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April 12, 2011

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

April 12, 2011

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Rose Tattoo: Nice Boys: Rose Tattoo
02 Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden
03 Judas Priest: Riding on the Wind: Screaming for Vengeance
04 Anthrax: Metal Thrashing Mad: Fistful of Metal
05 Slayer: Necrophobic: Reign in Blood
06 Voivod: Psychic Vacuum: Dimension Hatross
07 Entombed: The Truth Beyond: Left Hand Path
08 Gwar: Ham On The Bone: America Must Be Destroyed
09 Nailbomb: Blind And Lost: Point Blank
10 Rammstein: Weisses Fleisch: Herzeleid
11 The Haunted: Undead: The Haunted
12 Lamb of God: Letter To The Unborn: New American Gospel
13 Ogre: Fuck It All! Ver. 2: Lacerate the Betrayer!
14 Cannibal Corpse: Cyanide Assassin: The Wretched Spawn
15 Black Cobra: Broken On the Wheel: Bestial
16 Black Elk: Hold My Head: Always a Six Never a Nine
17 Kvelertak: Utrydd dei Svake: Kvelertak
18 Trap Them: Scars Align: Darker Handcraft

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