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November 09, 2010

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

November 9, 2010

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Beaver: Vladimer: Beaver
02 Crucial Cause: Blood Money: Blood Money
03 Chaotix: Sacrifice: Broraden Your Horizons
04 Karmacopter: FFF: California
05 Cause for Alarm: United Races: Cause for Alarm
06 Lip Cream: Honest: : Close To The Edge
07 Direct Action: Liberty: Damn-Age
08 Lastsentence: Life Lock: Demo
09 Toxoplasma: Teenage Frust: Demo-Tape '81
10 A.C.K.: Ewigkeit: Eiskalt
11 Lords of Light: Hard: Electric Sun
12 Skitkids: Vidrigt Käk Utan Kök: Exhale/Skitkids
13 Dudman: Like a Violent Swordsman: Fu Hatsu Dann Otoko
14 狂人病: Hey: Fukkatsu
15 Gash: Corpses: Gash
16 Argue Damnation: Drive Back Violence: Hibakusha Zombie Massacre
17 Uncle Charles: Er Frihet...: In Crust We Trust
18 Lebenden Toten: Serene Fuckers: Near Dark
19 Zustissia Mala: Cercheranno: Nel Ricordo...
20 Netjajev SS: Earth Kin A Slab Eel: Netjajev Society System
21 Riistetyt: Revi Persees: Nightmares in Darkness
22 Diskelmä: Rather Eat Shit: Fun Is Over
23 Kaaos: Kulunut Motiivi: Nukke
24 Nüklear Fear: Genocide Nightmare: Nüklear Fear
25 Product of Waste: Paranoid: P.O.W.
26 GAI: Little Star: Pathetic Day
27 Brutal Knights: Not Funny: The Pleasure Is All Thine
28 PNS: Soft Boiled Eggs: PNS/Societys Parasites
29 Crucial Youth: Turn the Other Cheek: The Posi-Machine
30 SSD: Forced Down: Power
31 Revolte: Störenfried: Revolte
32 Aerosols: Sick of Jock: Third 7"
33 Atrocious Madness: World Crisis: Total Control
34 Gloom: Morbid Education: Vokusatsu, Seisin, Hatansha
35 Colored Rice Men: Atomic Age: [Wan]
36 Intense Degree: Victim of Pain: War in My Head
37 Distress: Ад Ждёт: Коматоз/Distress
38 The Пауки: На футбол: Осколки Разума
39 Gauze: すっぱい匂い: : 貧乏ゆすりのリズムに乗って

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