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March 13, 2012

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

March 13, 2012

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Craterface: Damir Dokic: ...More Thrash for Ya Gash
02 Gash: Cleo Cosmo Womans Day: Gash Demo
03 Våldsamt Motstånd: Massgravar: Wermland
04 Get Destroyed: Shut In: Shut In
05 Autoritär: Vollgeschissene Uniform: Autoritär/Coma
06 Step Down: Whats at Stake: Step Down Demo
07 Lookin' In: Can't Run: Lookin' In
08 Chaos Destroy: Complete Chaos: Downtown Noise Punker
09 COR: D.I.Y.: Seit ich die Menschen kenne, liebe ich Tiere
10 Venom P. Stinger: Jaws: Meet My Friend Venom
11 Força Macabra: Os Quatro Cavaleiros (Live): Ao Vivo No Japão
12 Torch Runner: Pulpit Plague: Torch Runner/Young and in the Way
13 Dueker: Sehr kurz: Dueker Demo 2009
14 Niyazov: Share Your Love: For Your Death Sign Here
15 A Bus Crash Decapitation: Short Song: A Bus Crash Decapitation Demo
16 Young and in the Way: Times Are Cold: V. Eternal Depression
17 Geranium: Boycot Bored Daily Life: Demo II
18 Insurgents: Fad Cash: Fad Cash
19 Pathetic Human: Frustration: Pathetic Human
20 Eiltank: Inferno: Ehrenfeldmangel
21 Judas: Investment in Knowledge: Judas
22 Schmerzverstärker: Kuru: Tsuba
23 Neutron Rats: Rest Your Head In The Noose: Neutron Rats
24 Useless Children: Spastic Nation: Useless Children
25 Total Verlust: Unter uns: Total Verlust
26 108: Gopinatha: Holyname
27 Büfo: Reclama!: Moderni Ja Maailman Tuho
28 Alive: True, Lie: Mie City Hardcore 2 - Hollowing Noise Crusties From Gates Of Hell
29 Meataxe: Ecstacy Raid: Straightedge Thrash Violence
30 Criaturas: Nadie Va a Sobrevivir: Criaturas Demo
31 S.I.C.: Untitled: Screaming in Churches
32 Ill Brigade: All I Ask: In This Age
33 Schichtvampir 15: Exkurs: Wissen: Langweilig
34 N.C Wolfpack: No End In Sight: Record Collectors Fucking Rule
35 Pink Flamingos: Sporthorst: Crippled Silence
36 Dead Noise: Depress: Downtown Noise Punker
37 F-Minus: Sick: Won't Bleed Me
38 Government Warning: See the Truth: No Moderation
39 KSM40: Stupid Inked Radishpicker: Ehrenfeldmangel
40 Suffer: P.O.V.: Pathetic Human/Suffer
41 Permanent Damage: Stress: End of Innocence
42 Juggling Jugulars: Natseja Vastaan (Gegen Nazis): Positively Fed Up!
43 Kamikaze Noise: Bare My Teeth: Downtown Noise Punker
44 Rupture: Freedom I Think Not: Lust and Hate
45 No Qualms: No Qualms: No, You Calm Down!
46 Brody's Militia: Sham Campaign: Weapons of Thrash Destruction Tour with the True Asses of Evil
47 ACxDC: Milk Was A Bad Choice: The Second Coming
48 Hewhocorrupts: Suck My Caucus: FKS And Hewhocorrupts
49 Burt: Ovangkol: One-sided 7" EP
50 Vöetsek: Thrash You: Weapons of Thrash Destruction Tour with the True Asses of Evil
51 Left in Ruins: B.Z. Fuck You: Left in Ruins
52 Kolyma: Banga Island Massacre: No Salvation
53 Disciples of Christ: Communion: Disciples of Christ
54 Needful Things: Deprogrammed: Tentacles of Influence
55 Grounds: Under the Light of 500 Suns: 9 Song Demo
56 Widespread Bloodshed: Distortion or Death: Weapons of Thrash Destruction Tour with the True Asses of Evil
57 Gorgonized Dorks: Go Die: A Noise War Split EP
58 GAZ-66 Intrusion: Begin with Yourself: Death Tomorrow
59 Infest: Nothing's Changed: Mankind
60 Sea of Shit: Worst Enemy: Sea of Shit
61 No Value: Narrow Gate: Fastcore
62 Tussock: Grindlove: Devastation of Nuclear Proliferation
63 Hated Principles: Ultra Pyromania: A Noise War Split EP
64 Betercore: Count Us Out: Youthcrust Discography!!
65 Faff-Bey: Cunt Wanking Men: Doesn't Feel Like Laughing... It's The Second Funeral
66 Nesseria: Pyramide: Nesseria
67 Mindsnare: Are We Valid?: Credulity
68 Children of God: You Will Suffer: A389 MMXI Sampler/Mixtape
69 Toxic Holocaust: Fuck Fuck Fuck: Radiation Sickness
70 Nuclëar Fröst: Storm Thrashing Bomber: Nuclear Winter Gloom
71 Conation: All Your Songs Sound the Same: The Dichotomy of Earth and the Human Race

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