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August 09, 2021

Playlist Escobar

by golfregion

August 10, 2021
9-10pm UTC+2
Replay August 11 at noon
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00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Dropdead: Army Of Hate: Thrashbeast From Hell
02 Clear Gash: Pick Me: What You Want To See
03 Chain Whip: Spectator: 14 Lashes
04 Skitsystem: Ondskans Ansikte: Ondskans Ansikte
05 Sangraal: Journeys Through Time: Gemini Wars
06 Nightfeeder: Count The Dead: Rotten - Demo
07 Despair: The Free World: Final Noise Attack Compilation EP
08 Toxic Shock: Singalong Letdown: Iron Reagan / Toxic Shock
09 The Exploited: They Lie: Beat The Bastards
10 Iron Reagan: Delete That: Iron Reagan / Toxic Shock
11 Pestilence: Subordinate To The Domination: Malleus Maleficarum
12 Voïvod: Kluskap O'Kom: Target Earth
13 Virus: Shame Eclipse: The Black Flux
14 Senyawa & Stephen O'Malley: Hakikat Kabut: Bima Sakti
15 Church Burner: Ho-Sui-In: 金閣
16 Intensive Care: Diprivan: Full Of Hell / Intensive Care
17 Full Of Hell: Loom Of Jewels: Full Of Hell / Intensive Care
18 Vazio: Nascido Do Fogo: Eterno Aeon Obscuro
19 Universum: Turn Me Loose: Live At Exzess 2019

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