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April 09, 2019

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

April 9, 2019

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 The Buzzcocks: You Tear Me Up: Another Music In A Different Kitchen
02 Anti Cimex: Heroindöd: Anarchist Attack
03 Moderat Likvidation: Tio Timmar: Kuknacke
04 Zeke: Drunk: Dirty Sanchez
05 Defy False Authority: Under The Influence: Destined For Assimilation
06 Stikky: One Good Idea After Another: Cuddle
07 Bring The Drones: Razor Blades And Xanor: Bordello Hospital
08 The Spoils: Pigs Suck: To The Victor...
09 Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck!: Fuck Your Flag!: Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck!
10 Breakfast: Keep Left: Kyodo
11 Spazz: Katon W. Depena Without The W Is Like Grilled Cheese Without The Grill (Parts 1 & 2): Bible Studies / Spazz
12 Siege: Walls: Drop Dead
13 Bathory: In Conspiracy With Satan: Bathory
14 Sepultura: Necromancer: Bestial Devastation
15 Autarch: Deliverer: Autarch
16 Meltdown: In Search Of...: Demolition
17 The Donner Party: Harbingers Of Death: Chain Reaction
18 Iskra: Lebensraum: Ruins
19 Sunlight's Bane: Spoke the Cancerous Void: Sunlight's Bane / Geist
20 Cara Neir: Trials of the Lost: Perpetual Despair is the Human Condition
21 Fuck The Facts: Nothing Changes: Desire Will Rot
22 Slayer: Chemical Warfare: Haunting the Chapel

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