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April 13, 2021

Playlist Escobar

by golfregion

April 13, 2021
9-10pm UTC+2
Replay April 14 at noon
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00 Artist: Track: Album
01 L7: Bloodstains (Agent Orange): Fast and Frightening
02 Men's Interest: V: More War
03 Loudpipes: Don't You Ever: Headbangers Against Disco Vol. 3
04 Jesus kommt aus Bützow: Von Vorne: Jesus kommt aus Bützow
05 Wolfbrigade: Misery: High-Tech Degradation / Audio Kollaps
06 Skitkids: Idiotin Har Just Talat: Skitfucked by the State
07 Consume: Starved: Who's the Real Monster?
08 Eiltank: Lethargy: Stiller Beobachter
09 Toxic Narcotic: Bullshit Conditions: 21st Century Discography
10 Maldita Minoria: Burro Pior: E Quem Disse Que Eu Morri???
11 Death Side: It's Not Only Joke: Wasted Dream
12 Bastard: Flash Out: No Hope in Here
13 屍: 身心脱落: 人間に生まるること難し・・・
14 F.U.P.: Media: Sapporo City Hardcore
15 臨終懺悔: No Make: Who's the Founder?
16 Over the Top: Anti Arbeit-Song: Raritäten
17 El Nudo: Hellmetal Goes On: ¡¡Rudos Del El Nudo!!
18 Disparo!: All I Believe In Is Food And Myself: Space Hug
19 ill!: Ja, sofort!: Wenn alles endlich wertlos ist
20 Negative Standards: V: I-V
21 Hot Graves: This Is for You: Hot Graves / Whitehorse
22 Dark Horse: Fluffer: Black Jesus / Dark Horse
23 Gowl: Onyx Moonshine: Blurrr
24 The Kristet Utseende: Feta Groggar Och Ond Bråd Död: Djävulsvingar Över Kapellet
25 Willful Neglect: Geeks: Kitten
26 97a: Blueprint: >>Society's Running On Empty...
27 Agent Attitude: Exclude Me: Deranged Realities
28 Fracture: Y Que: Demo
29 Strafplanet: Servants of the People: Freizeitstress
30 Punch: Displacement: They Don't Have To Believe
31 Fuck the Facts: Sans Lumière: Pleine Noirceur
32 Disrupt: Squandered: Unrest
33 Self Deconstruction: Hypocrite: Superficial
34 Mind of Asian: Trip Brace My Enegies: 紅い華
35 Left in Ruins: Dig: Breathless, Restless, Hopeless
36 Infest: You're a Star: No Man's Slave
37 Aerosols: Obsessive Thought Patterns: Aerosols
38 一家心中: 首吊り: 首吊り / 一家心中

Frankfurt, Germany, since 1996
Every Tuesday, 9 pm, 91.8 Mhz
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