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September 10, 2013

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

September 10, 2013

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Burt: Club der toten Dichter: Burt/KSM40
02 Destroy: Enforced Orthodoxy: Burn This Racist System Down
03 Pretty Little Flower: Fighting the Urge Live: Crushing Fury Og Bastadization
04 Gatt: Untitled 4: Gatt/Black Hole of Calcutta
05 Krigshot: Fredsavtal/Fredsfördrag: ...Och Hotet Kvarstår
06 Birdflesh: Yota Komuza: Carnage in the Fields of Rice
07 Nihil Baxter: Das ist die Liberation: Alarmstufe Gerd/Nihil Baxter
08 Scapegoat: Hunger: Scapegoat 12"
09 Low Threat Profile: Two Steps Back: Low Threat Profile 12"
10 xBrainiax: This Is...: Deprogrammed
11 Apartment 213: Headache: Freak Power
12 Iron Butter: Ten Foiled Again: Grindcore Fucks - Negative Mental Attitude
13 Knuckle Scraper: Pizza Suicide: Max Isn't the Bastard
14 Vaccine: Nothing To Show: Dead Inside
15 Cloud Rat: The Germ of Love: Fever Dreams
16 Agathocles: Mutilated Regurgitator: Back To 1987
17 Iron Lung: Choke: Silent Decay
18 No Comment: Life: 87-93
19 Maho Neitsyt: Miks: Vitustakos näistä tietää?
20 Wards: In This World: The World Ain't Pretty And Neither Are We
21 F-Minus: End of the Line: Failed Society
22 White Pigs: Drop Out: Hit Bonanza Tape
23 Worker and Parasite: Shower of Shit: Thrash War
24 Powercup: Lunch Break: Powercup/Pizza Hi-Five
25 Cyanamid: Older People: Stop the World
26 Detroit: Glutton For Guilt: Detroit
27 Snake Head Fish: I'm Sorry Say That Again I'm Blind: Grind Yer Head In
28 Gigantic Brain: Ingrin the Freak: The Invasion Discography
29 Ordstro: I Hate Traffic: Grind Yer Head In
30 Charles Bronson: No Points for the Losers: Complete Discocrappy
31 Pizza Hi-Five: Grind Shirt Appreciation: Pizza Hi-Five/Misanthropic Noise
32 Scholastic Deth: Killed by School: Discography
33 Quill: Split Kick: Harsh/Short Hate Temper/Quill
34 Slight Slappers: Make Ready to Flee: Slight Slappers/Lebensreform
35 Insect Warfare: F.T.L.: Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Insect Warfare
36 Water Torture: Drowning: Shellfire!
37 Widespread Bloodshed: Eat Shit for Jesus: Brody's Militia/Widespread Bloodshed
38 Vaccine: Fuck Your Faith: Human Hatred
39 Wormrot: Sledgehammer: Abuse
40 Despise You: Repeat Until You Fail: And On And On...
41 Regina Regenbogen: Räum auf!: Regina Regenbogen Demo
42 Fear of God: Prisoner Of Your Ideals: Fear of God
43 Insult: Back Brace: Ruido/Insult
44 Man is the Bastard: Work To Death: MITB/Crossed Out
45 Suffer: Destroy/Amuse: Lone
46 E-13: Sportpack: No Mercy for Swine
47 Suffer: Aspirations: Blood Wars
48 Nuclear Senfhauser: Die Bürgerwehr: Panzerdivision Pitti
49 97a: Commodified Rebellion: >>Society's Running On Empty...
50 Agents of Abhorrence: Piranha: Relief
51 Hatred Surge: Out of My Head: Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare
52 50/50: Heat Exhaustion: SGGC
53 Body Hammer: Blue Eyed Assassin: Jigoku
54 Cut the Shit: Laugh It Off: Marked for Life
55 Parlamentarisk Sodomi: Haglende Vådeskudd I Retning Løvebakken: Parlamentarisk Sodomi/Blodsprut
56 Hanging Rotten: Put to Rest: Your Cheatin' Heart
57 Municipal Waste: Percy's Trip To The Dentist: Crucial Unit/Municipal Waste
58 Hatred Surge: Addict: The Endless Blockade/Hatred Surge
59 Gorgonized Dorks: You: Gorgonized Dorks/Godstomper
60 Patareni: Nemamo Ništ: Never Healed
61 Vöetsek: Blessed by Druids: Thrash Yourself And Fuck The Rest
62 Nuclear Cult: Lieblingsfarbe: Better Nightmares
63 Disciples of Christ: Pervading: Triac/Disciples of Christ
64 Atentat Na Sluh: Njene Oči: Nostalgija
65 Sylvester Staline: Nunchakniggusstrretbounceviolentattack: Gonna Spread Hard Drugs To Your Stupid Kids With The Royalies Generated By This CD
