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May 11, 2010

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

May 11, 2010

Album: (Hibakusha Zombie Massacre)
01 Urban Terror: When We Live in Dirty Reality
02 Mess: Both Messiah
03 G.I.S.M.: Documment One
04 Argue Damnation: Drive Back Violence
05 The Comes: さらけだせ
06 Societic Death Slaughter: False Freedom
07 The Rustler: Fist Up
08 Dead Shall Rise: Freedom to Be Acquir
09 Gai: Hatin the Memories
10 Banish Arms: Humanity Imperialism
11 Fat Slave: Hypocrisy Condition
12 Innocents: Lost Love
13 Without Warning: Obstruct
14 Gauze: Low Charge
15 Corrosion: Modern Life
16 Daston: Mother Bicycle with Dream
17 Toxic Noise: Never
18 Idora: No More Life
19 Conclude: No Need Flesh
20 Assfort: No Reason
21 Screaming Damned Fossils: Not Yours
22 Collapse Society: Practice
23 Abraham Cross: Same As War
24 Kuro: Selfish Cow
25 Iconoclast: War Is Nothing but Murder
26 Battle of Disarm: We Shouldn't Go Long Anymore
27 Crocodile Skink: Betray
28 Deadlock: What Is War For
29 D.O.N.D.O.N.: Who Do You Live For
30 Zone: Win Back to Sanity
31 Raise Cain: Guerilla

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