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April 10, 2012

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

April 10, 2012

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Halo Epidemic: Bench Warmer: Reality Part #3
02 Agony and Scream: Die Zeit ist keine Konstante: Fluchtpunkt
03 Bone Dance: West: Three-Way Split
04 Convulsions: Marie Laveau: Convulsions/Black Kites
05 Plebeian Grandstand: Woe Is Me: Three-Way Split
06 Knucklehead: 虫けらの時間: Knucklehead
07 Skitsystem: Pestbringaren: Skitsystem/Cyness
08 Needful Things: Party for Killers/Massive Killing: Tentacles of Influence
09 Robocop: Maine Is The Bastard: Robocop II
10 Phobia: Stink Head: Reality Part #3
11 Impotence Trichomonad: Impotence Trichomonad: Grind Bastards: Compilation for the Grind Freaks Vol. 1
12 Masakari: VI - Forever Cursed: Eden Compromised
13 Section: I Hate You: Speed Freaks
14 Black Kites: Own This Monster: Convulsions/Black Kites
15 Suffering Mind: Mainstreamowe Kurwy II/Katolicka Krucjata: Suffering Mind

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