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September 11, 2012

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

September 11, 2012

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Low Places: Opfer: Spiritual Treatment
02 Downtrodden: D.M.B.: Pretty Little Flower/Downtrodden
03 Apathetic Ronald McDonald: I Feel Sick: Apathetic Ronald McDonald
04 Detroit: Break A Neck: Detroit
05 Over The Top: Mega-Scheisse: Over The Top/Terlarang
06 Cyborg: W.W.J.W.D.: Cyborg Demo
07 L.E.Ä.R.N.: Just A Phone Call: First Lesson
08 To Die: No Censorshit!! (Against SOPA & PIPA): Comp Against Censorshit
09 Murderat: Lee Kyung Hae: Murderat/It's You
10 Tear It Up: Relationshit: Nothing To Nothing
11 Terlarang: Trendy Like Fuck: Over The Top/Terlarang
12 Eat A Brick: Don't Push Away: Eat A Brick Demo
13 Tear Me Down: Taglierino Boy: Opus Dead Vs Tear Me Down
14 Faccion de Sangre: Toma Essa: Faccion Terrorista Ódio ao Sistema
15 Intheshit: PCP Godzilla: Comp Against Censorshit
16 Deep Shit: Too-Drunk-To-Punk : Creepin While You Sleepin
17 Spine: Extinction: Subhuman
18 xBADSYSTEMx: Parah: Comp Against Censorshit
19 Maldita Minoria: Maldita Minoria: E Quem Disse Que Eu Morri???
20 Strong As Ten: Proud Of Not Being Proud: Strong As Ten/Koënigstein Youth
21 Felines: Reluctant Meal: Comp Against Censorshit
22 Crutch: Civilization's End: Comp Against Censorshit
23 Poison Planet: Border Fences: Boycott Everything
24 Cocaine Breath: Freedom From Choice: Comp Against Censorshit
25 Weekend Nachos: Friendship: Black Earth
26 Low Places: Choir: Low Places
27 What Happens Next?: One And All: Ahora Mas Que Nunca
28 Pretty Little Flower: Denying Identity (Agathocles): Pretty Little Flower/Downtrodden
29 Shangkuan Lingfeng: Raw Harga Mati: Shangkuan Lingfeng Demo
30 Social Chaos: IxPxF: Revolutions Breath
31 Hippycore: My Best Horse: My Stupid Country Sucks Vol I
32 Replica: Sycophant: Replica Demo
33 CHANxHOxNAM: Life Of A Hipster: Comp Against Censorshit
34 Idle Minds: Broken Horse: Comp Against Censorshit
35 Diseksa: Go Fuck Yourself Eat Shit And Die: Comp Against Censorshit
36 Askgatt: Crayon Manipulation: Comp Against Censorshit
37 The Grabbies: Comrade Child: Another Boring Day
38 Wild Child: Bogged Down: Demo '11
39 Takaru: Why Don't You Ask Me? Motherfucker?!: The Assistant/This Ship Will Sink/Takaru
40 Heavy Nukes: En Dud Soldat: Ultra Mega Raw
41 Rabid Rabbit: Pawnshop Prick: Comp Against Censorshit
42 Born Against: Sendero: Patriotic Battle Hymns
43 Dead Ups: In Desperation: No Rules
44 Putkah: Life: Comp Against Censorshit
45 Exogorth: Selling Cyanide To Raver Scum: Comp Against Censorshit
46 AuraxKasih: Hope Lost Hypocrite: Comp Against Censorshit
47 Standing On A Floor Of Bodies: Swine Priest/Collapse/Projectile Hatred: Comp Against Censorshit
48 Lunch Line: 432: Comp Against Censorshit
49 Dog Snot: BusCunt/Four Fox Ache: Comp Against Censorshit
50 Ódio Social: Brasil Sem Futuro: Faccion Terrorista Ódio ao Sistema
51 Koënigstein Youth: De L'Autre Côté: Strong As Ten/Koënigstein Youth
52 Tristan Tzara: Ah Feel Like Ah Said: Da Ne Zaboravis
53 Corrupt Humanity: Insect Society: Comp Against Censorshit
54 Pluto: Bridge: Pluto/Detroit
55 Psychotic Sufferance: Pode Amek Kritikan Tu: Comp Against Censorshit
56 Satanic Panic: Gee, Your Honor, I Don't Know Where That Shotgun Came From: Comp Against Censorshit
57 Sistema Sangria: Mortoqueiro: Faccion Terrorista Ódio ao Sistema
58 Blister Unit: Rhino Envy: Comp Against Censorshit
59 Hung Boots: Saw You: Comp Against Censorshit
60 Manipulation: Subversive Intent: Manipulation 2
61 Test: Venenom: Árabe Macabre
62 Incrüst: Time to Act: A Hate Named Revolt
63 Storm the Bastille: Found Comfort In This Fiction: A Split Recording
64 In First Person: Effrontery: A Split Recording
65 Harness: The Agonies of Death: Victim of Suffering

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