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April 13, 2010

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

April 13, 2010

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Get Destroyed: Spit: Get Destroyed
02 Sayyadina: Nothing in Return: Mourning the Unknown
03 Iron Lung//Hatred Surge: The Collection: Broken: A Collaboration
04 Charles Bronson: Bike Pig On a Rope: Complete Discocrappy
05 Weekend Nachos: My Fellow Man: Punish And Destroy
06 The Poopy Butts: Zombies, Skating and Food: Songs to Clog Your Toilet To
07 Ratos de Porão: Caos: Descanse em Paz
08 R.A.M.B.O.: Headbutt Cat: Rambo/Crucial Unit
09 Sore Throat: Wehr-Crap: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
10 xBrainiax: Snake Culture: xBrainiax/No Comply
11 Knuckle Scraper: Dona Thrash: Max Isn't the Bastard
12 Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair: Fun At The Darts: Knockoff Nigel
13 Hatred Surge: Waste: Hatred Surge
14 Carcass Grinder: Napalmidabutsu: Three Way Split Tape '96
15 Lana Dagales: Untitled: Iron Lung/Lana Dagales
16 50:50: Downhill Massacre: Endless Demise/50:50
17 Pretty Little Flower: Humanity of Stupids (S.O.B): Complete Grindcore Annihilation
18 Yacøpsæ: Noch mehr Gestörte: Fuck Punk Rock.... This Is Turbo Speed Violence
19 The Italian Stallion: Watch Your Speakers: Back to Thrashland
20 Kill the Client: Scene Queen: Escalation Of Hostility
21 Retch: G.I.A.T.: 3 Way Split
22 Mortalized: A Crack in the Cataracts: Our Last Day
23 The Mustang Project: Mustang Justice: 3 Way Split
24 Fuck...I'm Dead: Shopfront Whore: Bring On The Dead
25 Lords of Light: One Less Food for Ivan: Lords of Light
26 Fuck On The Beach: You Don't Listen To Me: Power Violence Forever
27 Romantic Gorilla: I Love Wrestler: Spazz/Romantic Gorilla
28 Iron Lung: Bonesaw: Iron Lung/Lana Dagales
29 Harsh: Fall Down: Harsh/Short Hate Temper/Quill
30 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Beautiful Disease: Grind the Enimal
31 Melt-Banana: Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu: Cactuses Come In Flocks
32 Violent Headache: No Difference: Carcass Grinder/Violent Headache
33 Peter Mangalore: Tetralogy: Decay of the Iron Man
34 Short Hate Temper: Traded In: Harsh/Short Hate Temper/Quill
35 Spazz: The Box [Live]: Sweatin' to the Oldies
36 Massgrav: Ni Glömde Kärnvapnen: This War Will Be Won By Meat Eaters
37 Kent Brockman: Righteous Bastards: Crustcore Violence
38 Gomoora: Massacore: Hasenjagd EP
39 Ruidosa Inmundicia: Callarnos: Demo Tape 2004
40 Electro Hippies: Protest: The Only Good Punk... is a Dead One
41 Over the Top: Menschen, die alle Fotos überarbeiten, weil sie die hässliche Realität nicht ertragen: Circle Pits, Pogo und Konfetti
42 Sakatat: Anamalci Isgal: In Grind We Trust
43 No Value: Infinity: No Value/Grind Shaft
44 Nashgul: Escoria Neoliberal: Humanicidio
45 Godstomper: Fighting Back: Heavy Metal Vomit Party
46 S.O.B: Humanity of Stupidity: S.O.B/Napalm Death
47 Warsore: Industrial Suicide: Re-Opened Wound
48 El Nudo: Brutal Forever: Okra Split
49 Shikabane: 独裁者: 人間に生まるること難し・・・
50 Rorschach: My Mind's in a Vice: Remain Sedate
51 324: Acquisition: Customized Circle
52 No Comply: Still Pole Bashin: xBrainiax/No Comply
53 Scholastic Deth: Mentally Fumigated: Discography
54 Extortion: Delusional: Sick
55 Napalm Death: Point of no Return: Scum
56 Hewhocorrupts: Just So We're On the Same Page: Microeconomics
57 Jesus Crost: Crust Ist Tot: In Grind We Trust
58 Squash Bowels: Shit in W.C.: Morbid Jesus/Wo-Man?!
59 Agents of Abhorrence: Heart (Less): Character Dissection
60 Venomous Concept: Infest: Retroactive Abortion
61 Municipal Waste: Big Trouble in Little China: Tango & Thrash/Monster Ball People Of Earth
62 Crucial Unit: Youth Crews Are Not Like Menuedo: Everything Went Strunk
63 Drudge: Dirty Fucking Pig: Agathocles/Drudge
64 Japanische Kampfhörspiele: Unterricht: Are you God?/Japanische Kampfhörspiele
65 Lack Of Interest: Rotgut: "Double Whammy"
66 Nation of Finks: Fuck Your Id: Return of the Pissed Off Bastards
67 Hope: Gian Go Home: Cunt'n Bananaaz/Hope
68 The Kill: We Want Blood: Catbomb
69 Birdflesh: Payday Mayday: The Farmers' Wrath
70 Merda: My Dream Was Being A Monster: Fuck on the Beach/Merda
71 No Comment: Lament: Downsided
72 Sylvester Staline: Lada Second Hand: 3 Way Split
73 Kung Fu Rick: Abandon: Motivation To Abuse
74 Shitstorm: Crack Lady: Magrudergrind/Shitstorm
75 Mumakil: Barbecue in Bhopal: Behold the Failure
76 Magrudergrind: Rise And Fall Of Empires Past: Magrudergrind
77 Rhino Charge: Circular Evolution: One-Sided 7"
78 Luzifers Mob: Der Mann der schneller zieht als sein eigener Schatten: Golgatha/Luzifers Mob
79 Neanderthal: Fighting Music: Rorschach/Neanderthal
80 LowFat: March of the Noodles: Fresh Wasabi for Rotting Sushis
81 Demisor: Redeem Exhaustion Denial: Carcass Grinder/Demisor
82 Evolved to Obliteration: Picked a Fight: Taste of Fear/Evolved to Obliteration
83 Haymaker: 35 Years Later: Haymaker
84 Napoleon Dynamite: Kauf dir Kochbuch, dumme Hurensohn: Nur Hits!
85 Quill: Do You Wash?: Okra Split
86 Insect Warfare: Burning Chrome: Insect Warfare/Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation
87 Claudio: Together-Forever!: Dada
88 Absolute Bastards: Bastards Says Fuck You: Twelve Morons And A Liar
89 Abuso Sonoro: Abuso Sonoro: Jogo Sugo
90 Carcass Grinder: Take Away!: Carcass Grinder/LowFat
91 Asmodinas Leichenhaus: Kreuzfeuer: Asmodinas Leichenhaus
92 Anesthesia of Beer: Roumas: Reign in Beer
93 Agents of Abhorrence: Society Betrayers: Agents of Abhorrence
94 ACxDC: We Kill Christians: He Had It Coming
95 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Grandmother With Aids: Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope
96 Bad Acid Trip: Dig Up Your Dead: For The Weird By The Weird
97 Autoritär: False Belief: Totalitär/Autoritär
98 Capitalist Casualties: Methamphetamine: Capitalist Casualties
99 Beyond Description: Judge: Acts Of Sheer Madness
100 Alfons Bauer: Damit wird jedes Essen besser: Panzerdivision Alfons Bauer
101 Assück: Automate: Anticapital/Suffering Quota/Blindspot/State To State
102 Agathocles: Macho Crowd: Agathocles/Shikabane

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