66 Avo: I Hate Cricket: Solutions
67 Betercore: Betercore Vs. Right Wing Jock: Youthcrust Discography!!
68 Caustic Christ: 13: Caustic Christ/R.A.M.B.O.
69 Fear of God: Trouble Maker: Fear of God
70 Slapendehonden: Hope U DIY II: Slapendehonden/Knifethruhead
71 Six Brew Bantha: Will of the Sane: Six Brew Bantha
72 Crom: What Is Best: The Cocaine Wars 1974-1989
73 Hewhocorrupts: Shot Through The Heart But It's Too Late: Murderous Grind Attack
74 Agoraphobic Nosebleed: The Fatter You Fall Behind: Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope
75 Man Is The Bastard: Lime Doom: D.I.Y.C.D.
76 Murderat: Lee Kyung Hae: Murderat/It's You
77 Rupture: Turkish Revenge: Brutal Badlands
78 Bridge: Grind Your Mind: Red Hands
79 SFA: Finast: New York
80 xBrainiax: Believe It: Lightspeed Demo
81 Hanging Rotten: No Rebbutal: Your Cheatin' Heart
82 Margaret Thrasher: Where Is Your Brain: When I Was John
83 The Italian Stallion: No Fuc Until Pregnant: Back to Thrashland
84 Dödsdömd: Vad Gav Det I Längden?: Beskåda Vår Vackra Värld
85 Damage Digital: Omaera: Moss
86 El Nudo: Return Of The Iron Metal: Okra Split
87 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Knut Pt. III: Systematic Death Slaughter
88 Henry Fonda: Ich hasse den Pizzamann: A Fucking Tribute To Slap A Ham
89 Captain Cleanoff: Wasting Time and Money: Symphonies of Slackness
90 Threatener: Sex Robes: The Hammering, The Fastening, And The Bending Of Throats
91 Bad Acid Trip: Who Sabotaged Captain Keeanu, Orbit Whore and Dr. Scopes' Space Ship: Tango & Thrash/Monster Ball People Of Earth
92 Pretty Little Flower: Sleep When Im Dead: Crushing Fury Og Bastadization
93 Get Destroyed: Clearing Reason: Burnt Offerings
94 Insect Warfare: Street Sweeper: World Extermination
95 Sick Terror: No Cú: Tääbajärä Härdcöre
96 Low Threat Profile: Ripe: Low Threat Profile 7"
97 S.Y.P.H.: Ayatollah: Die böse Hand
98 L.E.Ä.R.N.: Just A Phone Call: First Lesson
99 Sordid Clot: Very Vile Story: The Crumb
100 Sore Throat: Thrash Against Fascism: Death to Capitalist Hardcore
101 Gorgonized Dorks: Product of A...: A Noise War Split EP
102 Misanthropic Noise: Lets Get Angry: Pizza Hi-Five/Misanthropic Noise
103 Kent Brockman: Financial Wealth: Crustcore Violence
104 Burt: Fallrohr: A Fucking Tribute To Slap A Ham
105 Rot: Social Gear: Speed Freaks 3
106 Haut&Court: Life: La Vie
107 Bad Acid Trip: Beware Of The Little People With Terrible Visions: For The Weird By The Weird
108 Razgruha: Trepanation: Even The Punks Don't Like Us
109 Copout: Over There: Copout
110 Diskonto: El Divorcio: There Is No Tomorrow
111 Napalm Death: Common Enemy: The Peel Sessions
112 Boltstein: Future: Boltstein/Insect Warfare
113 Spoonful of Vicodin: Roadkill In The Lunch Line: Bursts of Rage at the Speed of Hate
114 Heist: Nail Ned Kelly: Pain Is Causing Life
115 S.O.D.: The Leopard Killer: Crab Society North
116 Flat Out: Chill the Fuck Out: Grind Yer Head In
117 Suffering Mind: Strzeżcie Się: Asshammer/Suffering Mind
118 Trash Talk: Just Die: Walking Disease
119 New York Against The Belzebu: Sanctified: Stunt
120 Love Channel: No Content: Love Channel
121 Gloom: Defector: Vokusatsu, Seisin, Hatansha
122 KSM40: The Taste of Rust (Reprise): The Taste of Rust
123 97a: Skate And Conglomerate: >>Society's Running On Empty...
