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April 09, 2014

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

April 09, 2014

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Birdflesh: Burgers of the Fucking Dead: Trip to the Grave
02 Gang Green: Fuck in A: Another Wasted Night
03 Agents of Abhorrence: Puppet Fuck: Earth.Water.Sun
04 The Love Below: Social Fuck Disease: Every Tongue Shall Caress
05 The Kill: Fuck Emo: Hate Sessions : 2000-2002
06 The Omnipresent Disease: Fuck You: Time for Bother
07 Bjelke-Petersen Youth: Boldly Go (Fuck Yourself): Bjelke-Petersen Youth
08 Surf Nazis Must Die: Fuck My Fucking Future: Surf Nazis must die Demo
09 El Nudo: A Nuisance People Fuck Off: E.N.L.L.E.P
10 Crutch: Home/Fuck This Town: Crutch
11 Sex Prisoner: Fucked/Marred: Sex Prisoner
12 Bad Acid Trip: Fascist Fuckwad: Kung Fu Rick/Bad Acid Trip
13 Ripping Headache: Night of the Motherfucker: Ripping Headache
14 Pretty Little Flower: Fuck Your Patriotic Pride: Complete Grindcore Annihilation
15 Bundy: Fuck the System: Grind Yer Head In - A Compilation of Really Fucking Fast Music
16 Shitlickers: The Leader (of the Fuckin' Assholes): Cracked Cop Skulls
17 Violent Bullshit: Seattle Fuck Off: Adult Problems
18 Mönster: Fuck Those Straight Edge Kids: Out of Luck
19 Axed Up Conformist: Fuck What You Think: Archagathus/Axed Up Conformist
20 Empire: Fucking Lost: Empire
21 Reproach: Fuck Us All: Live
22 Needful Things: Nazi Fuck: Cunt'n Bananaaz/Social Deformity/Needful Things
23 Out Cold: Fuckhead: Lost Cause
24 Crucial Macabre: I Thought You Liked Getting Fucked Up?: Crucial Punishment
25 Over the Top: Fuck All the Cops: Another Wrong/Over the Top
26 Frigöra: Motherfucking Mimicker: Chaos of Destruction
27 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Nazi-Worms Fuck Off: Scumdogs of the Forest
28 Ordstro: Bruce Lee Always Fucks With Me: Ordstro III
29 Haymaker: Fuck Them Back: Love the Music, Hate the Kids
30 Get Rad: X Fuck Blow X: Protestant/Get Rad
31 Agathocles: Bio-Industry Fucked Up Humanity: Agathocles/Shikabane
32 Tafkata: Who the Fuck Killed Harlowe Thrombey?: Worker and Parasite
33 Warsore: Dole Que, Fuck You: Re-Opened Wound
34 Dudman: Shut the Fuck Up: Speed Freaks 4
35 Suffer: Moralistically Fucked: Pathetic Human/Suffer
36 Burmese: Groomed To Fuck: Colony Collapse Disorder
37 Worker and Parasite: Cluster Fuck: Thrash War
38 Shitstorm: PC Fucks: Paranoid Existence
39 S.O.D.: Danny Spitz Will Fuck Anything: Crab Society North
40 Choco Boy: I Fuck Da Cops: Inner Strength
41 Damage Digital: Motherfucker: Kabe
42 Guided Cradle: Fucking Americans: You Will Not Survive
43 The Afternoon Gentlemen: Get Fucked: Power Joogle Pogger Violence
44 Vaccine: Fuck Monsanto: No Faith/Vaccine
45 Drudge: Dirty Fucking Pig: Agathocles/Drudge
46 La Bad Taste: Fuck Yourself Emo: A Fucking Tribute To Slap A Ham
47 Hookerspitwindex: Fucked Up Party Marf: Thought We Were Friends
48 Überkrøppling: Født Fucked: Født Fucked
49 Infection: Fuck Rock'n'Roll: Infection
50 Bruce Banner: Shut the Fuck Up: I've Had It with Humanity
51 BBQ Chickens: Fake Punks, Fuck Off: Indie Rock Strikes Back
52 Fuck On The Beach: Tammy Fuck Off: Power Violence Forever
53 Widespread Bloodshed: Just a Fucking Hype: Brody's Militia/Widespread Bloodshed
54 Alarmstufe Gerd: Go Away Motherfucker: Split This 7"
55 Rupture: Sick of the Fucken Shit: Space Ape
56 Spazz: Lets Kill Fucking Everybody: La Revancha
57 Rainbow of Death: Fuck the Futur: Rainbow of Death
58 Brud Krou: Barely Give A Fuck: Zorka/Brud Krou
