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April 11, 2023

Playlist Escobar

by golfregion

April 11, 2023
9-10pm UTC+2
Replay April 12 at noon
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00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Toxoplasma: Wir warten auf dich: Toxoplasma
02 Moderat Likvidation: Tio Timmar: Before Eighty Four
03 Physique: Wheel Of Fascism: Again
04 Kial?: Red Social: Gen De Violencia
05 Molesto: Sobremuriendo: Funeral
06 Burger Chef: Fear Of Irregular Holes: Guttering
07 Battle Of Disarm: Control Shit: Destroy The Guetto...!!!
08 Possible Damage: No Future: Demo
09 Parasit: Sjumilakliv: En Falsk Utopi
10 Subcaos: Problems Com O Álcool: Disarm Or Die
11 Priors: Marionette: Priors
12 Sivar Destroy: Ciudad Podrida: Ciudad Podrida
13 Asinine Solution: What Ever Happened To Hyperactivity: My Dad's A Goat!
14 Test: Ódio Em Espera: Disco Normal
15 Knave: Yin And Yang: Grind Bastards Compilation Vol. Nine
16 Detach The Islands: Reset Yourself To Zero: The Burden To Become Fact
17 Shakma: The Howling Beast: On Tenebrous Wings
18 Cryptic Shift: Planetary Hypnosis: Visitations From Enceladus
19 Downfall Of Gaia: The Whir Of Flies: Silhouettes Of Disgust
20 Lamp Of Murmuur: Seal Of The Dominator: Saturnian Bloodstorm
21 Black Curse: Finality I Behold: Endless Wound
22 Moths: Ccaine: Moths//Haunter
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