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June 11, 2019

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

June 11, 2019
9-10pm UTC+2

Replay June 12

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Hewhocannotbenamed: Die Die Die: Humaniterrorist
02 Huvudtvätt: Kalldusch: Really Fast Vol. 1
03 Jerry's Kids: Break the Mold: Is This My World?
04 Rut: Control: Attraction
05 Kurraka: El Poder: Otra Dimension
06 Question: We Can: Insanity
07 Organized Sports: Feebs: I'm so Proud of Him
08 Maltschick's Molodoi : Wirtschaftskrieg: K.u.K. Punx
09 The A-Team: Quit The Hysterics: Negative Space
10 Deletär: Plus Ça Change: Deletär
11 Ugly Parts: Sock Full of Krylon : Wet
12 M.I.S.T.: The End: Demo 2017
13 Hard Charger: Ego Crusher: Vol​.​ 4: Take The Guff and Suffer
14 Zeke: Devil's Night: Hellbender
15 Permanent Debt: Equal in Death: Demo 2018
16 The Ergs!: Society Hill: Thrash Compactor
17 SAF: Sick About Fashion: Dead Area Paranoia
18 Disparo!: Commonsense Is A Curse: Co-Exist
19 ill!: Macht nichts: Lippenbekenntnisse
20 Lawful Killing: Expunge: Lawful Killing
21 S.H.I.T.: Automatic: What Do You Stand For?
22 Vonnis: Doksong: Bikini Season
23 Fucking Invincible: The World Keeps Turning: It'll Get Worse Before It Gets Better
24 Low Threat Profile: Ripe: Low Threat Profile
25 Marrah: Machoisme Tai (Otot Gede Beraninya Rame Rame): Thrashing Faster! Promo Tape
26 Test: Sujo: O Jogo Humano
27 Dead Noise: Live Your Life: Killed By Fuckin' Japcore
28 Disrupt: No Values: Unrest
29 Humus: Anima Corrotta: Eterna Condanna
30 Extended Hell: Noxious Fumes: Call Of The Void
31 Bloody Phoenix: Blue Gold: Death to Everyone
32 Gets Worse: Kool Brewster: Snubbed
33 Hellnation: No Regrets: Fucked Up Mess
34 Noisear: The Rail: Subvert The Dominant Paradigm
35 Ona Snop: Don't Tell Me What to Do: Geezer
36 Carcass Grinder: すっとんオイ!: Split Tape '98
37 Coffin Birth: In Limbo of Hypocrisy: Shitgrinder / Coffin Birth
38 Fiend: Failure: Endless Demise / Fiend
39 Insect Warfare: Human Virus Ballistic: Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Insect Warfare
40 Wake: Rot: Misery Rites
41 Corrupt Moral Altar: Destroying Everything You Believe In: Eunoia
42 兀突骨: 陥落: 魍魎

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Every Tuesday, 9 pm, 91.8 Mhz
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