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June 09, 2015

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

June 9, 2015

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Get Rad: Bullshit Forcefield: I Can Always Live
02 Webcam Teens: Right or Wrong?: Redlined
03 Koenigstein Youth: Autant Crever: Crêve Coeur
04 Inkvisitionen: Inkvisitionen: Inkvisitionen / Kronofogden
05 Strong As Ten: Is This Reality? Is This Me?: Test Pressing
06 Scapegoat: Cleanse: Scapegoat 12"
07 Overdoser: Song Four: Overdoser Demo Two
08 Weekend Nachos: Late Night Walks: Still
09 Ill Brigade: In This Age: In This Age
10 Punch: Two Feet On The Ground: Push Pull
11 Bad American: Doozer: Bad American
12 D.F.C.: Nгo Sгo Casos Isolados: Sequência Animalesca De Bicudas E Giratórias
13 Abuse.: Spineless: Abuse.
14 Sectarian Violence: Desocialized: Sectarian Violence
15 Ursut: Panik: Mot Vägen
16 Nuclear Sex Addict: 3 Shots to Death: Seminäål Fuckkwït
17 Dissapte: Morts Vivents: Mort Per Una Asfixia Desitjada
18 Green Beret: After The Arms Race: The Cult of State
19 2X4: The Law Is Theirs: 2014 Demo Cassette
20 S.H.I.T.: Muscle Mag: Equalizing Distort Radio Session Cassette
21 Dealbreaker: Send in the Flood: Pissed
22 Holy: In The Dirt: Seclusion MMXIV
23 Sex Prisoner: Whatever You Say: ACxDC / Magnum Force / Sex Prisoner
24 Terlarang: My Way: Over The Top/Terlarang
25 Massgrav: Skyldig Till Mord (Diskonto): Kill Your Darlings
26 Masakari: XVIII. Sleep: Sleep//Rot
27 SMG: Fitness Abuse: Agonizing Grind Hell
28 Cara Neir: Make Room for More: Sublimation Therapy
29 Human Cull: Sick with Hate: Stillborn Nation
30 Daggers: Beacon: It's Not Jazz, It's Blues
31 Entendeu?: Ironias Pentecostais: Eastwood / Entendeu?
32 Eastwood: Fremde Partys sind die besten: Eastwood / Entendeu?
33 Cellgraft: Ebb of Cipher: Cellgraft
34 Fukpig: Die Bastard: Belief Is the Death of Intelligence
35 Cülo: Human Wreck: Mutant Music for Mutant People
36 Resurrectionists: Bathory: Lich/Resurrectionists
37 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Don't Mess with Mr. Chocolate: Systematic Death Slaughter
38 Kasatka: Lemons: Scene Slaughter
39 American Cheeseburger: Party Scraps: American Cheeseburger / Religious As Fuck
40 God's America: Insomnia: God's Junk
41 Lt. Dan: The Bumbaglot: Drinkin' & Grindin'
42 Feastem: Swallow (Sayyadina): Kill the Client / Feastem
43 Hatred Surge: Four Walls: Human Overdose
44 ACxDC: Death Spare Not The Tiger: TBFH Session #003
45 Iron Lung: Reductive Living: White Glove Test
46 Eddie Brock: Curse: Eddie Brock
47 Confine: Formation and Transformation: Setting Fire To The Western Hemisphere
48 Birdflesh: Shitpainter: Nekroacropolis
49 Put to Death: Serve No Man: Put to Death
50 Kill the Client: Dig Two Graves: Set for Extinction
51 Lycanthrophy: My Own Rebellion: Lycanthrophy / Chiens
52 Black Kites: 25: Black Kites / Swallowed Up
53 Brob: Trade Off: Brob/Gate
54 Noisear: Inevitable Extinction: Subvert The Dominant Paradigm
55 Chiens: Meat Add-On: Chiens
56 Axed Up Conformist: Get Crackin': Archagathus / Axed Up Conformist
57 Inerds: She Beast: Stonewall
58 Archagathus: Languorous Tyrannosaur: Atrocious Halitosis From Nauseated Disgorging
59 Bloody Phoenix: Mind Control: Ode To Death
60 Utopium: My Philosophy (Nasum): Conceptive Prescience

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