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June 10, 2014

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

June 10, 2014

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Abgas: Bin Ich Jesus: Abgas
02 The Kids: Jesus Christ (Didn't Exist): Naughty Kids
03 The Feederz: Jesus: The Mono
04 Rudimentary Peni: Army of Jesus: Death Church
05 Dr. Know: Plug-In-Jesus: This Island Earth
06 Janky: Jesus Christ No True: 7" Flexi
07 Rövsvett: Jesus Var En Tomte: Egg-Mangel
08 Slayer: Jesus Saves: Reign in Blood
09 Ramones: I'm Not Jesus: Halfway To Sanity
10 Jello Biafra with Nomeansno: Jesus Was A Terrorist: The Sky Is Falling and I Want My Mommy
11 Ministry: Jesus Built My Hotrod: Psalm 69
12 Henry Fiat's Open Sore: Fuck Jesus, Jesus Fuck: Adulterer Oriented Rock
13 Out Cold: Jesus Hates Me: Warped Sense of Right + Wrong
14 Birdflesh: Morbid Jesus: Morbid Jesus/Wo-Man?!
15 Haymaker: Team Jesus Is Losing: Love the Music, Hate the Kids
16 Phobia: Hurray for Jesus: Serenity Through Pain
17 R.A.M.B.O.: Jesus' Middle Initial Does Not Stand For Hardcore: Wall of Death The System
18 DS-13: The Return of Hardcore Jesus: No One Will Thank You When You Are Dead
19 Hewhocorrupts: Pushups For Jesus: Murderous Grind Attack
20 Lock Up: The Jesus Virus: Hate Breeds Suffering
21 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Fuck Your Soccer Jesus: Altered States of America
22 Toxic Holocaust: Enemy of Jesus: Evil Never Dies
23 Violent Headache: Kill Jesus Gil: Police Brutality
24 Capitalist Casualties: Jesus' Whore: Capitalist Casualties
25 Vöetsek: Jesus Crust: The Castrator Album
26 Formaldehyde Junkies: Jesus Christ Vice Grip: Formaldehyde Junkies
27 Extreme Noise Terror: Jesus On My Side: Damage 381
28 Alarmstufe Gerd: Jesus Freaks und diese Black Metal Satan Fuzzis sind hundert pro Geschwister: Alarmstufe Gerd
29 Over the Top: ...und Jesus sprach: Circle Pits, Pogo und Konfetti
30 Black Jesus: Black Jesus Saves: Demo
31 Test: Jesus Doom: Web EP
32 Henry Fonda: Ich scheiss auf Jesus-Liebt-Dich-Sonnenstrahlen: Unicorns From Hell
33 Hanging Rotten: Kudzu Jesus: Your Cheatin' Heart
34 Ensorcelor: Crucifuge: Ensorcelor

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