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June 14, 2016

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

June 14, 2016

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Vogue: Lithium Party: Vogue
02 Burning Love: Miserable Sound: Live At The Atlantic Vol. 4
03 Mysterious Skin: Lady Parts: Demo '14
04 Green Beret: Hateful Vision: Standing At The Mouth Of Hell
05 Sex Positions: Dead Lay Very Still: Sex Positions
06 Nervous Mothers: Born: Nervous Mothers / Art Of Burning Water
07 No: Perspective Helps: Great Space
08 Discharge: Population Control: End of Days
09 Uncle Charles: Utfryst Av Systemet: Uncle Charles vs Human Waste
10 Black Hole of Calcutta: No Escape: Black Hole of Calcutta / Magnicide
11 Pariso: Images (Weekend Nachos): Cover Buzz
12 Slight Slappers: Tedium: Six Weeks Omnibus - A Japanese Hardcore Compilation
13 Tragic Film: At My Back: Demo
14 Gets Worse: Empty Your Pockets: The Blues
15 Khan: Sneaky Death: Brink of Doom - 4 x Split 7"
16 Fuck The Facts: False Hope: Desire Will Rot
17 Human Compost: Les mouchent se cachent pour mourir: Human Compost
18 Coffins: Into The Coffin: Sacrifice To Evil Spirit
19 Boden: Shine: Boden
20 Negative Standards: XVIII: Fetters
21 ACxDC: Acedia: Antichrist Demoncore / Chiens
22 Total Abuse: Watching The Paint Dry: Excluded

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