59 Camphora Monobromata: Fuck You "©": SMG/Camphora Monobromata/Amnogomusikimalo
60 Aerosols: Fuck the Singularity: Aerosols
61 Stark Raving Mad: Fuck The Army: Stark Raving Mad
62 Pick Your Side: Mentally Fucked: Survival Prayer
63 Brody's Militia: Sick of Fucken Shit: Morbid Apes!
64 Hiroshima Vacation: Fuck the Bad Brains: Hiroshima Vacation
65 Charles Bronson: (Fuck Being) Positive: Complete Discocrappy
66 Anti You: Fucked Once: Making Your Life Miserable
67 Harsh: Pro-Life Fuckers: Harsh/Short Hate Temper/Quill
68 Hellnation: Fuck Your Hippie Love: Your Chaos Days Are Numbered
69 Tussock: Scenester Hierarchy Fuck Off: Devastation of Nuclear Proliferation
70 Absolute Bastards: Die Fucker: Twelve Morons And A Liar
71 Vivisick: Fucked Up Clone Baby: Thrash Ahoy!!
72 Coke Bust: Another Fucking Problem: Casa de Diversion Vol 2
73 Daybreak: Fucking Pirate Rampage: Nautical Hyperblast
74 Hewhocorrupts: Two Buckets of Fuck You Plaster: Hewhocorrupts/Third Degree
75 Code 13: Fuck the Geto Bird: 13 Song
76 Vöetsek: Ringworm Fuck: The Castrator Album
77 SMG: Misogynist Grind Fuck Off: SMG/Camphora Monobromata/Amnogomusikimalo
78 AxRxMx: Fuck That Shit: Play Fucking Fast
79 Extreme Smoke: Dogfuck: Son of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
80 Sylvester Staline: Unity... Go Fuck Yourself: Free Power Violence!!!
81 Apathetic Ronald McDonald: Holy Fuck: Apathetic Ronald McDonald
82 Hummingbird of Death: Fuck Settling Down: Show Us The Meaning Of Haste
83 Bob Barker: Fuck Hardcore: Fatal Nunchaku/Bob Barker
84 DxIxE: You Live for Only Fuck: Commercial City Celebration VI
85 Terlarang: Trendy Like Fuck: Over The Top/Terlarang
86 Swallowing Shit: Burn Winnipeg To The Fucking Ground: Anthology
87 Ira Graves: Terminal Greedfucker: Ira Graves Demo
88 xBrainiax: Fuck Your Punk Rock: xBrainiax/Dead Radical
89 Kids: Cobra Fuck: Kids
90 Slave State: Fuck O.P.P.: Discography
91 Combatwoundedveteran: Fuck The Ghouls: I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos
92 Dropdead: Fucking Assholes: Dropdead
93 Spoonful of Vicodin: Don't Support Sketchy Fucks: Bursts of Rage at the Speed of Hate
94 Pizza Hi-Five: Fuck Off Wit Yo Bad Self: Powercup/Pizza Hi-Five
95 Destroy: Anthem, Ad Nauseam, Fuck You, I'm Punk: Son of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
96 Sloth: Fuck Yeah: Schnauzer/Sloth
97 Crucial Unit: Nailgun to Your Fucking Lips: Everything Went Strunk
98 Your Mother: Don't Fuck With The Ghost: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
99 S.B.D.: Two Faced Fuckhead: Grind Yer Head In - A Compilation of Really Fucking Fast Music
100 Pretentious Assholes: Fuck The Middle Class: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
101 Flat Out: Chill the Fuck Out: Grind Yer Head In - A Compilation of Really Fucking Fast Music
102 F-Minus: Fuck You O.C.: Won't Bleed Me
103 Knuckle Scraper: Selfish Fuck: R.I.P.
104 Hip Cops: Jerry Fallwell's Fucking Dead: Hip Cops/Gate
105 Gripe: Not a Fucking Joke: Pig Servant
106 Palatka: Let's Toss This Fucking Shit To The Fire!: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
107 Egotismo: Fuck You Very Much: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
108 Wormrot: So Fierce For Fuck!?: Abuse
109 Violent Headache: Copyright Fuck Off: The Noisecore Days
110 The Italian Stallion: Bud Fuck: Back to Thrashland
111 S.O.B: Speak Mouth Fuck You: Don't Be Swindle
112 Lawnmower Deth: Fuck Off: Mower Liberation Front

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Frankfurt, Germany, since 1996
Every Tuesday, 9 pm, 91.8 Mhz
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