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March 11, 2014

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

March 11, 2014

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Rorcal: After Forever: Black Sabbath - Masters Of Reality (The Cvlt Nation Sessions)
02 Stomach Earth: Haunted by the Living: Stomach Earth
03 Потоп: Untitled II: Burmese/Потоп Split LP
04 Hexis: Exhausit: Abalam
05 Negative Standards: XIII: Negative Standards/Whitehorse
06 Elizabeth: Danger: Insomnia
07 Misery: Night Terror: Disease Ridden
08 Seasick: Crude: Eschaton
09 Scum Banditz: Gorge: Game Over
10 Vorvaň: Alco Side: In Gloom
11 Bonestorm: Death's Lights: Closure/Mouth/Torn Apart/Bonestorm
12 Closure: Piss: Closure/Mouth/Torn Apart/Bonestorm
13 Mouth: Liam Fox Is The Bastard: Closure/Mouth/Torn Apart/Bonestorm
14 Ancestors: IV: III
15 Hatred Surge: Mood Stabilizer: Mammoth Grinder/Hatred Surge
16 Warfuck: La Gloire: Neantification
17 Torn Apart: I Am The Man: Closure/Mouth/Torn Apart/Bonestorm
18 Suffering Mind: Down with Authority: Suffering Mind/Lycanthrophy
19 Hard Charger: Tank Life: This Machine is Driving
20 Sgurd: The Beginning Of The End: The Beginning Of The End
21 The Rodeo Idiot Engine: Spitting: Consequences
22 Není Úniku: Klec: Lycanthrophy/Není Úniku
23 Sick/Tired: Highlife: Lowlife
24 Blood I Bleed: Communication Hell: Lycanthrophy/Blood I Bleed
25 Lxs Jugadxs: El Manija: Demo 2013
26 Noose: Obstructed: The Moral Law
27 Backbiter: Shelbern: Cut Your Losses
28 Vile Intent: Muzzle: Regression To The Mean
29 Cave State: Carving on the Wall: Cave State
30 The Kill: This One Hurts: Blast Beat'n The Shit Outta PBS
31 Narayama: Destituída: Pró-Exploração
32 Vaccine: Fuck Monsanto: No Faith/Vaccine
33 Proletar: Arise: Back to Hatevolution
34 Apathetic Ronald McDonald: Jacking Off Satan: AxRxMx/Final Draft
35 Chiens: Disabled Gold Medals: Vultures Are Our Future
36 Burmese: Bodies: Burmese/Потоп Split LP
37 Abuse.: Dissension: A New Low
38 Mulct: 0% Straight Edge: Turniq

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