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May 13, 2014

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

May 13, 2014

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Celebrate Hate: Kotnascher: Nordhessisch Noise Terror
02 Celebrate Hate: Doomsday Technology: Nordhessisch Noise Terror
03 Celebrate Hate: Automaten auf den Augen: Nordhessisch Noise Terror
04 Celebrate Hate: Beaten into Peace: Nordhessisch Noise Terror
05 Celebrate Hate: Kadavertango: Nordhessisch Noise Terror
06 Celebrate Hate: Alles eine Frage der Finanzierung: Nordhessisch Noise Terror
07 Celebrate Hate: Abhorrent Thoughts: Nordhessisch Noise Terror
08 Vorvaň: Fire Burst into a Blaze: In Gloom
09 Vorvaň: Isolation: In Gloom
10 Vorvaň: Alco Side: In Gloom
11 Vorvaň: Dead Beat Circus: In Gloom
12 Vorvaň: Swap Your Guts for Melons: Sailing the Vastness of Oceans
13 Vorvaň: God's Tearstrain: Sailing the Vastness of Oceans
14 Vorvaň: Metaphorazine: Sailing the Vastness of Oceans
15 Vorvaň: Pervertito: Sailing the Vastness of Oceans
16 Vorvaň: Buried So Deep: Sailing the Vastness of Oceans
17 Vorvaň: Whalers: Sailing the Vastness of Oceans
18 Vorvaň: The Corrupted: Vorvaň/The Chains
19 Vorvaň: Old Colonel Matterson: Vorvaň/The Chains
20 Vorvaň: Demons Swarm: Vorvaň/The Chains
21 Bad Acid Trip: Fascist Fuckwad: Kung Fu Rick/Bad Acid Trip
22 Ripping Headache: Night of the Motherfucker: Ripping Headache

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