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February 08, 2011

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

February 8, 2011

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Superbad: Superbad Like Smurph A Lot [live]: Roskopp/Superbad
02 Agents of Abhorrence: Refuge in Routine: Agents of Abhorrence/Roskopp
03 Pizza Hi-Five: Grind Shirt Appreciation: Pizza Hi-Five/Misanthropic Noise
04 Atentat Na Sluh: Tvoj Moral: Nostalgija
05 Avo: Walk Away: Fuck Positive Hardcore
06 Hero Dishonest: Team Neadernthal: When the Shit Hits the Man
07 Atentat Na Sluh: 9 Mart 1991: Nostalgija
08 Superbad: Hunting Ted: Roskopp/Superbad
09 Roskopp: Garbage=Human: Roskopp/OSK
10 Realized: Kill Your Will: 21st Century Terminal World
11 Knife Fight: Get Me Out: Knife Fight
12 Cyness: Maulhelden: Skitsystem/Cyness
13 OSK: Heavy Metal T-Shirts: Roskopp/OSK
14 Realized: Armageddon: 21st Century Terminal World
15 D9: Boroot: D9
16 Atentat Na Sluh: M.P.M.: Nostalgija
17 Violent Arrest: Shit For Brains: Minute Manifestos
18 Avo: Problem Solved: Fuck Positive Hardcore
19 D9: Kenut Menupetzet: D9
20 Societys Parasites: Sociedad Corrupta: 1753
21 Sete Star Sept: Too Late: Revision of Noise
22 Bathtub Shitter: Overkill: Angels Save Us
23 Realized: Beyond Remedy: 21st Century Terminal World
24 Knife Fight: Two Face: Crisis
25 Atentat Na Sluh: Tetoviranje: Nostalgija
26 Elite Drug Dealers: If You're Melodic Shit's Listener, Don't Listen It: Ganja Grind Destruction
27 Societys Parasites: Criminal: 1753
28 Misanthropic Noise: Mincing the Oogle: Pizza Hi-Five/Misanthropic Noise
29 Direct Control: Like It Fast: Bucktown Hardcore
30 Agents of Abhorrence: Deteriorate: Agents of Abhorrence/Roskopp
31 Judas: Human Inferiority: Dictator
32 D9: Alot Shlufot: D9
33 Avo: Kambah: Fuck Positive Hardcore
34 Pizza Hi-Five: Real Cool Punky Fun Time: Pizza Hi-Five/Misanthropic Noise
35 Violent Arrest: Invisible War: Minute Manifestos
36 Pizza Hi-Five: Bonesaw: Pizza Hi-Five/Misanthropic Noise
37 Sete Star Sept: Deadly Smile: Revision of Noise
38 Judas: Lemay: Dictator
39 D9: Una Meruseket: D9
40 Judas: Burn: Dictator
41 Sete Star Sept: Tamed Daily Life: Revision of Noise
42 OSK: Beyond Control: Roskopp/OSK
43 Sete Star Sept: French Terrorizer: Revision of Noise
44 Agents of Abhorrence: Distance: Agents of Abhorrence/Roskopp
45 Societys Parasites: Fuck Your World: 1753
46 Bathtub Shitter: Stand by Shit: Angels Save Us
47 Rupture: You're Inferior: Space Ape
48 OSK: Knowingly Ignorant: Roskopp/OSK
49 Knife Fight: Hypocrite: Knife Fight
50 Judas: Dictator: Dictator
51 Agents of Abhorrence: Reproductions of Reproductions: Agents of Abhorrence/Roskopp
52 Mönster: Fuck Those Straight Edge Kids: Out of Luck
53 Realized: Bright Blood Red Sweat: 21st Century Terminal World
54 Roskopp: Desensitized: Roskopp/Superbad
55 Knife Fight: Consume: Crisis
56 Direct Control: Nuclear Tomorrow: Bucktown Hardcore
57 Elite Drug Dealers: Carnage for Garbage (Bum's Massacre): Ganja Grind Destruction
58 Direct Control: What's the Point: Bucktown Hardcore
59 Cyness: Pogoslaughter: Skitsystem/Cyness
60 Rupture: Does The Soul To The One-armed Man Flow Within?: Space Ape
61 Hero Dishonest: Booger Man: When the Shit Hits the Man
62 Roskopp: Porkchump: Roskopp/Superbad
63 Hero Dishonest: Tuokaa Minulle Yksi Heistä: When the Shit Hits the Man
64 Elite Drug Dealers: Sickening Power - Money Received: Ganja Grind Destruction
65 Societys Parasites: Living In Hell: 1753
66 Street Trash: Trash Your Face: Street Trash
67 Cyness: Bushkrieger: Skitsystem/Cyness
68 Street Trash: Katie's Hole: Street Trash
69 Roskopp: Cripple Assassin: Agents of Abhorrence/Roskopp
70 Eiltank: Sie greift: Stiller Beobachter
71 Roskopp: Cystic Flip-Out: Agents of Abhorrence/Roskopp
72 Eiltank: The Darkened Throne: Stiller Beobachter
73 Superbad: Eat/Sleep/Shit: Roskopp/Superbad
74 Alpinist: Rogen: Lichtlærm
75 Skitsystem: Döden Ar Min Maskinist: Skitsystem/Cyness
76 OSK: Arm Yourself: Roskopp/OSK
77 Superbad: Rabbit Beak: Roskopp/Superbad
78 Skitsystem: Pestbringaren: Skitsystem/Cyness

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