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August 13, 2019

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

August 13, 2019
9-10pm UTC+2

Replay August 14

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Jack With Killer: Monky: Counterattack From An Obscure H.C.
02 Suck: Roadkill: Frog
03 Cereal Killer: Your Punk Scene Can....It: The Beginning & End Of Cereal Killer
04 Negativ: Cheat N Lie: Projections
05 Systemik Viølence: (Hard)Core Values: Satanarkist Attack
06 Svart Parad: Multisvält: Multisvält
07 American Cheeseburger: Project Regeneration: Modern Advice
08 Mammoth Grinder: Locust's Nest: Cosmic Crypt
09 Tomb Mold: Accelerative Phenomenae: Planetary Clairvoyance
10 Shakma: Into The Fiery Death: House Of Possession
11 Gatecreeper: Flamethrower: Sonoran Depravation
12 Bolt Stein: Important: Bolt Stein / Insect Warfare
13 Vordr: Comforting The Wintersoul: II
14 Cancelled Earth: Scistosomania: Cancelled Earth
15 Convulsing: Winter (Deleted Scenes): Errata
16 Friendship: Vertigo: Undercurrent
17 Burmese: Selfish: Privileged
18 Insect Warfare: Death To False Grind: At War With Grindcore
19 The Heartland: Ms. Elanious: The Stars Outnumber The Dead

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