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May 09, 2023

Playlist Escobar

by golfregion

May 9, 2023
9-10pm UTC+2
Replay May 10 at noon
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00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Coffee Stain: Health For Wealth: Sex Bozo
02 Flask: Morning Star: Flask Demo
03 Banquet: Main Course: Demo
04 Mock Execution: Defiant Pose: Rebels Without A Cause
05 Riistetyt: Jälkeen Korppien Paraatin: Korppien Paraati
06 Faucheuse: Possession: Faucheuse
07 Colisión: Blabla: Colisión
08 Science Man: Magnetic Death: Mince's Cane
09 Alambrada: Traición: Muerte Preventiva
10 Necron 9: Zit: Peace By A Rope Demo
11 Exaltarist: Devotion: Demonstration Of Violence '22
12 Hell Bullet: Hell Bullet: Kill For Beer
13 Hellripper: Black Invocation: Coagulating Darkness
14 Boundless Chaos: Terror: Malefactors
15 Idle Ruin: Valley Inferno: Malefactors
16 Act Of Impalement: Bogbody: Infernal Ordinance
17 Hermann: Reichszahn: Kernsplittung
18 Pestilength: Vexed: Basom Gryphos
19 Ggu:ll + Terzij De Horde: Poison Arrow: Van Grond
20 Order Of Deceit: Internal Solemn: Searching For Something More
21 Minenfeld: Blazing Lights Over L'Argonne: Kernsplittung
22 Ultha: Dispel: Live at Soulcrusher 2022
23 Pinocchio: 東京バカ: Killed By Fuckin' Japcore
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