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May 13, 2015

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

May 12, 2015

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Caustic Christ: Cold: Lycanthropy
02 Mindsnare: Cold: The Death
03 Örk Bastards: Cold and Ruined Stones: Final Price
04 Crucial Section: Cold Beer: Speed Core Thrash
05 Press Gang: Cold Breath: Press Gang Demo
06 Vicious Irene: Hot As Hell: Trash Your Future
07 Anteater: Cold Call: Anteater
08 Poison Idea: Cold Comfort: Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes
09 Perdition: Cold Darkness: 9-Track Kassett
10 Slight Slappers: Cold Day: Over Come Pain
11 Dead Kennedys: Cold Fish: 1978 Demo's Original Line Up
12 Angry Samoans: Hot Cars: Inside My Brain
13 Call Of The Void: Cold Hands: Ageless
14 Shitstorm: Cold Hatred: Paranoid Existence
15 SMG: Cold Hatred We Breed: The Tumor-Less Feast
16 Infest: Cold Inside: No Man's Slave
17 Strong As Ten: Cold Inside: Strong As Ten LP
18 Razor: Hot Metal: Armed and Dangerous
19 Instinct of Survival: Cold Life (Celebration Int): Ruins
20 Lip Cream: Cold Lover: 9 Shocks Terror
21 Step Down: Cold Neil: Step Down Demo
22 Swallowed Up: Cold Night: This Is, And Goddamn Is It.
23 Hoglust: Cold Piss: Support Hate
24 Holy Shit!: Hot Shit: Holy Shit!
25 Captain Cleanoff: Cold Showa: Symphonies of Slackness
26 The Drip: Cold Steel and a Rising Pulse: The Wasteland
27 Abuse.: Cold Sweat: Abuse.
28 Hellnation: Cold Sweat: Dynamite Up Your Ass
29 Bathtub Shitter: Hot Shit Hits Maximum: Lifetime Shitlist
30 Incendiary: Cold War: Casa de Diversion Vol. 1
31 Low Charge: Cold War: Low Charge
32 Siege: Cold War: Drop Dead
33 牙: Cold War: 魑魅魍魎
34 Cold War: Cold War (Siege): Cold War / Vöetsek
35 Crom: Hot Sumerian Nights: Hot Sumerian Nights
36 Disrupt: Cold War (Siege): Smash Divisions
37 Birds In Row: Cold War Everyday: You, Me, & The Violence
38 Warcollapse: Cold War Remains: Defy!
39 Iron Lung//Hatred Surge: Cold Ward: Broken: A Collaboration
40 The Poopy Butts: Cold Weather: Songs to Clog Your Toilet To
41 Embalming Theatre: Hot Wedding And Burning Hearts: The World Is A Stage... For Murder!
42 I Exist: Cold World Vermin: From Darkness
43 War Cross: Cold-Blooded: War Cross Demo
44 Civil Terror: Coldstop: Surrounded by Assholes

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