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November 14, 2023

Playlist Escobar

by golfregion

November 14, 2023
9-10pm UTC+1
Replay November 15 at noon
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00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Typhus: 永遠の平和: 1980.10.28
02 Inferno: Escape From Society: Tod und Wahnsinn
03 Terveet Kädet: Vapaa Pohjola: Terveet Kädet
04 Negative FX: Repeat: Negative FX
05 Stengte Dører: Pålen: Norwegian Hardcore 1980-1989
06 No Security: På Vems Bekostnad: Demo 4
07 Attitude Adjustment: No Explanation: Out Of Hand / No More Mr. Nice Guy
08 Beyond Description: Will: More Power To Your Elbow
09 Disclose: Explosion: Kick Out Your Suckers Vol. 1
10 Crocodile Skink: Remember: Tokyo Crusties Conp E.P.
11 Loomis Slovak: The White Rose Faction: Cry Now, Cry Later • 3
12 Assfort: 失望ト恐怖ノ自制心: 亞吸不汚吐
13 Spazz: Sesos: La Revancha
14 Anus Praeter: TV-Domination: Eimer Or Die!
15 Exclaim: Kill The Nuts: Out Of Suit
16 Lie: Enjoy Life: Legalize It
17 El Nudo: Hate And Hate: E.N.L.L.E.P
18 R.A.M.B.O.: Apocalypse Riders: Sea Of Steel Vol. 1
19 Severed Head Of State: Sacrifice: No Love Lost
20 Cut The Shit: Drugstore Dependency: Cut The Shit
21 The Repos: We Yell: The Repos
22 Mütant: Final Star Fire: Mütant
23 Nātïonstāte: 凄非の風: 業火の残像
24 Totalt Jävla Mörker: Piskan Viner Igen: Totalt Jävla Mörker
25 Government Warning: Revolving Door: Paranoid Mess
26 Systematic Death: 明日はお前だ: Systema Seven
27 Agent Attitude: No Control: Agent Attitude
28 No Master: Ruthless Future: No Master
29 Your Enemy: Swallow The Pill: Human Waste / Your Enemy
30 Warthog: 2 Fast: Exterminate Me
31 Weekend Nachos: Broken Mirror: Still
32 Ratos De Porão: Século Sinistro: Século Sinistro
33 Disguise: Bloodsoaked: Signs Of The Future
34 Haymaker: Inherit Pure Shit: Taxed...Tracked...Inoculated...Enslaved
35 Strafplanet: Ballade vom Wasserrad: Big Feelings
36 Bib: P.M.F.: Pop
37 Mongoloid: American Nomad: Plays Rock And Roll
38 Hexx: M.P.: Sacrifice
39 Marginal: Ruination: Total Destruction
40 Hetze: Void: Hetze / Dismalfucker
41 Fascicide: Public Defender: Dismantle Authority
42 Gefyr: Anmäl Mig Till Nästa Krig: Gefyr
43 Massgrav: Lagen Är Till Salu: Slowly We Rock
44 Burt: Endstation Trottel: Burt / 1st Class Collapse
45 Stiff Meds: Contaminate: Tales From The Slab
46 Vileness: Empire Of Deceit: Defeat For Humanity
Frankfurt, Germany, since 1996
Every Tuesday, 9 pm, 91.8 Mhz
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