124 Exorgrindst: M-2: Thrash Ahoy!!
125 No Comment: Sarcastics: Downsided
126 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Knut II: Scumdogs of the Forest
127 Low Threat Profile: Flesh Blood Bone: Low Threat Profile 12"
128 S.N.O.T.: Aerobicide: Slaughterhouse
129 S.B.D.: Two Faced Fuckhead: Grind Yer Head In
130 Lana Dagales: A Note To All Commentaries: Iron Lung/Lana Dagales
131 Hypoptalasias: Purulent Mouth Ii: Denak/Hypoptalasias
132 Protes Bengt: 18 Meloner: In Bengt We Trust
133 Hookerspitwindex: Got It Twisted: Thought We Were Friends
134 NYC Mayhem: Bodybags: We Stand
135 Apostles of Gein: When Your Dead: Corpse Whore
136 Psychotic Sufferance: Thoughtful Committed People: Carcass Grinder/Psychotic Sufferance
137 Societys Parasites: Chuco: 1753
138 142: Loiblpass: 142 Demo
139 White Pigs: Kill Kop: White Pigs
140 Tumor Feast: Gutted: Trapped In A Scene
141 Magrudergrind: America on Alert: Don't Support Humanitary Aid Led by the Church
142 142: Inopportune: 142 Demo
143 Parlamentarisk Sodomi: Likvider En Samfunnstopp: Parlamentarisk Sodomi/Blodsprut
144 Neid: La mia vita: Split duemilaotto
145 Water Torture: Everyday Delusion: Water Torture/Thedowngoing
146 Spoonful of Vicodin: The Charles Whitman Anthem: Bursts of Rage at the Speed of Hate
147 Naked City: Fuck The Facts: Torture Garden
148 Cerebral Fix: Power Struggle: Life Sucks... And Then You Die!
149 Body Hammer: Greatknife: Jigoku
150 Surf Nazis Must Die: Your Music Sucks: Surf Nazis Must Die Demo
151 Get Rad: The Herwig Curse: Say Fuck No to Rules, Man
152 Cyborg: W.W.J.W.D.: Demo
153 Hostages of Ayatollah: Voulez-vous: Hostages of Ayatollah
154 Daisy Cutter: Invertebrate: Grind Yer Head In
155 Lana Dagales: Covered Pain: Iron Lung/Lana Dagales
156 Weekend Nachos: I Am Not the Wedding Singer: Torture
157 Hellnation: Nobody: Your Chaos Days Are Numbered
158 Lack of Interest: Family Massacre: Double Whammy
159 Satanic Malfunctions: Street Power: Disgrace To Humanity
160 I.R.F.: Wreck: Warsore/I.R.F.
161 Widespread Bloodshed: No Sense: Brody's Militia/Widespread Bloodshed
162 JFA: Lifeguard: Only Live Once
163 Girlscoutcookies: Work Will Set You Free: Fast//Loud
164 Proyecto Terror: Kurt Cobain I: Hagamos Del Punk Una Amenaza
165 Nailed Down: Cheap: Violent Distortion
166 Vöetsek: Sorry Don't Mean Shit: Infernal Command
167 Warzone Womyn: Sexual Tyrannosaur: Trapped In A Scene
168 Spazz: Hot Dog Water Popsicle in the Hand of Eric Wood: Slap A Ham Celebrity Split Series
169 Active Minds: Dead Bodies: You Can Close Your Eyes to the Horrors of Reality But They Won't Go Away
170 Melt-Banana: Zoo, No Vacancy: Scratch Or Stitch
171 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Hier kommt Knut: Scumdogs of the Forest
