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February 10, 2015

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

February 10, 2015

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 This Gift Is A Curse: Hamnskiftaren: This Gift Is A Curse / Hexis
02 Children of God: Disappear: Children of God / Breag Naofa
03 Demilich: The Echo (Replacement): Nespithe
04 Ódio Social: Som da Alienação: Electric Session
05 Crani Sèptic: Pols De Crani: Fetge I Budellam
06 Gehacktes: Kein Erbarmen: gemütlich - höhle - auf wiedersehen
07 Ill Neglect: Bloated Idols: Reality Tunnels
08 Manhunt: Who Dares Wins: Manhunt
09 Ripcord: On the Way Down: Poetic Justice
10 Vivisick: Empty Head: Hibachi Omnibus Volume 1: Far East Meets Midwest
11 False Light: Wrench in the Works: Forced by Flame
12 Insult: Frustrated: Emo Bashing Fastcore Pimps
13 Violent Bullshit: Seattle Fuck Off: Adult Problems
14 Hotel Fire: Expectations: ¡Fast! / Hotel Fire
15 Unnatural Silence: Destroy Yourself: Demo
16 Elasticdeath: Santa's Incredible Death: Terceiro Impacto
17 Jigsore Puzzle: Männer bei der Arbeit: ¡Fast! / Hotel Fire
18 Burt: Geh mir aus dem Weg: Burt/Captain Caveman
19 Pathetic Human: Rajbinder: Public Disgrace
20 LowFat: No Light In The Falling Point: Too Big Target!
21 Completed Exposition: 4 Desires: Stand Alone Completed Exposition
22 Massgrav: Blod, Svett Och Tårar (Strebers): Kill Your Darlings
23 Heartless: Mute: Certain Death
24 John Bender: Sky Net: Hibachi Omnibus Volume 1: Far East Meets Midwest
25 Montecharge: V. Lions: Montecharge
26 Fallen Tyrant: Godhate: Words Of Wisdom, Seeds Of Hate
27 Hexis: Odium: This Gift Is A Curse / Hexis
28 Solbrud: Dødemandsbjerget: Solbrud

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