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August 14, 2012

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

August 14, 2012

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Test: Deus II: Árabe Macabre
02 Koënigstein Youth: Vivre?: Koënigstein Youth
03 Bukkake Boys: Opinions: Bukkake Boys
04 Weekend Nachos: World Knows Fear: Weekend Nachos/Lack of Interest
05 Wild Dögs: Esclavas de La Paranoia: Wild Dögs
06 Nuclear Cult: Netzwerk Deutschland: Better Nightmares
07 Mellow Harsher: Ski-Mask: Mellow Harsher Demo Tape
08 ACxDC: T-Shirt Time: The Second Coming
09 Attack of the Mad Axeman: The Philosophy of Rüdiger Nehberg Pt. II: Systematic Death Slaughter
10 Extortion: Bacterial: Extortion/Cold World
11 Cold World: Low of Creation: Extortion/Cold World
12 Tempest: Death Rattle: A Hugabull Wiggle Butts Benefit Split
13 Masakari: X Pain Conceived As a Tool: A Hugabull Wiggle Butts Benefit Split
14 Suffering Mind: Obudzony: Protestant/Suffering Mind
15 Protestant: No Peace: Protestant/Suffering Mind
16 False Light: Rotting Teeth: False Light
17 Water Torture: Demise: Shellfire!
18 Low Places: The Doors Are Closing: Low Places
19 La Miseria De tu Rostro: Bici Armas: Savia
20 Little Sister: Ancient Minds Ignorant Ways: Little Sister
21 Loma Prieta: Diamond Toot: I.V.
22 Planks: ...And Rivers Will Follow: Solicit to Fall
23 Geraniüm: Les Cathedrales Du Vide: Geraniüm
24 Young and in the Way: The Great Blue Norther: V. Eternal Depression
25 In First Person: Effrontery: A Split Recording
26 Storm the Bastille: Found Comfort In This Fiction: A Split Recording
27 Torch Runner: Committed to the Ground: Committed to the Ground
28 Alpinist: Subjection: Alpinist/Masakari
29 Children of God: Raise The Dosage: Seven Sisters of Sleep/Children of God
30 Seven Sisters of Sleep: Almighty Black Talons: Seven Sisters of Sleep/Children of God

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