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June 11, 2013

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

June 11, 2013

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Run Time Error: Suicided: Trigger/Run Time Error
02 97a: Skate And Conglomerate: >>Society's Running On Empty...
03 Disciples of Christ: Pervading: Triac/Disciples of Christ
04 97a: Commodified Rebellion: >>Society's Running On Empty...
05 Beatriz Carnicero: Fractura Expuesta: No Reces
06 Celebrate Hate: Alles eine Frage der Finanzierung: Nordhessisch Noise Terror
07 Beatriz Carnicero: De Palabra: No Reces
08 Life Ends: Letzte Konsequenz: Fallen lassen in ein ödes Leiden
09 Sex Prisoner: Crossfaded: ACxDC/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoner
10 Beatriz Carnicero: Tia Mei: No Reces
11 97a: Kickflip: >>Society's Running On Empty...
12 Black Hole of Calcutta: Polluted: Black Hole of Calcutta/Lycanthropy
13 Countdown to Oblivion: Open Season On Hecklers Pt.3 - Laso In Ireland Pt.2: The Street Enters The House
14 Beatriz Carnicero: Macetazo en el Parietal: No Reces
15 Gojira: Climate Best: The Street Enters The House
16 Kids: Warchestershire Cat: Henley
17 Beatriz Carnicero: Pensa, No Reces: No Reces
18 Gets Worse: Toothless: Gets Worse
19 Sapraemia: I, Lobot: Demogod I: Fuckernaut Vs Lobotarmy 2099
20 97a: Media: >>Society's Running On Empty...
21 Beatriz Carnicero: Harpo: No Reces
22 Always Hated: A Restless Mind: Always Hated Demo 2012
23 Herida Profunda: Zamknij Kurwa Ryj !: Herida Profunda
24 Postal: Skulls: Postal Demo 2012
25 97a: Representation Based On Compensation: >>Society's Running On Empty...
26 Beatriz Carnicero: The Haroldos: No Reces
27 97a: Countdown!: >>Society's Running On Empty...
28 Agent Attitude: Change Your Ways: Agent Attitude
29 Postal: Your Demise: Postal Demo 2012
30 Black Hole of Calcutta: College Kids: Black Hole of Calcutta/Lycanthropy
31 Postal: Cutthroat: Postal Demo 2012
32 Crutch: Faith: Crutch
33 Postal: Demons: Postal Demo 2012
34 Run Time Error: Dreadful Blackhole: Trigger/Run Time Error
35 Beatriz Carnicero: Balasstro: No Reces
36 Problems: Drown: Problems Demo 2009
37 Sex Prisoner: Stripped To The Skin: ACxDC/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoner
38 Überkrøppling: Überkrøppling Tema: Født Fucked
39 97a: Blueprint: >>Society's Running On Empty...
40 Überkrøppling: Op I Røven: Født Fucked
41 Todschicker,: En Kasse Bira: Todschicker,
42 Problems: On the Character of Kings: Problems Demo 2009
43 Gets Worse: Loner: Gets Worse
44 Agent Attitude: You're All Controlled: Never-Ending Mess
45 Iron Reagan: Slightly Out Of Focus: Worse Than Dead
46 Corrosive: Inklusion: Fallen lassen in ein ödes Leiden
47 Gets Worse: Individualised Floor Puncher (Charles Bronson): Gets Worse
48 Attack of the Mad Axeman: Cleanse the Bacteria: Attack of the Mad Axeman/Wojczech
49 Life Ends: Armes Würstchen: Fallen lassen in ein ödes Leiden
50 Life Ends: Harmlos: Fallen lassen in ein ödes Leiden
51 Back Off!!: Punch in the Face: Demo 2013.
52 Beatriz Carnicero: Vendehumo: No Reces
53 Crutch: Trench: Crutch
54 Überkrøppling: Født Fucked: Født Fucked
55 ACxDC: Eye In The Sky: ACxDC/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoner
56 Kids: Quillian Thrasher: Henley
57 Beatriz Carnicero: Bodoque: No Reces
58 Life Ends: Im Bettle There Is No Law: Fallen lassen in ein ödes Leiden
59 Sex Prisoner: Black Basin: ACxDC/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoner
60 Life Ends: Fuck: Fallen lassen in ein ödes Leiden
61 Lycanthrophy: Boarders: Black Hole of Calcutta/Lycanthropy
62 Überkrøppling: 5A: Født Fucked
63 Sick Fuckin-O: Not For You: Sex Cells
64 Hieroglyphs: Into The Abyss: Consuming The Swarm
65 Disciples of Christ: Imposition: Triac/Disciples of Christ
66 97a: Hail To The Chief: >>Society's Running On Empty...
67 Atrocious Madness: Not Alive: Mass Separation/Atrocious Madness
68 Back Off!!: Why Don't You Get the Message: Demo 2013.
69 Disciples of Christ: Hosed: Triac/Disciples of Christ
70 Sick Fuckin-O: More Violence: Sex Cells
71 Run Time Error: Mustache of Authority: Trigger/Run Time Error
72 Sunlun: El mensaje: Sunlun
73 Cease to Exist: Crowned and Conquering: Heptaparaparshinokh
74 Postal: Bent to Break: Postal Demo 2012
75 Star Pupil: Context: The Street Enters The House
76 97a: Conspiracy Theory: >>Society's Running On Empty...
77 Lycanthrophy: Fur Farms: Black Hole of Calcutta/Lycanthropy
78 Back Off!!: Living in a Rat Cage: Demo 2013.
79 Back Off!!: Trapped in a Void: Demo 2013.
80 Escapist: Dead Weight: Human Pollution
81 ACxDC: Trolls: ACxDC/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoner
82 Elizabeth: Half Measure: Where Vultures Land - Deluxe Edition
83 Beatriz Carnicero: Brennt Paris: No Reces
84 Celebrate Hate: Automaten auf den Augen: Nordhessisch Noise Terror
85 Iron Reagan: Insanity Plea(se)?: Worse Than Dead
86 Haldol: A Room in Siberia: The Death Drive
87 Submission Hold: Stuck: The Street Enters The House
88 ACxDC: Worthless: ACxDC/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoner
89 Life Ends: Lebender Toter: Fallen lassen in ein ödes Leiden
90 Anatomi-71: Du, Du är Skit: Mot Nya Höjder
91 97a: Durometer: >>Society's Running On Empty...
92 Lycanthrophy: No Respect, No Remorse: Black Hole of Calcutta/Lycanthropy
93 Postal: Defeated City: Postal Demo 2012
94 Überkrøppling: Fjæs: Født Fucked
95 Anatomi-71: Far åt Helvete: Mot Nya Höjder
96 Grave New World: Zephyr: Grave New World Demo 2012
97 Life Ends: Bad Habits: Fallen lassen in ein ödes Leiden
98 Beatriz Carnicero: Sindrome de Lalas: No Reces
99 Atrocious Madness: It Means Nothing: Mass Separation/Atrocious Madness
100 Magnum Force: Boxed In: ACxDC/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoner
101 ACxDC: Loathe: ACxDC/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoner
102 Last Words: Wounds: Tied
103 Iron Reagan: Eat Shit And Live: Worse Than Dead
104 Disciples of Christ: Molt: Triac/Disciples of Christ

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