172 Stretchheads: Fans: Five Fingers, Four Thingers, A Thumb, A Facelift & A New Identity
173 Ruido: Mudo Auxilio: De Aqui En Adelante
174 Get Rad: Peein' Red: Say Fuck No to Rules, Man
175 Bear Trap: Damaged Kids: Nailed Shut
176 Useless Pieces Of Shit: O.K. To Dream: Fuck Shit Up!
177 Eastwood: I Want to Kill the President (Municipal Waste): Eastwood/Entendeu?
178 Sayyadina: Hostage: Mourning the Unknown
179 Discordance Axis: Dystopia: Capitalist Casualties/Discordance Axis
180 Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair: Can You Feel The Symmetry?: Knockoff Nigel
181 Iltis: Blitzentscheidung: Iltis Demo
182 Crowd of Isolated: Die for Your Country!: I Try to Tell About a Way...
183 Bear Trap: 20-20: Nailed Shut
184 Intense Degree: Intense Degree: War in My Head
185 Needful Things: Remains of Life: Tentacles of Influence
186 Stack: Objective: Konkret Lichtgeschwindigkeit
187 Trash Talk: Run, Don't Walk: Walking Disease
188 Phobia: MBP: 22 Acts of Random Violence
189 Water Torture: Life Is Pain: Water Torture/Thedowngoing
190 Scapegoat: Cozen: Scapegoat
191 Over the Top: Mega-Scheisse: Over The Top/Terlarang
192 Alfons Bauer: Tag 1: Der letzte macht das Licht aus: Sieben Tage Regenwetter
193 Napoleon Dynamite: Den Wake Up Song: Nur Flops
194 Jante Alu: Soupape Pop Off: Polish Partout Pastis Nulle Part
195 Nuclear Cult: Hartbart: Better Nightmares
196 Knuckle Scraper: Selfish Fuck: R.I.P.
197 Derbe Lebowski: Coffee: Remove Your Mask
198 Mellow Harsher: Wizard Burn: Mellow Harsher
199 Charles Bronson: Little Debbie: Complete Discocrappy
200 Hip Cops: Jerry Fallwell's Fucking Dead: Hip Cops/Gate
201 Run Time Error: Suicided: Trigger/Run Time Error
202 Laserguys: Barackobam: Ho' Ho' Ho'
203 BBQ Chickens: Pretty Woman: Fine Songs, Playing Sucks
204 F-Minus: Lies: Won't Bleed Me
205 Gripe: Not a Fucking Joke: Pig Servant
206 Purulence: Maggots: Going The Putrid Reality
207 Capitalist Casualties: Millennium Bug: Subdivisions In Ruin
208 Iron Lung: All Hope Lost: Silent Decay
209 Ümlaut: Lie Here As If We're Dead: Total Disfückingcography
210 Jellyroll Rockheads: Shoot A Bomb Into Dance Floor Alpha: Intense And Mild
211 Violent Headache: E.M.I. Trash: The Noisecore Days
212 Dropdead: Attention: Discography
213 Phobia: Yankee Swine: Cruel
214 Negative FX: Hazardous Waste: Negative FX
215 Henry Fonda: Manipulation: A Fucking Tribute To Slap A Ham
216 Satanic Malfunctions: Exit: Satanic Malfunctions/SM-70
217 Protes Bengt: Vingmutter: In Bengt We Trust
218 Department of Correction: Merci Bonsoir: L'École Du Gout
219 Brud Krou: White Supremacist (Solitary Neglect): Brud Krou
220 KSM40: Stupid Inked Radishpicker: Ehrenfeldmangel
221 Birdflesh: Ken Is Dead: Happy Fun Sumo Sandwich
222 Uncle Charles: När?/Vem?: Action Speaks Louder Than Words
223 Meinhof: Punk Rock Star Is Fucked: Under the Burning Sky of Future Events
224 Ciikada: Swank Shithouse: Mono Chrome Horrific
225 HHH: El Salvador: Complete Discography 1985-1993
226 Capitalist Casualties: Sick and Tired: Disassembly Line
227 Crom: Infidel: The Cocaine Wars 1974-1989
228 Knuckle Scraper: Terminal: Max Isn't the Bastard
229 Saponification: Gutted Sinker: Regeneration of the Pussing Gore
