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May 08, 2012

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

May 8, 2012

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Catafalque Riderz: Жалкая подачка: Catafalque Riderz/Nuclear Woman
02 Brud Krou: Pollute The Sound Clear The Mind: Brud Krou
03 Wellington: The Toilet Bowl Of Life: Wellington
04 Disciples of Christ: Communion: Disciples of Christ
05 Brody's Militia: Sick of Fucken Shit: Morbid Apes!
06 Get Destroyed: Sort Out: Shut In
07 Bread and Water: One Day: Bread and Water/Reason of Insanity
08 Jenny Piccolo: I Am: Discography
09 Human Waste: Mental Torture: Human Waste/Your Enemy
10 Coma: Lies: Coma/Mass Genocide Process
11 Troublemaker: Habits: Moratorium
12 Lapse: Trend: Eddie Brock/Lapse
13 Nuclear Woman: Dark Days: Catafalque Riderz/Nuclear Woman
14 Kurbits I.R: Passiv: Skåne Sweden Attacks
15 Hip Cops: Sorry Sac of Shit: In the Shadow of a Grinding Death
16 Love Channel: Grind The Problem: Love Channel
17 Dudman: Double Standard: Kaihou
18 Lucifer D. Larynx and The Satanic Grind Dogs of Death: Shredded Honary Little Bitch: Wrong Side of the Tracks
19 Cülo: Anti-Social Creep: Cülo/Tenement
20 Exegutor: Cure for Dull: Cure for Dull
21 Criaturas: Oscuridad Eterna: Oscuridad Eterna
22 Dueker: Niedergang: Dueker Demo 2009
23 Cthulhu Youth: Anton Lavey Funny Tales: Cthulhu Youth Demo
24 Infest: Nothing's Changed: Mankind
25 Disapproval: Poisoned: Disapproval Demo
26 Corn On Macabre: Deleted Scene: I & II
27 Merciless Game: Fuck Off: Downtown Noise Punker
28 Leather: The Sportsman: Anchorite
29 Pink Flamingos: Crossed Out and Forgotten: Crippled Silence
30 Ancient Shores: Flood Watch: The Black Engulfs Our Sun
31 Sodom: Abuse: Aber bitte mit Sahne!
32 Volcanic Slut: Blasphemaster: Blasphemaster
33 Black Kites: Cheap Death: The Last Three Songs
34 ACxDC: Fuck It Dood... Let's Go Bowling: The Second Coming
35 Hewhocorrupts: Same Shit Different Toilet: FKS And Hewhocorrupts
36 Crazy Spirit: Cool Death: Crazy Spirit Demo
37 Black Jesus: River Bleeds Black: Black Jesus Demo
38 Agitator: Slave: Agitator Demo
39 Eiltank: Extinction of the Wild: Ehrenfeldmangel
40 Young and in the Way: Provenance: Torch Runner/Young and in the Way
41 Human Compost: Double Zéro: Human Compost/Geraniüm
42 M.A.M.A.: Don't Fuck Me: Shiver with Disgust
43 Agony And Scream: Katharsis I - This Is The End: Katharsis
44 Early Graves: Harm: Goner
45 Unquiet: Wir sind angepisst: This Is Darkness Descended
46 Left in Ruins: No Love: Left in Ruins
47 Geraniüm: Condoning the Leak: Geraniüm

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