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January 11, 2011

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

January 11, 2011

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 IŁ-62: Kołysanka: Live in Shroon
02 Dead Kennedys: A Child and His Lawnmower: Never Been on MTV
03 Angry Thalidomide Babies: Crib Death: Coat Hanger Abortion
04 Suicidal Tendencies: Memories Of Tomorrow: Suicidal Tendencies
05 Gang Green: Have Fun: Can't Live Without It
06 Homostupids: Swearing Sammy: Night Deacon
07 Direct Control: Kill Me: Strung Up/Direct Control
08 Male Nurses: Swallow: Male Nurses
09 Vaaska: Resurreccion: Ruido Hasta La Muerte
10 Sunpower: Killed By Death: Live
11 Dayglo Abortions: Bunchofuckingoofs: Two Dogs Fucking - Deux Chiens Fourrent
12 Brutal Knights: Food Shopping: Blown 2 Completion
13 Condominium: Hello Tomorrow: Hello Tomorrow
14 Auktion: Ditt Val: Spader Ess
15 Bagna: Леред Рабочим Днем: I Know/Bagna
16 Repercussions: Body and Blood: 11 Songs EP
17 No Tolerance: Boston Ex: Demo 08
18 Canadian Rifle: Choke on Foam: Facts
19 Brown Sugar: Deportation: Deportation
20 H100S: Destroy Cleveland: Distort Cleveland
21 Nihil Baxter: Don't Get Killed In Thrashsilvania: Alarmstufe Gerd/Nihil Baxter
22 Alarmstufe Gerd: Weightwatchers Are Watching You: Alarmstufe Gerd/Nihil Baxter
23 Youssouf Today: On My Own: Youssouf Today Demo
24 Bad American: Doozer: Bad American
25 Nerveskade: Empty Plate : Nerveskade
26 Vile Gash: Everyone's the Enemy: Vile Gash
27 Men's Interest: III: More War
28 Crow: Into The Void: 混沌神
29 Bukkake Boys: Invisible Boundaries: 2nd EP
30 Systematic Death: Justice Song: Systema Seven
31 Destino Final: Cuenta Atras: Atrapados
32 Enough!: Alarm: Darkside
33 Un Quarto Morto: Boria: Il Dono Della Sintesi
34 Civic Progress: Uranium Miscarriage: Disposable
35 Massmord: Led Astray: Unleashed
36 Beyond Pink: Let's Go Backwards: The New Black
37 Matanza Civil: Libertarios: Plaga Final
38 Vogue: The Life of Meaning: Pompshit
39 Much Worse: Mudbrain: Proper Execute
40 Urban Blight: Total War: Total War
41 Low Threat Profile: Kick My Heart: Low Threat Profile
42 Deaf Mutations: My Feces Pt. 1: Crash the Clubs
43 The Boston Strangler: Never Get It Back: Outcast
44 Cro-Mags: Survival of the Streets: Age of Quarrel Demo
45 Knife Fight: Neverending Cycle: Isolated
46 The Jury: No Father/No Hope: The Jury
47 Straight Ahead: Not Afraid: Straight Ahead
48 Strung Up: Oakland Violence: Strung Up/Direct Control
49 Short Hate Temper: Bought Out: Short Hate Temper/Amen
50 Nomos: Pharmakon: Notes From The Acheron
51 Trash Talk: Rabbit Holes: Eyes & Nines
52 Aerosols: You're Wrong: Aerosols
53 No Security: Raka Ror: When the Gist is Sucked from the Fruit of Welfare
54 Nightstick Justice: Small Town Drama: Mindless Violence
55 Out Cold: Take As Needed For Pain: Goodbye Cruel World
56 Punch: Thank You, Come Again: Punch Demo
57 Pukeoid: TV Junkie: Demo
58 Crazy Spirit: Tooth And Nail: Crazy Spirit
59 Yadokai: Sterile Enviroment: Sterile Enviroment
60 Viper: Covet: Committing The Seven Deadly Sins

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