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June 12, 2012

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

June 12, 2012

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Tummö: Madness and Rush: Tummö
02 M.A.M.A.: Weather: Shiver with Disgust
03 Livstid: Kem Ska Forme Fremtida: Livstid
04 Martyrdöd: Kottberg: Paranoia
05 Children of God: Victimized: Victimized Flexi
06 Sexy Police: Gravemover: TBA
07 Ancient Shores: Ring Hell for Service: Step to the Edge
08 Weekend Nachos: Backwards: Weekend Nachos/Lack of Interest
09 Eddie Brock: Curse: Eddie Brock
10 Young and in the Way: Death: Torch Runner/Young and in the Way
11 Ciikada: Palace: Mono Chrome Horrific
12 Lapse: Bonehead: Eddie Brock/Lapse
13 Black Sails: Horror in Numbers: From Fear Of
14 The Assistant: Be Nice to Me, I Had a Ruff Day: We'll Make the Roads by Walking
15 Agony And Scream: Cosmic Dead End (Re-Recorded): Tracks
16 In First Person: Kanye West Was Right: Lost Between Hands Held Tight
17 Capacities: An Unsuccessfull Attack: The Unexamined Life
18 Киста: Сущность: Киста
19 Vehemence: Waves of Hate: Vehemence Demo
20 Unrest: Divisions of War: Unrest
21 The Boston Strangler: Overcrowded: Promo Tape
22 Born/Dead: The Final Role: Born/Dead Vs Consume
23 Agitator: Walls Closing In: Walls Closing In
24 Consume: Carcharodon Carcharias: Who's the Real Monster?
25 Kurbits I.R: Smutsig Värld: Skåne Sweden Attacks
26 Edöra: Another Loser: Tomorrow Is Our's
27 Lebenden Toten: Blood Drinkers: State Laughter
28 Power of Idea: Fashionable White Rice: Yellow Thrash
29 Arctic Choke: Full-Tilt Bozo: The 4-20 Demo
30 Todd: Council Member: Comes to Your House

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