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October 09, 2012

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

October 9, 2012

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Slight Slappers: Lack of Sleep: Slight Slappers/Lebensreform
02 Sick/Tired: Death in California: Sick/Tired
03 Ira Graves: Maggot Colony: Ira Graves Demo
04 The Kill: Trolley Pushing Zombies: To Live A Lie - Volume I
05 Suffering Mind: In the Bosom of Society: Suffering Mind/S.A.T.A.N.
06 Closure: Confined: Closure/Moloch
07 Diallo: Shadows: Diagram of a Scam
08 Weigh Anchor: I've Tasted the Sweetest Nectar: Weigh Anchor Demo 2012
09 Hewhocorrupts: Who's Buying Lunch: Never Corner a Mitchell... See How He Reacts!
10 7 Dias de Massacre: Vermes: Desesperança
11 Crucial Macabre: Carpet Ceiling: Crucial Punishment
12 S.A.T.A.N.: Spectacular Crap About the Right to Freedom of Speech and Views Against The Past and Proofs of Crime: Suffering Mind/S.A.T.A.N.
13 Menace: Infamous: Agony
14 Barlow: Purging Purity: Vol. 1
15 Direwolves: Borders and Fences: Demo MMXI
16 Hammers: The Spectacle: Vardøgr
17 Power Trip: Suffer No Fool: Power Trip
18 Kabul Golf Club: Fast Moving Consumer Goods: Le Bal Du Rat Mort
19 World of Pain: Shadow Talker: World of Pain
20 MDK: The Moonmaiden: The Moonmaiden
21 Planks: Scythe Imposter: Funeral Mouth
22 Protestant: Unbecoming: Reclamation
23 Arms of Ra: Personnalite Décharnee: Unnamed
24 Downfall of Gaia: Bild in Grau: Downfall of Gaia & Kazan
25 Moloch: All Eyes Blind: Closure/Moloch

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