230 Threatener: Hatchling Vulture: The Hammering, The Fastening, And The Bending Of Throats
231 SMG: Speed Shit Sayonara: Carcass Grinder/SMG
232 Voorhees: John Moody Part 1: Spilling Blood Without Reason
233 Crucial Youth: I'm Proud: The Posi-Machine
234 Simbiose: Rafeiro - Sapo: Até Quando?
235 Betercore: Practice What You Preach: Youthcrust Discography!!
236 DxIxE: Make Power Violence: Thrash Ahoy!!
237 Iron Butter: Were Gonna Grab Yer Ass: Iron Butter/Anal Massaker
238 Tussock: Where the Truth: Devastation of Nuclear Proliferation
239 Vile Gash: Who Are You Today?: Vile Gash
240 Brud Krou: Pollute The Sound Clear The Mind: Brud Krou
241 SMG: 13 Hits of Acid: Naked Grinding Fear
242 Flash Gordon: M.H.I.: Troma City Pollution Attack!
243 Gorgonized Dorks: Repubukkkan: A Noise War Split EP
244 Piazza Dropout: German Comedians: Teenage Angst/Piazza Dropout
245 Catafalque Riderz: Жалкая подачка: Catafalque Riderz/Nuclear Woman
246 Weekend Nachos: Your Guidance: Punish And Destroy
247 Inerds: Inerds: Stonewall
248 E 330: Uniformitzált Tudatlanság: E 330
249 The Poopy Butts: I'm Hungry: 10,000 Wipes
250 Ratos de Porão: Assalto Na Esquina: Cada Dia Mais Sujo e Agressivo
251 Mumakil: XXXII: Customized Warfare
252 Nailed Down: Anxiety Bound: Violent Distortion
253 Kerum: Unified Negativity (Adapted From Original Aspect Ratio]: Unholy Grave/Kerum
254 Anti/Dogmatikss: Ellos O Tu: Una Cruda Confession
255 Patatas Fritas por el Culo: Tabasco: Sabe a Güeno
256 Superbad: Superbad Like Smurph A Lot [live]: Roskopp/Superbad
257 Combatwoundedveteran: I'm Sweet, I'm Sexy, & I'm Oh So Chocalate: This Is Not An All Erect, All-Red Neon Body
258 Past Tense: Oldkid: Demonstration
259 Painkiller: Handjob: Guts of a Virgin
260 Rupture: Eyes In The Sky: Spontaneous Simian Combustion
261 Social Deformity: Same Bitch: Cunt'n Bananaaz/Social Deformity/Needful Things
262 Crippled Youth: Stand Together: Join The Fight
263 Iron Butter: French Fried Flesh: Archagathus/Iron Butter
264 Rytmihäiriö: Ei Ruumis Pane Pahakseen...: Saatana on Herra
265 Agents of Abhorrence: Charade: Character Dissection
266 The Endless Blockade: Dawn Man: The Endless Blockade/Hatred Surge
267 Dropdead: Protest: Discography
268 Outo: British Bulldog: Shoujikimon
269 Dahmer: William George Donin: Three Way Split Tape '96
270 Shaolin Finger Jabb: Flying Fingers: Santa Maria Powerviolence
271 Active Minds: Meaningless Name: Capitalism Is a Disease, and Money an Addictive Drug
272 All In Deep Shit: Shit: All in Deep Shit
273 Nuclear Rabbit: Moth-Chew-Moth: Vicuna
274 The Italian Stallion: Fastfood Revenge: The Italian Stallion
275 Suffering Mind: D.S.K.: Suffering Mind
276 Godstomper: Backstabbin Shiteater: Godstomper/No Comply
277 Totalt Jävla Mörker: Om Mao Var Här: Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri
278 Flux Capacitor: Religion Is Laughter Spelled Backwards: Action For Animals: The Comp EP
279 Straight Edge Kegger: Tree of Life: Fuck the Kids
280 Violent Headache: USA Planet: The Singles Collection
281 Melt-Banana: No Way to Hear: Cactuses Come In Flocks
282 Purulence: For Brutal Cleavers: Going The Putrid Reality
283 Fear of God: Raise The Siege: Fear of God
284 Benümb: Untitled: Slap A Ham Celebrity Split Series

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