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July 12, 2011

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

July 12, 2011

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Maho Neitsyt: Sä: Maho Neitsyt 1st 7"
02 Indigesti: Polvere Fastidiosa: Wretched/Indigesti
03 Terveet Kädet: Tornion Kevät: Ääretön Joulu
04 D.R.I.: Reaganomics: Dirty Rotten
05 Flere Døde Pansere: Greenham Common: Forhadt Ungdom
06 Idiot Savants: Try And Get Out: Master Tape Vol. 2
07 Poison Idea: Think Twice: Pick Your King
08 Indirekt: Geluk: Nieuws voor Doven en Slechthorenden
09 Mental Decay: Sandwich Meat: Mental Decay
10 Mob 47: Polisstat: Kärnvapen Attack
11 Disgust: Violent TV: The Last Blast
12 Raped Teenagers: Kontrollerad: Jag gillar blommor, jag gillar träd, jag gillar naturen som den är
13 No Comment: Community Slugs: Common Senseless
14 Youth Korps: Hang On Belushi: '82
15 Frigöra: Egenkärlek: Frigöra
16 Apostles of Gein: Work Today: Corpse Whore
17 Enewetak: Cottonmouth: Guns. Elvis loved them.
18 Evolved to Obliteration: Picked a Fight: Taste of Fear/Evolved to Obliteration
19 Rot: The Actor: Rot/Voltifobia
20 Shikabane: 人間に生まるること難し・・・: 人間に生まるること難し・・・
21 Discordance Axis: Information Sniper: Jouhou
22 Godstomper: Clove Huffer: Saturday Morning Powerviolence
23 Yacøpsæ: Hölle: Fuck Punk Rock.... This Is Turbo Speed Violence
24 Fuck On The Beach: No Jealousy: Power Violence Forever
25 Another Oppressive System: Shattered Future: Another Oppressive System
26 Charles Bronson: Irrigation: Complete Discocrappy
27 Code 13: Mohawks And Mustaches...: Complete Discography 1994-2000
28 Hellnation: Scared Fuckup: Cheerleaders for Imperialism
29 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Sex On The Flag: Clean Plate
30 Demisor: Redeem Exhaustion Denial: Carcass Grinder/Demisor
31 Cut the Shit: Get Rowdy: Bored to Death
32 Haymaker: 35 Years Later: Haymaker
33 More Noise For Life: Don't Stop Can't Stop: Murderous Grind Attack
34 Quill: Do You Wash?: Okra Split
35 Spazz: Camp Chestnut Part 2 - Project House: Sweatin' 3: Skatin' Satan & Katon
36 Damage Digital: D.O.S.: Moss
37 Denak: La Hora De Hablar: Grindcore
38 Find Him And Kill Him: Thank You American Express: Cut Them to Pieces
39 The Kill: This One Hurts: Catbomb
40 Reproach: Reproach Thrash Mayhem: Reproach
41 Summon the Crows: Stuck: Summon the Crows
42 Vöetsek: Final Silence: Tinea Cruris
43 Warsore: Transit Cops: Re-Opened Wound
44 Yhdyskuntajäte: Näpit Irti Mun Jallusta: Sori Mun Asenne!
45 Akkolyte: Ode to Alyssa Katron: Akkolyte/Magrudergrind
46 Capitalist Casualties: Draining Blood From The Land: Capitalist Casualties
47 Iron Lung: Condemned: Life. Iron Lung. Death.
48 Scholastic Deth: Unhindered Capitalism: Discography
49 Combatwoundedveteran: Asshole Means I Am Better Than You: This Is Not An All Erect, All-Red Neon Body
50 Formaldehyde Junkies: Repressed: ...Are A Total Wreck
51 Magrudergrind: I'd Like a Refund or Expect Arson Against Your Place Of Business: A Killer Combo
52 Massgrav: Å Det Blir Bara Värre: Napalm över Stureplan
53 Shitstorm: Weapon Of Choice: Shitstorm/Sloth
54 Sylvester Staline: More Crack!: Gonna Spread Hard Drugs To Your Stupid Kids With The Royalies Generated By This CD
55 Weekend Nachos: Jocks From the Inside Out: Torture
56 Youssouf Today: Stinking Sympathy: Youssouf Today
57 Birdflesh: After-Ski Obliteration: Mongo Musicale
58 Career Suicide: Todd Killings (Angry Samoans): Anthology Of Releases: 2001-2003
59 Cold War: No Regrets: Cold War/Vöetsek
60 El Nudo: Power Rock Tonight: Rudos Del El Nudo!!
61 I Get Destroyed: Dirge: Get Destroyed
62 Jellyroll Rockheads: Kenji Mind Is Green Mind: Intense And Mild
63 Knuckle Scraper: Max Isn't The Bastard: Max Isn't the Bastard
64 Vingança: Vingança: Hora Do Herói Cair
65 Gorgonized Dorks: Teen Sex Orgy Party: Gorgonized Dorks/Godstomper
66 The Italian Stallion: Ultra: Back to Thrashland
67 Nashgul: Tu Que Lo Sabes Todo: Humanicidio
68 Regina Regenbogen: Metalcore Must Be Destroyed: Regina Regenbogen Demo
69 Societys Parasites: Wishing Armageddon: Societys Parasites
70 Straight Edge Kegger: Avelox: Disrupt/Straight Edge Kegger
71 Charlie: Ah... i giovani...: Split duemilaotto
72 Cripple Bastards: Sottoposti Al Taglio: Variante Alla Morte
73 Entrails Massacre: Sooner or Later: In Grind We Trust
74 Iron Lung//Hatred Surge: Eraser: Broken: A Collaboration
75 LowFat: March of the Noodles: Fresh Wasabi for Rotting Sushis
76 Lycanthrophy : Fur Farms: Kursk/Lycanthrophy
77 The Poopy Butts: Wendy: 10,000 Wipes
78 Sordid Clot: Inoy: Клубень
79 Agents of Abhorrence: Distance: Agents of Abhorrence/Roskopp
80 D9: Hamahapekha Hataasiatit: D9
81 Hatred Surge: Draw the Curtains: Deconstruct
82 Low Threat Profile: Kick My Heart: Low Threat Profile
83 Spoonful of Vicodin: The 60's Changed The World I'm Sure You Will Too: Bursts of Rage at the Speed of Hate
84 American Cheeseburger: Kids of the Portable Hole: American Cheeseburger/Religious As Fuck
85 Nerveskade: Terminal : Nerveskade
86 Suffer: Forcefed: Lone
87 Swallowed Up: The Process: Black Kites/Swallowed Up
88 Vaccine: Hidden History: Crimes in Blood

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