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April 10, 2018

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

April 10, 2018

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Kaaos: Ei Enää Koskaan: Totaalinen Kaaos
02 Meat Puppets: Unpleasant: Meat Puppets
03 SSD: Wasted Youth: The Kids Will Have Their Say
04 Crucifix: Rise and Fall: Dehumanization
05 Snobb Slakt: Grisar: Anti Disco
06 Inferno: Administration: Tod und Wahnsinn
07 Attitude Adjustment: Electric Shock: Dead Serious Demo
08 The Comes: バカコケ: : No Side
09 Flag of Democracy: Shatter Your Day: Shatter Your Day
10 Ad Nauseam: Ad Captandum Vulgus: The Greatest Show On Earth
11 108: Liar: Holyname
12 Disgust: The Last Embrace: A World Of No Beauty
13 F-Minus: Negative Approach: Failed Society
14 Versaute Stiefkinder: Keine Wut mehr im Wanst: Die Zeichen steh'n auf Krieg
15 Krigshot: Stoppa Marschen: Maktmissbrukare
16 Fleas and Lice: Shit for Brains: Recipes for Catastrophes
17 Mururoa Attäck: Ast: Die Dosis macht das Gift
18 Demisor: Deceit: Losing Your Way Part 4
19 Ääritila: Loputon Hiljaisuus: : …Ja Kaikki Kuitenkin Päättyy Kuolemaan!
20 Diskonto: Vagt Motstand: Watch Us Burn
21 Direct Control: Give It Back: Strung Up / Direct Control
22 Career Suicide: Spleengenerate: Anthology Of Releases: 2001-2003
23 Accion Mutante: After the Bomb: Hail to Doom
24 Extortion: All Fucked Up: Agents of Abhorrence / Extortion
25 Brutal Knights: Why The Beard?: Total Rebellion
26 Punch: The Bad Times: Punch
27 Phoenix Bodies: Get a Job: Phoenix Bodies / La Quiete
28 Fredag den 13:e: No Gods: Under Iskalla Fanor
29 Deathraid: Close The Book: All Life Ends
30 Organized Sports: Lash Out: I'm So Proud Of Him
31 Culture Kids: Fire: Culture Kids
32 CS-137: Omitiendo Dignidad: CS-137
33 Bukkake Boys: No Friends: Bukkake Boys
34 Last Words: Never Adjust: Last Words
35 Poison Planet: Border Fences: Boycott Everything
36 Fucking Invincible: Anti-Tomorrow: Very Negative
37 Beatriz Carnicero: Fractura Expuesta: No Reces
38 Abuse.: Enforcer: Abuse.
39 ACxDC: Hipler Youth: Antichrist Demoncore
40 2X4: Attacked: 2014 Demo Cassette
41 Systematik: Vagrant: Bondage
42 Stoic Violence: Choke: Chained
43 Absolut: Devil: Hells Highest Power
44 Strutter: Busted: Strutter
45 Lugubrious Children: Lasting Divide: Lugubrious Children / Groak
46 Bring The Drones: It's All for Sale: Ignorance Paradise
47 Friendship: Execution: Hatred
48 Zeke: Working Man: Hellbender

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