: The Great British Grind Off
14 Trap Them: Speak Nigh: Crown Feral
15 Discomfort: Submission: Discomfort / False Light
16 Sheevayoga: Jeste To Tak/Pixely: Communal Grave No. 3
17 SHACKLΣS: Underlying Intentions: Fissure / SHACKLΣS
18 Bloody Phoenix: Concrete Grave: Communal Grave No. 3
19 Vermin Womb: Rank and File: Decline
20 Trigger: Flüssig: Battra// / Trigger
21 Mammoth Grinder: Breeding: Underworlds
22 Kreator: Tormentor: Endless Pain
23 Bolt Thrower: Concession Of Pain: In Battle There Is No Law
24 Wehrmacht: United Shoebrothers: Shark Attack
25 Grave: Hating Life: Into the Grave
26 Gatecreeper: Flamethrower: Sonoran Depravation
27 False Light: Eternal Agony: Discomfort / False Light
28 Cara Neir: Life From Inside Your Pocket: Guilt and His Reflection
29 De Magia Veterum: The Heavens: The Divine Antithesis

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